Lesson Adventures

A friend of mine is in the process of starting a new computer game for kids.


So far it’s called Lesson Adventures.  It’s a fun concept, it takes a little bit of Oregon Trail, a little bit of a fantasy theme, and puts it together into a computer game, which my boys would love to play more of.  They can’t yet because right now it requires being able to read, and I really don’t want to read all of the quest text to them.


But, it’s going to provide a great incentive to learn to read.


When you go to the site you’ll see this:



They have a demo up with some questions for the 8th grade classroom that is trying it out. 


image (3)


This is your character sheet.  As you complete adventures you get paid money based on how well you’ve done.  You can get armor and different things to make your character look different.  My boys loved what I called the “Wookie look,” and I was corrected it’s the Wolfman.


image (2)

Right now it’s a fairly straight forward quest chain.  You accept the quest and go out and defeat slime monsters and skeletons by answering questions.  The plan once the game is live is to let you put in material your class is covering, and the game will make a quest for you.


Doesn’t that sound like a more interesting way to study and review than just drill and kill?  I’d have loved it as a kid.


Now, why am I bringing this up?  Well, they’ve got a kickstarter for Lesson Adventures going on right now.


So, please help them out and check it out.

2 thoughts on “Lesson Adventures

  1. This sounds pretty fascinating. My daughter just brought a writing assignment from school where she wrote that her favorite subject is “technology” because “it makes learning fun”. Truly, our kids have access to things we couldn't even dream about!

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