Kid Friendly Friday: Summerfest

To explain what Summerfest is, back when I was in high school our church started Backyard Bible Clubs. For the first two years as follow-ups they did sports camps, but decided that wasn’t what they wanted to do, and ended up with Summerfest. It’s a street carnival held in the church parking lot (or in the case of the church plants in parks or school parking lots). They have bouncy castles, carnival games, music, a small show of some sort, and food. The only thing that is charged for is the food. But, I love a place where my whole family can eat well for under $10, so it’s not a lot for the food.

This year my particular church opted not to do a Summerfest, so we went to Hutto’s (my brother is the youth pastor there). My kids had a blast.

So, here’s what my kids spent time doing there.

Finding bugs in the sandbox. You had to find 10 bugs then you got to pick a prize. I made my kids bring their backpacks so I wouldn’t end up carrying all their “treasures.”
Princess: “I digging”


Catching ducks in a butterfly net. Princess tried very hard to catch every single one of the ducks in her net.
Princess: I catching fish




Batman putting a ring around the “pin.” I loved that most of these games I could duplicate at home.
Princess: That BATMAN!




Superman petting the rabbits. Does anyone else have kids that stay in the petting zoo FOREVER?
Princess: The animals are eating



Seriously, Princess was in there for at least 30 minutes chasing the different animals and petting as many as she could.
Princess: “Them going ‘No!'”


Uncle Sean singing with the band.
Princess: “Uncle Sean playing that.”





Riding the kid train. But, really I could post that picture by itself and then get turned in for child abuse for locking my kids in a cage and letting them drink sodas….
Princess: “That a train! driving”


A view of the train itself. The kids had fun in it, but then wanted to go back to the games. I mean what can be anywhere as exciting as getting large amounts of little plastic trinkets and candy?

Oops, made this one smaller than the others. View from the other side of the bean bag toss. That seemed like it could have been such a cool shot.
Princess: “I not know” Hey if she’s going to insist on sitting on my lap she might as well help with the post.

But, seriously, check out the newspaper and local bulletin boards I”ve found lots of great free or cheap activities by looking through things like that. For more great Kid Friendly Activities go to I Blame My Mother.

3 thoughts on “Kid Friendly Friday: Summerfest

  1. Fun! Our paper has a section on Friday with things to do, sometimes I find a free gem. Our Christian radio station also does a good job at their website listing family friendly free stuff. Thanks for the reminder to look!

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