Creating Little Worlds

The other day Princess happily entertained herself creating little play worlds sitting at the table.

She created a bedroom, complete with bed and some cups to drink from (though I wouldn’t recommend it).
And pets to play with and feed.

Do you ever just turn your kids loose to create their own worlds?  I loved listening to her play with them.

Taking a carriage ride

On Princess’ list of things to do since we got here: TAKE A CARRAIGE RIDE, well she’s only young enough to really want to do this once, so we decided to let her do it.


First we had to pet the horses and take some time to enjoy them.


Then we rode around town in it with a grinning 5 year old.


She did have to be reminded on a fairly regular basis to sit  back down.  Then we went on the “Bits and Bridles” tour, which will be the subject of a Science Sunday post later on, but that was not as fun because she didn’t get to pet any of the animals.  However her day was made when one of the carriage drivers offered to give us a ride back to the historic district.


018And SCORE it was a “pretty carriage that the princess rides in when she marries the prince.”


Batman was just happy to be allowed to bring his gun and be a soldier.

Our Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration


We have a house brownie.  His or her name is Periwinkle.  Depending on who you ask, Periwinkle is a boy or a girl.  I’ve noticed the answer matches the person answering the question.


Periwinkle lives through the door there.  It’s a magical door.  From what we can see it’s just a normal door, there’s nothing behind it.  But inside that door is her house.  She comes out from time to time and encourages my kids to clean.  She has been known to give candy for clean rooms, or encouraging notes.




Princess spent Saint Patrick’s Day morning creating all sorts of wonderful pictures for Periwinkle.


There are also various sewing projects in works.  Actually, now that I’m looking over at Periwinkle’s door, I’m noticing a small stash of blankets and pillows she made there.

Small might have been an understatement……..


Periwinkle got the news he was going to join us last Saint Patrick’s Day.  So we celebrate his Joining Day on that day.  It takes a long time to travel from Ireland, so he didn’t arrive to our house until late July.



Periwinkle wrote Princess a lovely note to thank her for the present and gave her a small toy which he had found while cleaning up our house the other night.  Apparently, one of the charms from my charm necklace as a kid was found in my closet.  Periwinkle thought Princess would love to use it for her dolls.


If you’ll excuse me, Periwinkle needs to write another thank you note to Princess for the lovely blankets she made.  After much hard work she was able to carry them through her very small door.

Special moments: Mommy and Princess tea party

Princess and I got a special treat, we were invited to a Mommy and Me tea party birthday party.


The doll is from SWAK Embroidery (also available as a pattern at You Can Make This), and I have easily made 20 of these, several as gifts and several for my kids.  You can see other versions of Batman, Superman, Princess, and costumes, and an Iron Man one which I can’t find a picture of easily on the blog.  I have requests for about 6 more, including a duplicate of this doll so Princess can have her own version of her friend (oh and another one to look just like Princess).


All set for the party.  Both of us in boots and dresses.



Princess is 5!

IMG_0646Kids & Taco Bell June 08 005




Who wouldn’t love this face?


I love her freckles.  I think she gets away with stuff just based on those freckles.  She is so full of life and energy.  She sings all the time.  I have more videos of her singing than you would believe.


I haven’t been doing gratitude posts, though I enjoy reading them, but when I think about what I’m thankful for it always comes down to pictures like those up above.  I’m grateful for a mostly happy and healthy family.  They love to  hang out together and are so loving and helpful to their siblings.