Science Sunday: Surgery for a little kid

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So, as you can imagine there wasn’t super a lot of formal science this week.  Instead we talked through with Princess and the boys what would happen to her when she went to the hospital.  This was especially important because the boys enjoyed tormenting her and telling her that she was going to get lots of shots.

And, it pretty much happened like we told her.  So, here’s a picture by picture account for anyone who might have their young child go through surgery.

surgery,science sunday,medical,memories

First you get to the hospital.  You have to get there a long time before the surgery.  At this point it’s probably a lot like going to the doctor.  You get to play with the toys in the waiting room.

surgery,science sunday,medical,memories

Then you go back to another room.  There you get to wait some more.  It’s a good idea to bring some toys to play with.  It’s even better if some of them are new.  Princess happily played with her new Ariel doll for the entire time in the waiting room.

surgery,science sunday,medical,memories

The nurse will ask you to put on a hospital gown.  She might also ask you to put on pants.  We were lucky to get super cute purple ones.

surgery,science sunday,medical,memories

Some hospitals have toys for you to play with and ride on.  This one had a whole long row of different ride-on vehicles.  The one Superman had his hernia surgery at did not have this.

surgery,science sunday,medical,memories

Then a nurse will come in and you get to practice breathing with the special mask.  She will also ask you what flavor you want your sleepy gas to smell like.  Princess chose strawberry.  You get to take home your mask if you ask the nurse.  We took ours home and everyone has had fun taking turns pretending to breathe the sleepy gas.

surgery,science sunday,medical,memories

It’s very important to make sure you understand all of this, so examine the mask thoroughly.  In case you’re wondering it does not taste good.  After this the nurse will take you back to the doctor.

This is the part where they take her back and have her actually do all of the stuff they had her practice.  After all of this was done, I got to go back for recovery.  Different hospitals have different policies.  The other hospital let both of us go back.  This one only let me.  Be warned many kids coming out of anesthesia are violent.  Superman was very violent and ripped out his IV.  I don’t think there was any way Princess could have ripped her IV out.  I didn’t get any pictures of this, but it was taped onto her in three different places and she had a lightweight foam board velcroed to her arm.  She was trying to get off everything she could, and really wanted her casts off.

surgery,science sunday,medical,memories

After she got home we set up a little area to sit on.  We discovered that the casts will destroy furniture.

So, like I said.  This is not really a formal science lesson, but it is a great lesson in what happens at the hospital.  My plan is to print off this post and show it to the boys to talk through.  I’m sure everyone will get a big kick out of it, and it’ll spark lots of discussion.

For more about Science Sunday and participating go here.

8 thoughts on “Science Sunday: Surgery for a little kid

  1. I love the button too! And, what a terrific post… she just did so great, what a big girl! Really, I'd love some strawberry sleepy gas too – mmmm. 😉 When do her casts get to come off? How much are they annoying her now (hopefully she has become more used to them)? I'm glad everything went well, despite the craziness of the day (I didn't get a chance to comment on the other post about the day this all happened). Hope you have a great week!!

  2. I know that you would have gladly skipped all this learning experience, but it sounds like the hospital really tried to make it as easy as possible. I am keeping you in my thoughts and hoping that little Princess heals quickly.

  3. I hope that Princess is recovering quickly and happily.

    The staff at the hospital sound like they really tried to make Princess feel at ease. I would have chosen strwaberry too!

    What a brave little girl she is.

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