11 on the 11th

I actually, don’t think it’s the 11th now.  I think it’s the 13th…….  I kinda got busy hanging out with Princess and doing other stuff all day……..  Or maybe I’m gonna hit publish on the 14th……..


I have been tagged by Phyllis of All Things Beautiful…

The Rules:

1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random facts about you.
3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.

4. Create 11 new questions and tag new people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and let them know they have been tagged.


11 Random Facts:

1. I’m hypoglycemic, which means I really shouldn’t have too much sugar, and I NEED to eat often, and a lot more than you would think.

2.  I love cotton candy, this is a problem, see #1.  When Jeff and I were first married we went to a baseball game and I ate a whole thing of cotton candy.  I couldn’t walk straight out of there and couldn’t see straight afterwards.  I act like I’m really drunk when I eat too much sugary stuff.

3.  I love s’mores and fudge, and chocolate fondue.

4.  I lose things, a lot.  For the first several years I had glasses, it was a toss up if I could find them.

5.  I also forget if I don’t have glasses on and try to push my glasses up.  Jeff teases me about this, mainly because my Mom does the same thing about her reading glasses.

6.  I hate cleaning the bathrooms.  As soon as I think the kids will be able to, I am turning that over to them.  I will pay them well to do that job.

7.  I love to dance, especially swing dancing.  Sadly the main place to go swing dancing is on the same night as our small group for church.

8.  I’m writing a children’s Bible/Bible study right now.  I’m up to 1 Samuel.  By the end of the year I’ll probably be through 2 Chronicles.  At some point I want to publish it, but have no clue how to do this.

9.  I have gone through 4 violet Prismacolor pencils in the past year.  I accidentally colored two major characters in that color, between the two of them they are in at least 20 stories.

10.  I currently have at least 20 books in my bedroom.  Okay, I’m wrong, if you count the stash of graphic novels and comic books it’s over 100.  I think I have 30 comics in my nightstand.

11.  I love Batman comics.  I am slowly but surely collecting all the Batman trades, and am not so slowly collecting all of the Nightwing ones.  Bonus point if you know who Nightwing is without googling him.

Phyllis’s Questions

1. What is your favorite blog post you have made?

These are hard questions, and I’m only on #1.  My favorite is not the most viewed or probably one any of you remember.  I thought long and hard about this, but every time I stop to think about it, my favorite was my post about my friend Sam.  He died over 2 years ago and I still miss him.  I had a whole long list of other ones I thought about putting up, but this was the first one to come to my mind.

2. Do you have a blog post that affected you, made you think, changed you in some way? Include what blog you saw it on, and a link, if you can.

Hmmmm…….. I cheated and check out what the answer was over at Almost Unschoolers and she had a good one, but the problem is I can’t think of one.  None that I just went, that’s the one!  I’m more of a holistic person in some things, so I think I’m gonna choose these types of posts that got me thinking about Bible story telling: Godly Play Creation and Creation story box.  There was a whole slew of them in that genre about a year or so ago that got me to thinking……..

3. Have you ever met in real life anyone that you knew through their blog?

Sigh, no.  I almost have twice, but things fell through.  There’s a group of Austin bloggers who are talking about getting together in June sometime.

4. What is your favorite subject to teach? Why?

History, I love history, it’s fun to make it come alive.

5. What is your least favorite subject to teach? Why?

Ironically enough, reading.  I love to read, but teaching my kids reading is like pulling teeth sometimes.

6. What type would you say your teaching style falls under? It can be more than one.

Eclectic?  Which is a cop out, because it’s a bunch in one.  I like the idea of Classical, but one of the big components of it is narration, and I’ve figured out that just doesn’t work for us.  So……….  We go through the history cycle of it and I agree with their theories on kids’ abilities to learn, but I’m very hands on.  I like to do and go, which doesn’t seem as present in classical.  I wrote a long babbling post about my teaching style a few years ago.

7. Is there some project in your homeschool that you would like to do, but haven’t been able to do it yet? Why do you want to do it and why haven’t you been able?

Hmmm………  I’m sure there is, and I’ll probably think about it as soon as I hit publish, but most things I haven’t done yet are because we haven’t covered the topic yet, or because it’s not age appropriate.  Though I do have a mystery I want to do with my kids, that I just need to clear the time for……

8. What do you consider the most important goal for your school?

To turn out kids who are life-long learners and are running hard after Christ.  I want them to be able to excel in society.  I want my boys to be leaders and gentlemen.  I want my daughter to be a Proverbs 31 woman.  I want to be that woman.

9. What is the favorite blog post (you have written) of your readers? Were you surprised?

My Phonics Reading Game, followed up by How to Make a Rapunzel Dress from scratch.  The phonics game does because It was a silly little thing, but the Rapunzel one doesn’t because it’s one of my most pinned posts.

10. What is something you have since learned that you wish you knew when you started homeschooling?

Get your hands on the curriculum and look at it in person with lots of time to look at it.  The two things I got that didn’t work for us were because I got into a “I must get this now,” and was sure it would work.  If I’d stopped and looked at them more thoroughly I would have seen where it wouldn’t have worked.  Or, I’d like to think so.  Either way, my philosophy now is to only buy things I have looked through myself.

11. Is there a blog that shows a homeschool that you are striving to be more like? What do you admire about their homeschool?

Hmmmm…….  I’d have to say Phyllis’ blog All Things Beautiful and Leah’s with Almost Unschoolers.  Both of them do a wonderful job of constantly bringing in hands on ways to teach.  I’ve used so many ideas from both of their blogs.


My Questions


1.  How did you meet your husband or fiancee (since I’m going to tag a friend who’s engaged)?

2.  What is the hardest thing about being a parent?

3.  Are any of your children just like you?  I swear at times Princess is a carbon copy and there are times Batman is really similar too. 

4.  What was your favorite subject as a kid?  If you’re homeschooling or teaching, is that your favorite subject to teach?

5.  When you travel what is the one thing you have to have or do?  I love to stop at Visitor’s Centers for different states.

6.  What one food do you absolutely love?  I must be hungry, because I swear I don’t think about food all the time.

7.  What type of books do you tend to read?

8.  What book were you required to read in school that you absolutely hated? cough Charles Dickens cough cough

9.  What is your favorite play by William Shakespeare?

10.  What book or play have you seen made into a really good movie?  Other than their butchering Puck’s monologues there was a great rendition of Midsummer Night’s Dream about 10 years ago.  I only had to be mildly restrained when they butchered it……

11.If practicality was not a problem, what kind of pet would you have?


Now who shall I tag…….  Many of the people I thought of had already been tagged and answered or are going to answer soon if they’re so inclined……….


I think I’ll tag:


Christy from Snacks and Stories

MaryAnne from Mama Smiles


And I’m honestly now drawing a blank on people who I read and comment on regularly who participate in these types of things who haven’t been tagged yet.  Oh wait, I was gonna tag my college roommate:

Dannie over at It’s You and Me Kid!


And if you like these types of things and you haven’t been tagged by someone yet, consider yourself tagged, let me know you’re answering and I’ll be sure to read it and comment with ridiculous comments.

7 thoughts on “11 on the 11th

  1. I love that post about Sam.

    Mike is also hypoglycemic. And, actually, I'm borderline, although I think it's gotten better as I've gotten older? Our poor kids…

    I think these posts are fun – and your questions are ones I don't think I've blogged about much!

  2. I loved reading this post 🙂 It's fun learning all sorts of random facts about bloggers you read regularly.
    The post about your friend Sam is a beautiful collection of memories!

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