Books on Australia and more

We continued our study of Australia this week and that’s where most of these books come from or are about.

Koala Lou– I saw this featured on a couple of blogs recently, sadly I don’t remember where.  As we were reading it I came up with all sorts of ideas I’d like to do with this book.  Overall it was very cute, fun and appropriate on so many levels.  It’s about Australia, koalas, and the Olympics.  Poor little Koala Lou is worried her mother doesn’t love her anymore, so she decides to compete in the Olympics.  Very cute.

Boo to a Goose– you may have noticed from the carousel that we read lots of Mem Fox books.  That’s because she’s from Australia, and it seemed rather appropriate to me.  This one kind of reminded me of the song “Down by the Bay” with the silly rhymes.  My kids like it a lot.  And again I had all sorts of ideas of what to do with this book.  Of course, I think for most of my ideas the kids would need to be a little older.
Hunwick’s Egg– very cute story about a (totally forgetting the type of animal, something that burrows and is only in Australia) that find an egg and decides to care for it.  Very cute, with a bit of a surprise ending.  My kids liked it, but weren’t thrilled with it.
Echidna– I think this is the one I checked out from the library, but truthfully I don’t remember exactly.  I didn’t like this one as much as the other books I found last week, and this one goes into more detail on mating rituals then I’d really like in a book to read to my preschoolers.  I’d say it’s more for 3rd grade, but if they’re in 3rd grade they need a bit more information.  So, it’s not scaled quite right for the age it’s geared for.  But, it covered the thing the boys were really big on, what eats them.  Really, they want to know this about every creature we read about it.

We continued to read the Caroline Arnold’s books from last week.  I’m seriously thinking of getting all her books in this series, they’re super cool.

Hector Saves the Moon– okay, so I finally found my copy of the first book in this series: Hector’s Escapades, First Night Out, and read it to the kids, and they were so worried that Hector would never find his Mommy again.  Good book to read to emphasize not running away from your Mom when you’re out (hint hint Superman and Batman, that is NOT A GOOD IDEA!).  It’s fun to see a book that talks about the local area so much, I got a lot of the references, but the kids didn’t, not too surprising.

Beginner’s Bible– Batman has been requesting Bible stories like crazy, and so we’ve been reading this all the time.  I’d like to find one that’s a little older for them, because they’re outgrowing this one.  But, I get frustrated with most kids Bibles because they’re either way too simplistic and don’t include many stories, or way over their heads.

David and Goliath– I LOVE Little Golden Books, especially the older ones.  This one is a great retelling of David and Goliath and is fairly faithful to the original storyline.

I just remembered another book I read when I was reading Natalie’s post:
Blue Bonnet Girl– I picked this up  because I like the Tomie DePaola version of the story and thought it would be interesting to see another version.  It’s told in rhyme and it’s a more or less well done rhyme, but the rhyme messes with the flow of the story, so I could feel the kids not following it and losing interest. It has beautiful illustrations, but it just didn’t work here.  I might suggest it for second or third grade after reading the Tomie DePaola version to compare the two.

For more great book recommendations for your kids head on over to Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns

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