Boredom busters galore

I thought about being lazy for this one and just linking to my post on surviving graduation, but then I remembered I’ve found a bunch of really cool games lately that everyone else may not know about.

1. Eric Carle games- we have Hungry Caterpillar, Busy Spider, and Brown Bear.
Hungry Caterpillar- spin and move game. You stop at each of the major events of the game (eat fruit, eat picnic foods…) and act it out. My kids love to play this and when they eat the picnic foods say “I got a tummy ache!”
Busy Spider- this one isn’t as popular, but you’re helping the spider build the web by connecting the same color dot as you’ve landed on, again it’s a spin and move game.
Brown Bear- draw cards and match to the animals you’re trying to get and then retell the story. We do it as a variation on Memory and spread the cards out in rows, so if you remember where the card is you can get that one card you’re missing.

2. Blokus- while the actual rules of this game are WAY above my kids playing level, we use it for spatial recognition and turn taking. They each choose a color and take turns placing their pieces where it will fit. This is wildly popular and they love building “houses” with it.
Sadly there’s no picture I can easily find of this.

3. Carcassone- this is a tile laying game for adults. In the adult version you’re trying to get the most points by putting your guys in the right places. In the preschool version we’re just working on matching up the right spaces. So, when they pull a tile it has to match pasture to pasture, road to road, town to town. There are lots of different variations of it, and they’re all very popular in our house both with kids and adults.

Non-board game ideas:

1. Go for walks: need ideas for the walks go to: Handbook of Nature Study, I am loving her nature challenges and it makes me take them outside for walks. And considering we’ve broken 90+ already that’s a big deal thing.

2. Organize a weekly or however often playdate with friends in local parks and attractions. I’m lucky enough to have a friend doing this for me, and we’re looking forward to the chance to play with other kids and have a blast.

3. Water balloon and squirt gun fights, let’s face it Texas weather is hot, and I’m up for anything that cools me down

4. And for a bit of self promotion, click on my labels on the side of kid crafts or activities, there’s a whole slew of stuff I’ve done with my kids (and slew is a real word, I’m sure).

For more great Boredom Busters go to We are That Family. Last I saw there was over 200……

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