Montessori Monday

This will probably be the only time I link up to this.  Any Montessori activites I ever try to do always go horribly awry, and so I just sit and look at everyone else’s activities and think they look so cool.  But I was so happy that a completely unintentional activity turned out so well.

But, this one wasn’t planned.  At all.  She just found the different materials sitting in the sewing/school room and while I was cleaning in there had at it.

Montessori,kid activity

Montessori,kid activity

All she was doing is sticking pins in a pin cushion.  I have three of them I’m planning to load up and then color to look like Bob the Tomato and then give them to some girls I’m teaching sewing to.  My daughter happily sat there stuffing pins in those tomatoes for five minutes or so.

And for those who have been following her progress as she learns more skills with her casts:


Look she walks on tile now!  And just to make sure I’m still on my toes she tried to slide down the stairs yesterday, and I had to run and catch her because she lost control on those last few steps and tumbled down the rest of the way.  I guess my heart got a good workout there.  She was fine, just a little scared, and that convinced both of us more than ever that she can’t do stairs with her casts.  No matter how much she wants to.

Head on over to One Hook Wonder for more Montessori Ideas.  I’ll just go look  at them and revel in my inability to do any of these when I try.

11 thoughts on “Montessori Monday

  1. Oh goodness, someone would have had to call 911, I would have had a heart attack. Whew !! Good save mom.

    Awesome that she is able to walk more though !! Hopefully it will all be a distant memory soon.


  2. That's great that she's moving around now, although I sure hope she learned her lesson with the stairs! Yikes! As far as the Montessori stuff goes, I wouldn't have a clue what a Montessori project would entail, but it looks like she found a good project to keep her busy!

  3. Poor sweetie! Hope those casts come off soon!

    Thanks for the comment and I can't wait to see some of your science experiments in the future!!


  4. Walking on tile in double casts? That is one talented little lady you have there 🙂 Glad the stairs were just a scare! That thump-thump-thump and then silence always stops my heart.

  5. So neat that your daughter found such a fun lesson by herself! Short Pants also loves to move pins from one pin cushion to another.

    Re: Montessori lessons not always going well – ours don't always either! And also, with 3 preschoolers I am really just amazed by your ability to keep everyone fed and clean. 😉

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