the book of Daniel

Isn’t that a movie that came out recently?  No, that’s the Book of Eli.  Well, here’s all the rest of Daniel except for Daniel 1, which I’m still struggling with.
Daniel 2 Color

Lessons I pull from Daniel 2:
1.  I’m always impressed with how Daniel talks to those in authority.  He is rarely disrespectful.
2.  He asks for time, he doesn’t try to immediately give an answer.  Instead he is honest and says he needs more time, and goes to God.
3.  For older kids, and adults I love the prophecy in this and how it correlates to the major empires of the ages.
 Daniel 3
Lessons I pull from Daniel 3:
1.  That you should always stand up for what you believe in (who else got the Veggietales song in their head now?)
2.  God can save you from certain death.

Daniel 4
Lessons I pull from Daniel 4:
1.  Again the sovereignty of God, and his ability to humble the mightiest.
2.  Again, Daniels interactions with those in authority over him.  I AM NOT good at this.  I have a tendency to want it my way or else.
3.  One of the things I love about Daniel is you can place it in history, and how we know about the kings from other sources.

Daniel 5

What do I pull from this:
1.  Don’t mock God!  But seriously, there is a pride issue here, and the king does not get that. 
2.  Pass on what you have learned to your kids.  Nebuchadnezzar did not pass on what he had learned about God to his kids, and consequently his kid had a real attitude problem.
3.  This is the one time you see Daniel somewhat disrespectful towards the king.  He essentially tells the king shove it.  But, since he knew the king was going to die that night, I guess it can be forgiven.

Daniel 6

Lessons I pull from Daniel 6:
1.  Again to stand up for what you believe in.
2.  He was not being obnoxious about disobeying the law, instead he quietly followed his beliefs and did what was right.
3.  Again he is an excellent example of how to disagree with leadership and not be disrespectful.  He did not go up to King Darius and yell at him, but quietly did what was right.
I love the Veggietales episodes related to Daniel, and have been getting the song for Daniel and the Lion’s den stuck in my head ever since it played from the Chik-Fil-A CD.  I was going to search some of those out and link them in here, but I’m running short of time to work on this now.  Especially because I hear the kids wrestling in the background, and that does not always end well.
So, as I’m looking at the previews of the books, it looks like the pages are off.  Now on my computer it’s just fine, but  according to Scribd it’s not.  Oh the dilemma!  But, seriously, this was interesting to accomplish.  Now I’m working on Jesus’ early ministry.

I’m gonna hook this up to Carissa’s Raising Rockstars post when she gets it up.

To answer the questions: YES, I did draw these.

7 thoughts on “the book of Daniel

  1. Did you drew all the pictures? They are really neat! Maybe you should think of writing your own kid Bible – I think you really have a talent for presenting those complex stories in a way that modern young kids can understand.

  2. Yeah, Ticia–did you draw these? I'd gladly buy a copy for my kids if you put it on Lulu! So cool–and I always love reading your blog–your sense of humor shines here 🙂

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