AAH: French and Indian War

Okay, so this is out of order in terms of where it happened in history and how I’ve been posting, but I wanted to post this very successful lesson for All American History reviewing the French and Indian War (which was not the French and Indians fighting, but them fighting us).
We have a map that I took and glued down to a bulletin board.  Well, it would be a bulletin board if it was attached to the wall, but in our house it lays on the floor so I can easily flip between the world map and the US map.

As we read about the French and Indian War, I could tell my kids had no clue what I was talking about and their eyes were starting to glaze over beyond the idea of shooting at people, the boys always remember battles.

So I dragged out the map and first we pinned the different countries that were fighting against Britain in Europe.  Apparently being the great naval power makes you unpopular.  At that point in time, Britain was kind of like America today, a great superpower, and everyone wanted to take the big guy down.

That may be a LITTLE simplistic.  It’s before 9:00 in the morning, my brain’s not fully engaged yet.


Than we looked at the war on the Western front.  If you notice the blue pins outnumber the red ones.  The kids certainly did, and they were quite sure this wasn’t fair.  You’re right it wasn’t.  But wars are rarely fair, that’s kind of the point, you want to win.

It’s amazingly simple, but it illustrated my point quite well.

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7 thoughts on “AAH: French and Indian War

  1. Excellent illustration of your point! I like that you have a world map on one side of the bulletin board and the U.S. map on the other, by the way…also a good idea!

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