Review: Snapit Screen Capture

Have you ever hit the Print Screen button and wondered what it was supposed to do?


I know I have.  I always thought it should be taking a picture somehow, or doing something, well now mine does.


Here’s how it works.  You download the software, and then set it up with a few simple things:

Screen image taken using my cool new toy.


1.  Click the box that says auto save images to folder.  Then you don’t have to go in every time and save it.


2.  Set up the folder you want it to save to.  This keeps you from having to search.


3.  Set it to Jpeg.  I don’t remember if it started off as something else, but this is what’s easiest for me.

9 8

So now when I make a printable, I can just put it into print preview and grab a picture, and voila, cool new picture.



Totally go check this out:  Screen Capture Software

Manufacturer’s Info:

SnapIt Screen Capture 3.7

SnapIt is easy to use screen capture software which allows you to easily capture

anything on the screen including windows, menus, full screen, rectangular regions,

web pages and take shots of moving images.

– Supports hotkeys, auto-saving, clipboard

– Automatically copies screenshots to the clipboard

– Tracks capture history, auto-saves captured images

– Saves files in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF formats

– Auto-names captured images


Great info for you:  If you’re interested in reviewing this on your blog, just write a review post on your blog (of the trial version) and include a link to it in the comments along with a way to contact you, and you can have a chance at your own copy.


Sigh, I need to edit that sentence, it is so not reading well, but I’m so drawing a blank right now.


Fine print: I was provided a copy of this in exchange for my review, if I’d found it before I was given it, I would have bought it.  So, review didn’t change my opinion.

3 thoughts on “Review: Snapit Screen Capture

  1. They offered me a free version to review, but I didn't think it would be something I would use. I am glad you like it, I can see with what you do how you would get more use from it then I would.

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