Things you never live down and a winner

First the winner of the Simple Stamped Necklace:

Chelsea said…

Honestly, my favourite is the tiny single stamped charm. It is simple and perfect!


So, on to the topic of this post.  Things you never live down.  I was thinking about this because I flew on an airplane this weekend, and despite the fact that one of these mistakes happened 8 years ago, I still haven’t lived it down.


Here they are, more or less in the order they happened, saving the longest story for last:


1.  You never live down melting your Mother’s spice rack.  Was it my fault that the box for her brand new spice rack was a little too close to the burner?  No.  So, that shouldn’t have been my fault.


2.  You never live down trying to burn down your Mother’s house.  Okay, so I shouldn’t have left the candle unattended in a plastic candleholder, but I thought if they’re going to give it to us in that candleholder that it wouldn’t melt and catch fire.


3.  You never live down melting your carpet by ironing on it.  I had seen my mother use a folded up towel as an ironing board on the counter growing up.  I thought same principle, but on the floor.  I was just ironing one short seam, no problem.  And then I melted the carpet.  Ummm…..  oops.


4.  And finally, things you never live down is bringing scissors onto a plane.  Especially if it’s a week after 9-11.


So, back when Jeff and I were engaged we were going to fly up to New York for his cousin’s wedding, and I’d get to know his parents better because his Mom was also going.  The plan was Jeff would pick me up from school and we’d drive to the airport and leave.


Now, they’d just started flying again, and everyone was very nervous about flying, and so lines were insane.  We stood in line for an hour to get checked in, and then an hour for security.  As we’re getting closer and closer to the front I start saying, “I think I have scissors in my bag,” and Jeff is starting to freak out because he doesn’t really like flying.  Actually, it’s more he doesn’t like airports, and we’re close enough to not making the flight he does have a point.


So, we get up there, and of course they pull me aside, and say, “Ma’am we’re going to need to check your bag, you’ve got contraband.”  Being the helpful person I am, and knowing how stuffed full my teacher bag was, I say, “Oh, I know what it is, I forgot to take my scissors out.”  So, I pull out a pair of kindergarten scissors.


You know, the kind you give to the 5 year old and say, “It’s okay honey you can run with these because they’re not sharp.”  That kind.  The kind that barely cut paper.


They look at them and are trying to decide if I  can take them on.  So, they call over the guard with his automatic rifle (I used to say a different gun, but Jeff laughed too much when I gave too much detail about things I didn’t know), and is trying to decide as well.  He can’t decide, so they call in someone else.


Finally, there’s about five people trying to decide if my Fiskars safety scissors are okay to fly, and they come up with, “Ma’am, if you want you can go back to check-in and check the scissors, and you’ll get them back when the plane lands.”


Ummm…….  Did you see the line?  Another two hours in line and my plane leaves in fifteen minutes, for a $2 pair of scissors?  I don’t think so.


So, I tell them to keep the scissors, and they apologize, and I get on the plane and happily arrive in New York.


Where I open my bag in the hotel room and discover 5 more pairs of safety scissors and a pair of adult scissors.


To this day NINE YEARS LATER I am not allowed to go near an airport without being asked if I have scissors in my bag.  Jeff asked me, Mom asked me.  Everyone asked me.


Oh, and airport security have no sense of humor, really.  Do not make funny comments, they will not think it is funny.


Poor Ticia

12 thoughts on “Things you never live down and a winner

  1. I think you have a bit of a problem with fire and things that heat up!!!! Ha!

    That's funny about the scissors.

    Things you never live down – I threw a roll of paper towels at my husband 7 years ago. He still brings it up and claims I am a violent person.

    Also, my first year of college I tried out for the division 3 softball team. I had never played softball a day in my life. Don't ask me why I tried out, but obviously I didn't make the team. My father still brings it up. I graduated from college 15 years ago!!!

  2. Yes, you have a thing about scissors. To think I laughed when my son was flying over to spend Thanksgiving with us and wanted to bring a ham. One lady he talked to about how to pack it told him he couldn't take a ham on the airplane as it was a pork product. So he stuffed it in his backpack and hoped for the best.

  3. We've had several similar airplane experiences…It turns out you can't take a screwdriver on either! We were moving our pets to England, and I had one crate that was old. I brought a screwdriver to work on it in the cargo area and meant to put it in my checked bags, but forgot. They were horrified at security… And don't joke about passport photos either – Crumpet's was taken when he was 4 weeks old. He looks a little different now!! But it's good til he's five. The last time we used it, I joked about it a little and asked if we should renew early. I got a lecture about passport rules, blah blah blah. Grumpy people!

  4. So the lack of potholders in our house (not really…they just don't match) is due to me and the stove. I can't live that one down.

    Derek wishes I would carry scissors in my purse like his mom does. I didn't even before kids, but now I don't trust them.

    But seriously, how many scissors do you need at a time? Are you teaching on the go? hehe

  5. I have the violent person thing like Christy, because I once threw a sock at Mike. We weren't even married yet, and I'm not even sure it hit him?!

    They confiscated Mike's hair gel (or whatever it is he uses) a couple flights ago – there was hardly any left and it's really too thick to be called a liquid, but the container could hold 4oz full and that is more than you are allowed to carry on.

    And, I once had my bare foot WANDED at an airport in California (I was wearing flip flops). Seriously, what did they think I was hiding in my FOOT?

  6. Thank you Ticia (and Kristi!) I am so excited to receive my necklace. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Ticia, I had no idea you weren't supposed to iron on the carpet. I've done it a few times (with a towel), and so far haven't melted the carpet…I now consider myself warned and will haul out the ironing board, even when I'm feeling lazy.

  7. haha I flew to Basic training with the Army 3 days after 9-11….. when I flew back at Christmas time I was in my dress uniform….had everything I owned in one duffel bag…with every single thing rolled up like the Army taught us to get as much use out of the space as possible…i mean my bag was packed full…. they then decided that I should be one of the people to have their entire bag dumped out and searched…. I told them…my flight leaves in an hour… it took me an hour to roll up and pack that…so yall better know how to pack an army bag back up or I will miss my flight…. people kept making comments when they walked by….like “yeah the army guy is a terrorist… you really need to search him” and “let the military get home to his family”…..long story short…they were able to get everything back in the bag…but had to hold the plane for about 5 mins for me….after the guy searched my bag he told his boss….can we please not search anymore Army bags…haha

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