What we read this week: All abaout Us

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We’re Going on a Ghost Hunt– this has been popular in my house for 2 weeks, so you’ll see it again next week, when I actually cover all of our Halloween books. I lke it because it has a similar pattern to the Bear hunt book and it does a good job of showcasing imagination (that comment will make more sense when you read the book).

There Was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Bat– there are a whole series of these. The original version got a Caldecott for it’s original illustrations (There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly). The kids loved it and it answers their incessant question “Why.” I swear I hear why more times a day than you would think possible.

Old Devil Wind– I found this one at the only teacher conference I got to attend while teaching, and Bill Martin jr. was there. So, this is a signed copy. Okay, enough bragging. It’s a cute cumulative story. Each new page adds a new element that makes a different sound. It’s really fun to make the sounds, and this makes a great easy show for a class to do. They can act out the different sounds and motions.

Our Science books-

A Drop of Blood– My kids didn’t really like it, the topic was bordering on being too hard for them, and it wasn’t about skeletons. All they want to hear about right now are skeletons. But, it’s a great one to use at Halloween because it’s got vampires.

The Science Book of Senses– I thought this was super cool. I was going to do so many experiments from this book. They’re nicely explained and laid out very well. Then I discovered my kids had absolutely zero interest. NONE. So, if you have kids who are interested, especially ones who are approaching elementary this has some really cool stuff. It has an experiment about how your eye works, that I SO wanted to do.

What’s Inside My Body– Again my kids weren’t as interested because it wasn’t solely about bones, and it went into more detail than they were interested in. However, they loved the photo illustrations in this one.

Your Bones– And this is why Halloween books are included this week, because half of my really cool bone books couldn’t be included in the carousel. Superman especially was crazy about this book. It goes through and talks about our skeletons and what our bones are like. Then it talks about animals and what their skeletons are like. He loved this book.

You Can’t Make a Move Without Your Muscles– Another book that was somewhat popular, but not on the A-list. They’re very intrigued by the idea of muscles, but weren’t super interested. However I would say it’s on a perfect level for 2nd grade on down.

Me and My Amazing Body– This is in the same series as Me and My Place in Space and Me on the Map. This was Princess’ favorite book this week. She loved going through the book and matching up her different body parts to the little girl’s. It goes through at a perfect level for my kids and talks about all of the different parts. I also liked that it made a point to mention the skin is an organ and we should care for it as well. Most books this age skip that detail. Next year, when they’re hopefully not as obsessed with bones I’ll be able to cover more body parts. I’ve got a really great mini-book (okay, it’s not so mini) that we can do, that they’ll love!

I also read them one of the Magic School Bus books about the five senses, or maybe it was just about the eye. Either way it was one of the worst Magic School Bus books I’ve ever read, and the kids had no interest. Did I mention they could care less about five senses?

Go check out what everyone else is reading over at Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns. And hopefully at some point this week I can get all caught up and not feel so far behind. I can dream can’t I?