History: The second Persian invasion



I mentioned briefly last week that I found a cool new site thanks to All Things Beautiful, well this week we really got to make use of it.


And I also mentioned Jeff thought I was spending too much time there.  He mumbled something about way too much time looking at the different army figures.


008And then I spent way too much time cutting out a lot of figures.  Seriously, they’re way too cool!  WAY TOO COOL!


We set up the armies.  Xerxes decided to avenge his father’s failure and head over to conquer those uppity Greeks, but he wasn’t going to repeat the same mistake.


009Oh no, he was going to make all new mistakes.  Mainly long supply lines, think the Napoleon when he fought the Russians in 1812, which Natalie so nicely pointed out was the REAL big battle going on at the time in the world.


And, so he ran off to conquer the Greeks, and it was going well for him, mostly.


Like most would-be conquerors he forgot that a man fighting for his home fights much harder than a man fighting for treasure and glory.


That, and it’s very easy to defend a small pass against a large army and cause the large army huge amounts of casualties.


Of course the coolest part for me was when Jeff came home that night and the boys excitedly showed Jeff the battle, and how it went.  Mind, every battle has to have a good guy and a bad guy, so that can get complicated.


Who would you say is the bad guy in this battle?  My boys definitely picked sides.

9 thoughts on “History: The second Persian invasion

  1. It is a cool site, but it can get overwhelming, especially if you have boys that want to know the accurate step-by-step movements of the troops. I keep trying to get them involved in the story and the general idea and that it was too long ago for us to know exactly how it went…you know how it is when kids get these ideas. I love they way you were able to do it just as a lovely story.

  2. I think my C would love to learn this way, but I'd have to get daddy to do the teaching as I don't know anything about all these battles! Just reading the instructions on one of them completely confused me! But I think he'd love to do something like this with C so I'll definitely share it with them.

  3. Actually the funny part, was the boys showing me Xerxes invasion of Asia minor from Israel. Not quite how I remembered it, but they were enthusiastic. The mat is from a biblical history class that basically maps out the mediteranian Works for lots of things (no labels, lets it be used flexibly).

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