A Valentine’s Present for your husband

Last year I made a “Year ‘O Dates” for my husband.  I had intended to repost it earlier this year so people would have a fun idea to make for their husband, we’ve been enjoying them, when we remember them.  We actually have one coming up in a few days (provided no one’s sick, we’ve been the house of plague the last few weeks).

I used many of the ideas from Love Actually and adapted a few of my own to things we both enjoy (which I can’t share because that’s one of the ones we haven’t done yet).  I also saw The Home Teacher has a Date Night post up today.

I’m brainstorming some ideas for this year, it’s going to take some doing because it’s hard to top that one.  I have all sorts of ideas in my head, but haven’t been able to figure out exactly what to do for it.

What are ya’lls plans for Valentine’s Day?  Any fun suggestions?

PS: I’m tired of being sick or having people in my house sick.

Some last Valentine ideas

If you remember my earlier post, then I’m going to use some things from that.  Mainly the huge amount of contact paper I had left over from our earlier project.  Seriously, lots left over.
First project with that:
Super easy, and makes our dining room look festive.

Supplies to make this super cute guy: glue dots, heart shaped cookie cutter, the contact paper project or foam, pom pom, glitter glue (or googly eyes), little stickers of other sorts.

1.  Trace a heart shape and cut it out.

2.  Use glue dot to glue pom pom on.

3.  I put the foam hand stickers on, but those aren’t necessary.

4.  Put on two dots of glitter glue for eyes.
Aren’t they cute?

Next project using the templates from the earlier post.
Supplies: broken crayons, heart mold that can go in oven, printout

First peel and break into little bitty pieces an insanely large number of crayons.

The smaller the better, and if you’re mistakenly using those huge toddler crayons, smash those with a hammer.  You stand no chance of breaking them with your hands.

Apparently my computer ate the picture of them in their heart mold, so imagine it’s here.

Cook in your oven at 350 for about 3-5 minutes.  If the pieces are smaller it’s less time.  Then let them cool until they are hard, that takes AT LEAST 10 minutes.  If you don’t wait long enough you will poke a hole in the crayon.  So do be patient.

I don’t speak from experience.  Honest.  Or maybe a little.

Gather your next round of supplies:  glue dots, heart crayons, and template.

And here’s your two-step instructions:

1.  Stick glue dot on the bottom.

2.  Stick crayon heart on top of the glue dot.

I saw this cute mustache and lip idea here. Where I printed out the template from.

In case you can’t tell, they’re wildly popular and super simple to make.  Just trace the template onto the foam, and cut out.  Then punch a hole in the middle.  My hole punch is a little big for this, but all in all it’s wildly popular.

Batman ran around saying “I’m Mr. Charles” while wearing his mustache. His next thought was to “fool Daddy,” who wouldn’t recognize him with his disguise.

I now have a request to make a more permanent mustache, and he doesn’t mean wait 10 years to grow one.
And here’s my attempt at taking my picture.
And, now I’m going to go eat a yummy desert pizza from Papa Murphy’s…….  That’s what I call a healthy breakfast, you know a smores pizza……..


We’ve started making our slew of valentines for friends, and I wanted to share a cool printable I found thanks to Confessions of a Homeschooler linking it.  Over at Christian Preschool Printables they’ve got a slew of Jesus loves me stuff (link goes to page 3 where the printable I used is), and I printed off the pop-up Valentine card to make.

I also printed off the Jesus loves me booklet to help my kids learn the song, since it’s one of the ones we’ll be singing.  I plan to have them practice every day until we go there just to make sure they know it.

Now, on to the two sets of Valentines we’ve finished so far.

supplies: mini-cupcake liner, green construction paper, red or pink construction paper (or you could use the printable), markers, scissors, glue


1.  Smash the cupcake liners so they’re more or less flat.  Then let your child happily color them as much as they want.  It looks more flowery if there’s lots of color on it, but it’s their art.  And it looks so cheerful when you have mounds and mounds of them spread out on the table in front of you.


2.  Take your construction paper and cut it in half.  Then hamburger fold that piece in half.  This means you get two cards from one piece of paper.


3.  I divided the green construction paper into fourths, this cut down on any ideas of making monstrously huge stems or anything like that.  Then I told the kids to cut a thin long piece for the stem.

By the by, like my oh so professional typing paper background?


4.  To make this a bit of a math activity each kid drew a number to tell how many leaves to draw.  Superman drew 5.  Which he enthusiastically mutilated his construction paper to make.  Happily glue on leaves.

 5. Glue on your cupcake liner at the top.  Batman added in the step of fringing the cupcake liner after it was glued on, which I thought added a rather adorable twist to it.

If you want you could use one of the phrases from the printable I’m including, we ended up not using them because the kids decided to turn these cards into get well soon cards for a sick friend.


This one is a bit more complicated.
Supplies: printable, contact paper, tissue paper, yarn, hole punch, markers


1.  Cut tissue paper into miniscule pieces.  This is perfect for practicing cutting, or for any kids (cough cough Princess) who like to make confetti.


2.  Get out a piece of contact paper, for each of the kids I cut one that is about 12 inches or so, and I was able to get easily 30 necklaces from one set of it, so you probably want to make it smaller depending on how many you’re trying to make.
I taped the contact paper to the floor and let the kids start covering it in the tissue paper.  I tried to get them to keep it flat, with mixed success.


3.  Sandwich their creation in a second piece of contact paper.  Then start tracing hearts.  You could just freehand them, but every time I do they end up looking funny.


4.  Hole punch the heart and thread yarn through.  I cut our yarn about 18 inches.


5.  Meanwhile have your kids trace the words to get in some writing practice and sign their names.


6.  Put a bit of double sided tape on the bottom, and a second piece to help secure the necklace, and you’ve got yourself a very cute card.


Or twelve.  Only a lot more to go………..
valentine cards
Click on picture to go to the printable.
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Preschool Corner: Valentine Math

Materials needed: box of conversation hearts, ten frame (basically a grid with two columns of five rows, you can see it in the picture above), you could use the printout, but my printer wasn’t working, so I’ll save mine for next year.

Valentine Chart

Most of you have probably already done this, or are aware of this activity.  Back when I was teaching we did a more complicated version in my first and second grade classrooms.  But, here’s the simple version.  And like I said my printer wouldn’t work that morning, so we just used some 10 frames.
0201.  Give each child their box of candies and let them dump them out.  Ideally they haven’t dumped them out and poured them into one big bowl before you’ve done this.  Oh wait, that’s just what my kids did.
2.  Have them choose which one they think they have the most of.  In this pictures Superman guessed he had the most of blue.  Now, in reality I think he did this because he likes blue best, but hey who am I to spoil his predicting fun.
027 3.  Now take each color one by one and put one in a square to count how many you have.  It’s always amazing to see the disparity of colors when you just randomly grab some.  I think Superman and Batman both had one purple and then Princess had 12.  It was kind of funny.

029 4.  Next we estimated which jar could fit the most hearts.  I had two different types of baby food jars, some of the glass ones and some of the plastic.  We discovered the plastic jar held more.

And finally came the best part of this math experiment.  We tested which ones turned our tongues different colors.
034 036 035 043
As you might guess that was their favorite part of the whole activity.  And wow is that an unattractive picture of me.  Seriously.  They were rather disappointed that most of them didn’t really change the color of their tongue.
And, just for the sake of it, we did do a few other things this week.
We’ve learned a lot about Texas
We made some rocket cars.
We dealt with grief.  Okay, that one should be present tense, and it also brings up all sorts of difficult questions about death.  The link is to the questions about my Dad’s death, but I’m not quite up to posting about their questions about Uncle Sam’s death.
So, it’s been busy here for the past few weeks.  It’s funny it really didn’t seem in the midst of all this that we really did all that much, but when I look back over, we actually did.
Oh, and here’s the wonderful thing Princess figured out how to do……  There’s 10 pictures of me wincing as she brushes my hair.
For people who might have been more productive in one week than I was in three weeks head on over to Homeschool Creations for more ideas.
Linking over to Joyful Learner’s Math Week

Embellishing a Valentine shirt

I found a red shirt with ruffled edges and these cute little pants, that I thought would make such a perfect Valentine’s outfit for my little Princess, with only a little extra help from me. I figured for a $5 investment, that wasn’t that bad a deal.

So, I embroidered little heart balloons on the shirt and the pants. The only problem is the pants are about 4 inches too long, so you can’t see the cute little balloons I embroidered on them. Oh well.
And, yes she desperately needs a hair cut, but it’s hard to cut her hair when she doesn’t stay still long. I get nervous about cutting it. I have now discovered that it works really well to cut it when she’s buckled in her car seat. Less wiggling then.