Virginia: Chincoteague Island

Okay, technically the books we read are about Assateague Island, but still…….
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I checked out a couple of books about these two islands, but I liked this one much better.  The artwork appealed to me more.

008One of the things that stood out to me was the many different colors of horses on the island, so we each colored what our horse from the island would look like.

While we colored I asked them which of the legends for how the horses got there they liked best.

Most of us agreed we liked the Spanish Galleon legend, but there are other ones briefly mentioned here.  If you read “Misty of Chincoteague” you get a much extended version of how the horses got there.  I hadn’t realized until I was doing background info for this project that there was more than one theory.

They all had fun coloring the horses.  It amused me that our friend colored a nice normal horse.  That Superman started with a normal paint horse and then after Batman created his blue monstrosity, Superman’s very quickly changed into a multi-colored “horse of a different color.”

Yeah, I totally had them backwards.  Superman had the blue monstrosity, and Batman started off with the paint.

See, Superman wore the Star Wars Lego shirt later in the week also, so that’s going to be my excuse for getting them wrong.  That and I can’t clearly see the faces……….

Yeah, that’s it.  I always know the difference in my kids.

Seriously ya’ll, I’m so screwed if they ever seriously try to pass themselves off as their brother, as long as they don’t open their mouths they might pull it off.  I still have my UBER-humiliate back-up plan.

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10 thoughts on “Virginia: Chincoteague Island

  1. I love it when I am researching for a project and find out something I didn't know before. It's proof for the boys that you never stop learning. 🙂

    And as far as being able to tell your kids apart…are you supposed to be able to do that? 😉

  2. I always said I'd get a colored dot tattooed on the big toe of my twins, if I ever had them, just in case. I used to watch IDENTICAL twin girls and their mom told of spending an entire day thinking they were the other.

  3. Everyone else who has twins claims that their twins are “so different” and they can always tell the difference.

    That may be, but I sure can't in pictures always.

    This is God's payback for all of those twins growing up that I could never tell apart and all the twins I know now who I still can't tell apart……

  4. What's your uber-humiliate back-up plan?

    Your boys are the most identical-looking of any identicals I've ever seen. I think the short hair makes it even harder, because you can't see variations in the way hair lies/hair thickness.

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