Ohio: Wagon trains

The problem with many of the “frontier” states, and at one point Ohio was a frontier, is there are a lot of similar books and ideas in them.  I found a couple of great stories and all of the original ideas I had I’d done before or I wanted to save until we got to a later frontier state. 

Poor me.  In my head as I say that I’m hearing “Poor Wendy, poor Wendy….” from the Mary Martin Peter Pan.
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Aurora Means Dawn is a great book about a family who heads out west to a promised thriving town only to find things aren’t as they pictured.  It was a great way to talk about what it would have been like with no stores, no neighbors, and few supplies.

Warm as Wool is a story about a family that is living in the cold Ohio winter and don’t have warm enough clothing.  Finally the Mother is able to get some sheep and how hard they work to grow their flock.  I would have loved to of gotten some wool roving to go with this book, but then I would have had wool roving and I’m NOT going to pick up wool felting.  I have ENOUGH hobbies.

So, I went with an old stand by fill up your covered wagon (link goes to the printable).  We spent a long time talking about what was needed to go West.  After talking for a while and reading the books, I think the kids mostly did a good job of thinking through their plans.  The only thing they didn’t really choose that I thought would have been smart was seeds.  Otherwise they stuck to good planning.

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