For all you aquarium lovers out there…….

This will be a picture heavy post.  Maybe I’ll do some of them as slide shows……


anenomesea starcoral lifemanta ray

Here’s one of Princess’ favorite finds that day: Unicorn fish.

unicorn fish

sea turtle114sea spider119

I look at things like this and marvel at the complexity of God’s creation.  Look at the fish on the top right there.  It’s amazing.  If you were to see that on the ocean floor you wouldn’t be able to find it for all of the other life there.  It’s so wonderfully made for it’s location.


hermit crabeelclown fish133134156

And now for the shark and manta ray slide show……..

But, my personal favorite, not counting the wildlife, is…….


Princess attempting to convince us that we needed to buy her all of the toys she could hold.


Computers, so picky wanting you to hit publish………

5 thoughts on “For all you aquarium lovers out there…….

  1. They really do make those so adorable. Princess ended up deciding for her souvenir of the trip to get an “explorer backpack from the Volcano place” (translation she wanted the explorer backpack from Rain Forest Cafe that had a toy phone).

    I got a stuffed turtle that Princess has since adopted.

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