Legos and how we play with them

I’ve mentioned before my love of Legos and how happy I am my kids have gotten big enough to use the little Legos, well now let me post for you what we do with our legos that makes it work for me.


Step 1: Sort them out into different types of pieces with pictures of what is in the drawer. We had a similar sort of thing growing up but it was divided much more. I didn’t want to overwhelm my preschool kids. So it’s divided by number of spaces or what it is supposed to do. That’s the first step to making Legos work with preschoolers.


Steps 2 and 3: I have a designated Lego play area. We lay out a blanket on the floor, all Legos are to stay on the blanket. Step 3 is have a large board to play on. The one I have I found at the local toy store, it’s a Duplo board on one side and a Lego board on the other and is AWESOME!

Actually, I do have one step before this. They have to ask to play with them, most of their toys they can get out whenever, but toys that take a while to pick up or have lots of small parts (and Legos fit both these categories) need to be asked before they get it out or they can’t play with it. This ensures a couple of things: 1. I know they’re playing with it 2. I can make sure there is time to pick it up before the next activity 3. less lost pieces.

Step 4: Make them put away the Legos at the end, and put them away in the right drawers. For my kids this is not an independent activity yet, but I think it will be in a few weeks.

For anyone who’s interested here’s my lego label pictures. I printed it out on normal paper and ran it through my sticker maker, but you could also print it on sticker paper or just tape it on the drawers.

Lego Label Pictures

7 thoughts on “Legos and how we play with them

  1. Oh boy do you have a storage system!! How amazingly wonderful! I'm in awe and have to bookmark this so that when my boys are ready for leggos I know what to do! I feel so inferior — I'm just working on shoe storage over at my place…Thanks for sharing!!

  2. YOU'RE PSYCHO! LOL Just kidding! DO they really sort them? I do that too with sorting. I'm totally like that!

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE P&P the BBC version too.
    I am EXACTLY like you when it comes to movies from books. If it's not REALLY dang close, bye bye! We're totally Lit Snobs too.

  3. Wow, I'm impressed! My kids are too small for the little legos right now, but we do the blanket trick for other toys that have many pieces, it makes clean up so much quicker!

  4. I am so showing this post to my husband! I was floored when his parents brought HALF of his collection from Germany in one big suitcase. I think your collection beats it 🙂 We also have a big Lego/Duplo board to build on and love playing with Legos (especially my husband :))

  5. This post has been haunting me since Wednesday. My son is 6 1/2 and has been playing with Lego's for 3 years now. Needless to say, we have tons and tons of Lego sets. I have tried to keep them organized by set by that doesn't work. We have tried to keep them organized by family (City, Star Wars, Pirate, etc.) Even that broader sorting method hasn't worked.

    After playing with the initial set for a week or so, my son likes to make his own creation. I am pleased with his creativity but it means that he pulls pieces from all of the different families – which means we have no idea where they belong. Which means we have Legos everywhere. And I know this is partly my own fault because I am not very consistant with making him clean them up.

    I love the looks of this storage system and I think it would take us probably 10 hours or more to get all of his parts initially sorted. And then it would probalby mean an hour or more at the end of the week or putting everything he has created back into it's spot in the correct drawer.

    I LOVE the thought of this and I think it might work for us but I would have to get my husband on board with it. And then we would have to start all of the sorting….UGH! I am getting a headache just thinking about it all.

    In the meantime, I guess I will just continue to close the playroom door and pretend that it looks like this in there!

    Thanks for sharing this awesome system!

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