Happy 10th Anniversary to me

At about this time 10 years ago today I was getting married.  That is, if I’ve remembered the time of my wedding correctly.  I think I am.

Ticia and Chad

My brother Chad gave me away.  My Dad had died about a month earlier from cirrhosis, or as my kids call it bad roses.  It’s a little hard to explain to a 3 year old, which is when they first figured out there was no Granddad to go with Mimi.


ticia and mom in dressing room

I mostly remember everyone trying to stuff food into me as we got ready, because everyone was sure I was going to pass out from low blood sugar.  At the same time they were paranoid about anything getting on my dress or messing up my make up.  It made for some interesting attempts to eat.


TC wedding party

It was kind of funny to look at the picture of my family.  It’s changed so much since this picture.  My brother Chad and his wife had a baby boy about two months before my twins were born.  They had another boy a little after Princess (if I’m remembering the timing right).  My brother Sean just had his first baby with his wife about a month or so ago.  A boy.  Poor Princess is the only girl grandbaby on my side of the family.


Another side note.  My train is called a “cathedral length train,” Jeff says that is incorrect because it was not the entire length of the church, so it is not cathedral length.  His theory is it should have been on a runner and unrolled as I walked down the aisle.  Then we could just walk back up it.  I thought the dress I got was hard enough to walk in, never mind his idea.



We had swing dancing at our wedding.  According to my version of how Jeff and I met, we met at a swing dance our church hosted in the same gym our reception was in.  Sigh, I don’t think I’d fit in that dress now.


TC SC roses

That’s probably a good thing.  I was rather underweight from the stress of my first year teaching, and my Dad being sick, and various other stuff.  I needed to gain some weight, I’d prefer to lose 5 pounds of vanity weight now, but otherwise I’m at a much healthier weight now.


TC Jeff

My computer crashed a few years ago, so on my computer I mainly have the pictures my Mom emailed me that were her favorites that she has.  I’ve got hard copies of all of them in my wedding album, and I plan on spending some time with Jeff tonight looking through it and my honeymoon pictures.



Pretend these are pictures from our honeymoon, and not from the trip we just took to celebrate our anniversary.  Those were all on film, and are quite nicely stored in a scrapbook.  Jeff completely spoiled me and we went to London.  We saw “Midsummer Night’s Dream” at the Globe (PUCK!*  A thoroughly awesome production with an awesome Puck!).  We went to the British Museum almost everyday.  We saw the Peter Pan statue.  We went to a book store that was an ENTIRE CITY BLOCK and 5 STORIES HIGH!  When we returned our suitcases were stuffed to the gills with books and clothes.  We had to bring clothes back because it would have been rather silly to leave them there.  It barely all fit in the suitcases.


** Completely unrelated story, but I’ve found my new current favorite book series that has Puck as one of its main characters.  Any time you can throw fairies into a story, you can almost guarantee it’s good.  Almost, if it’s not then Jeff gets to hear me complain for a very long time.

10 thoughts on “Happy 10th Anniversary to me

  1. Happy Anniversary to two awesome people! I hope y'all had a GREAT time on your vacation. Ticia, you were and are such a Beautiful bride! I know I am blessed to know y'all! =)


  2. Happy Happy Anniversary to you!

    Your dress (and you too) were just beautiful!I love your train whatever it was called.

    That bookstore sounds amazing!

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