Our school room

This week on the Not Back to School Hop is all about school rooms, and while everyone else is all done hopping, I’m just now getting the pictures taken and writing this post, and I still want to share it because it’s still needs a bit of fiddling, but it looks so much better than it had, and its working so much better now.
This is the boys’ workspace.  These desks were built by Jeff’s Dad back when Jeff was a kid.  The story, as I’m remembering it being told, is Jeff’s Dad saved and got lumber for months before Christmas and finally built these desks for both of his kids and gave them to Jeff and his sister for Christmas.

Now we have both of them and the boys love their desks.
I’m trying to work on us getting our work area ready for the next school day before we leave the room, so I’m teaching the kids to put everything back in their desks, except the letters box on their desk, their lamp, and for right now their ark.

In between these two bookcases is Wendy’s desk.  This is another desk my father-in-law built, but this was for his wife.  Hence it being a lot nicer looking.  Flanking either side of the desk are the kid type crafting supplies, these used to hold baskets and baskets of cloth, but those are now in the closet in this room, and the baskets now have crafting supplies categorized by type and various curriculum stuff.
On top, are the excess recycling stuff that won’t fit in that basket.  A Disney Polly Pocket Beauty and the Beast castle that I bring down on special occasions to play with, various family pictures, and a Jo Madame Alexander doll.  There’s still a bit of clutter, but I’m slowly whittling through that while the kids work on stuff they don’t need my help with.

This is the final part of the school area in this room, I’m not showing the sewing area yet, it’s still in progress, of course so is this book case.

This is the easel where we do spelling or any copywork.  It’s a dry erase board on this side, and that seems to be working really well for us.  This bookshelf has some of the textbooks and the like, miscellaneous teaching books and is slowly being organized with MY crafting supplies, no touching kids!  The stuff on the floor is stuff I’m working through.  I’m still figuring out what I want to do with all of my teacher papers, you know all of those worksheets and the like.  They’re probably going to go out into the garage in the filing cabinets out there.  I just need to remember to check those cabinets from time to time as my kids are able to do those pages, since I taught 1st/2nd they’re slowly advancing through all of the stuff I have stored up.

Well that’s my school room, if you’ve come over from Heart of the Matter welcome!
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12 thoughts on “Our school room

  1. I was hoping to use the small bedroom for more of a classroom, but my sweet husband had other ideas. I decided he doesn't complain or ask for much and gave in to let him have it. Love the desks!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. You also have a great space!! (BTW, my father-in-law built a lot of the furniture that's in our school room.) 😉

  3. I think it is special to have desks made by family, extra special when a sentimental story is attached to them.

    I find it fascinating reading about back to school for you guys. Here in Australia, we are right in the middle of a term. Our school year starts at the end of January.

  4. I love the sentiment in the story behind the desks. That sort of thing always gets me. Looking good! I hope you have a great school year! (and don't feel bad, I finally JUST got my blog hop post up this afternoon!)

  5. Like everyone else…I love the story behind the desks :). Very nice. I also love that you have figured out how to make Polly Pockets a 'special occasion toy.' I need to figure out how to do that! Great space!

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