Bible Alive: Deeper Into the Word!


So, this isn’t an activity I did with my kids, but it’s actually a Bible study tool to help with my Bible study.  And it’s a really neat concept.


If you’ve done any number of adult Bible studies you’ve seen them talk about “word studies,” which is where you look at a word and you (depending on the study):


1.  look up it’s dictionary definition in English (this is the most common).

2.  look up what it’s Greek/Hebrew word is and other ways it can be translated

3.  look up the context behind that word.  For instance there are a lot of words in English that have meaning beyond what it says in the dictionary, Holocaust would be one of those words (or at least the closest thing I thought of as an example).

4.  look up other verses that word is used in and read those verses.


Now, that’s a lot of work.  It’s work I really enjoy, and yes I am a nerd, thank you very much, my nerd credentials are well-verified.


This book synthesizes all of that work for you with 100 of the most common/misused words.  I could see this being a really great tool for someone who hasn’t had much training in how to study the Bible, but is interested in starting to learn more.


I’m probably going to look at some of these a little more in depth and then pass it on to a few friends of mine who have expressed interest in learning more about the Bible.


I’m still reading another book I got called “If There is God, Why is There Evil?” (or something along those lines), and it’s one I’d love to get an opposing viewpoint on because all the arguments make perfect logical sense to me.

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