What have we been reading?

How is it that I know we’ve been reading like crazy, but now that I’m trying to remember it all I can’t remember the books?  The good news is this means I only remember the books they really liked or I really liked.

Jesus Storybook Bible– this has been all over the blogosphere for a while, and I’ve entered more giveaways for it than I can count, but never won it.  So I finally broke down and bought it, and I am SO glad I did.  I LOVE THIS!  Seriously, it’s so cool!

A Fairy in a Dairy– The little town is facing being bought up to be made into a toothpick factory, but can someone help them out so people start moving back?  Super cute, and one we had a lot of fun laughing at the illustrations.

Cinderella Penguin–  This was going to be an art project, but the boys all insisted they weren’t going to have any girl penguins, so it became a little harder to do that.  But all three of them laughed at this variation of Cinderella, so cute.

Saint George and the Dragon– So, Aunt Tara and I had both thought this was a little long for their concentration, but Batman has insisted on taking this to bed for the entire week, and has nearly destroyed our copy from reading it so much.

The Paper Bag Princess– Princess grudgingly took this to bed since she couldn’t have George and the Dragon.  I like this book because the Princess in it has a lot of gumption.

The Lizard Man of Crab Tree County– I first checked this out two years ago, and the kids didn’t get it at all.  They’re starting to get this one now.  The boy in it is complaining nothing ever happens at his town.  Then a rumor starts about a lizard man, so he spends the rest of the book trying to find it.  I seriously suggest getting it, you HAVE to see the illustrations of this book for it to make any sense, and for you to understand why Jeff and I loved it so much.

The Five Little Kittens– This was probably the kids pick of the week.  I think between Jeff and I we’ve read it a dozen times.  I think they like it so much because the story has so many kids, and they can always find a kitten to be themselves, and there’s a Mommy and a Daddy in the story.  So few books are like that.

When Dinosaurs Came With Everything– Almost forgot this book.  Had to go back and edit this in, because it’s been that popular.  A boy and his Mom go on errands, and he gets asked if he would like a dinosaur with their donuts, and slowly through the day he collects a bunch of pet dinosaurs.  So very very cute.  They even tried to sneak it into their suitcase a few weeks ago when we went up to Dallas.

Now, head on over to Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns to see what everyone else is reading.

5 thoughts on “What have we been reading?

  1. We LOVE the Paper Bag Princess and When Dinosaurs Came with Everything. Is the Five Little Kittens book the nursery rhyme – 5 little kittens lost their mittens…?

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