Colonial games and pasttimes

We got together a few weeks ago and played some of the games that colonists played, but since I had a migraine and the other Mom had two million things going on that day our GRAND AND OVERARCHING PLANS failed……

Instead we did two easy to reenact games, especially if you’re a former teacher who did the old “marble in the jar trick” for every time you caught someone being good.  Seriously I have a big huge box of marbles……..
We discovered that it was super easy on our paved concrete driveway with a slight tilt downhill to get marbles out of the circle.  Not so easy on the not completely level and bumpy mud that the colonists probably played on.  The kids all agreed they did not like playing it like this.


They all enjoyed playing hopscotch, which we couldn’t agree on what the rules are, which led to a discussion on variations on rules in different areas.

Then I challenged them to come up with a game of their own involving chalk and marbles.

The first group with a lot of eye rolling and “Do we have to’s” came up with a sort of pictionary with marbles.

The second group came up with a combination of hopscotch and marbles.  You rolled the marble and got that many points for the number your marble stopped in.

2 thoughts on “Colonial games and pasttimes

  1. I have never understood the rules behind hopscotch. When I lived in France we didn't have a playground – just a huge concrete courtyard for recess (and our two-hour lunch). We played a version of marbles where you were trying to hit the other person's marble. The first one to make contact on their turn got to keep the other person's marble. We called it “tic et tac” (tic and tac are just sound words, and “et” means “and).

    We also played a version involving the very unique manhole covers there, which unfortunately do not exist outside of France (as far as I can tell). They made for a great marble game board.

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