Organization and me

Or this could really be the “How I pretend to be organized.”

I know what to do to be organized and I can get it amazingly organized, and then a week later it will be horrible.

But, here goes. First I’ll go through the ones that are working and are staying up to date so far.

Legos– I’m really laughing this is the picnic talk for the week, because I just wrote on this yesterday. We use hardware tool organizers, and it works great.

book organization

books– I bought a bunch of magazine holders (the link is to the ones I bought at Ikea). I separated out my books by category and let them have access to 1 or 2 boxes at a time. Otherwise our floors would be a carpet of books. Of course I’m going to have to redo the categories now that I’ve got my themes for the year figured out. That’s another post later.


toys- I’m using the cubbies from when I was a teacher to organize our toys right now. I also use these to organize the kids craft supplies. I may reclaim the toy one for my nefarious crafting puproses at another time, but right now this is working. The picture is of the craft supplies because right now the kids toys are scattered all over. As you can tell, it’s not foolproof. Still working on it.


my books- ummmm….. my husband and I are both bookworms. We have about 8 bookshelves like these and the bottom half are filled with games of various sorts. The problem is we grab large numbers of books, but don’t return them to the shelves. Someday someone will read an article about a couple that was killed by the books falling from their nighstand.


fabric- I organize by color or theme (the only theme is kid fabric) in baskets. I can always tell the colors I gravitate more towards because those are the ones that have overflowing baskets…..


buttons and ribbons- these last two categories are works in progress, but I’ve got them here. I’m slowly sorting out my buttons and putting them in old baby food jars.

For more great organizing ideas go to Picnic Talk

8 thoughts on “Organization and me

  1. I am always curious to go on a virtual tour to other people homes and see how they organize their lives. We also have lots of books and bookshelves everywhere, so your house reminded me somewhat of my own. Thankfully I have some help with fighting clutter and chaos – cleaning lady comes once every two weeks, so I always try to straighten up everything in preparation for the cleaning.

  2. I've been trying to think of a way to organize the kids' books into themes. I may use your idea. I love your ribbon holder too. Too cool.

  3. I know how that organization just goes out the window after a few days!

    I like the books in magazine holders idea. Since most of our books are still in Africa, I've been using the library a lot (gives me less to organize) – but once our stuff gets back here, it's nice to have some ideas.

  4. Your teaching cubbies look great, I would love some of those for my house! My problem with bookshelves is that I put things on them that don't belong (on top of the books) so that it looks horribly untidy. And my fabric is unsorted in bins stacked in a closet, which means every time I start a project I waste a tremendous amount of time going through the bins finding the fabric I want. I like the wall unit you have your ribbons and buttons on, great way to make use of vertical space!

  5. I really love how this all looks and what you've done/used to organize these areas. You have really utilized your space well. I cannot believe all of the books you guys have–that is awesome:-).

    BTW, I got the Me On the Map book and plan to start a series of lessons using it next week with Joe. I'll link back to you–I really appreciate you turning me on to this book! The space book and body book in this series look fun too–using those for science unit studies:-)!!

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