Math Monday: fractions



This week we started studying about Pennsylvania.  One of the things I learned about it while I was researching the state is Hershey chocolates are from there.



Hello, yummy math time, right?



So, we went through and followed the directions in the book and learned about the different fractions in a chocolate bar. 


It amused the heck out of me to see Batman (I’m kind of assuming this is him, it certainly looks like him, but……) take the directions run with it, and create artwork in his fractions.



It was also amusing to me to watch as the chocolate pieces slowly got smaller and smaller as little kids licked their fingers.


The book was a little long for Princess’ attention span, towards the end she was really staring at the chocolate with complete fascination.  But, overall they did really well.


And then there was some very happy kiddos as they happily devoured lots and lots of chocolate. Widgets

9 thoughts on “Math Monday: fractions

  1. Hershey offers a free tour too…complete with amusement park-type ride to sit on for the tour.

    When I think of PA and what others think, I think of coal (NE PA) steel (Pittsburg) and historical Philadelphia. But what I really love is all the farmland…I love living in farm country, even if it's not as rural as where I grew up in another part of PA. Of course there is a big Amish population, too…even hours and hours from Lancaster.

  2. I have got to look into this book. I have actually visited Hershey Park years ago one summer with my mom and sister. Now I live in Pa, though not close to Hershey Park.

    I just started introducing fractions to the girls. This would be fun and yummy

  3. Finally used the book with the girls. The book was a little long for them and I stopped part way through because they wanted to eat the chocolate. But the amazing thing was the girls wanted to do the fractions chocolate activity again. Unfortunately I already returned the book, so I made up my own lesson, which I posted about this week. Did you know they also have a multiplication book?

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