My Memories of the boys’ party

I posted earlier my quick tips for our Carnival Party.  It was an exciting adventure, you see it was supposed to be an outside party, but this is what it looked like outside.


Yes, that is standing water.  And it was raining pretty hard that day.  So plans changed, and we scrapped some games that REQUIRED being outdoors (archery), and generally changed plans.


That morning we iced the cake.


No one will ever pin these cakes as examples to decorate, but that wasn’t my goal.  It was to let my kids have a blast decorating.


When all the kids got here we started decorating, I wish I’d thought to get a picture of all the kids waiting to head upstairs.  I was practically mobbed.



My sister in law kindly agreed to paint faces, didn’t she do an amazing job on that butterfly?


Everyone was quite happy.  The boys loved their presents.



And afterwards it was a “leisurely” afternoon of putting together legos.


Well, for the boys.  The Girl spent the afternoon playing with my secret weapon of little doggies for the afternoon.


And next week, I will hopefully return to a more normal posting schedule, but we took an impromptu Spring Break this week when I discovered we were having an inside party.

Beware the salad monsters

Saying my boys like salad would be an understatement.  The little bandits are quite sneaky about it, or not so sneaky.



It started with a simple invade Daddy’s salad, and eat it all.  Then they started reaching across to mine…….



We gave in and gave them the last scraps in the bowl and that’s when the true fiendishness started.  TWO FORKS APIECE, and then Batman upped the ante with THREE FORKS.


Only problem is it’s not super effective for actually getting the food to your mouth.

Superman lost his first tooth!


And boy is he excited about it.  It took almost an hour for him to stop looking in the mirror every two minutes.  Batman is almost as excited as Superman, and he had to show off the tooth.


He and Batman both slept on Batman’s bed last night so the tooth fairy would have easy access to get to his tooth.  Aren’t they cute.

I got a new little brother in Christ!


Last night at the Backyard Bible Club in my neighborhood Superman prayed to Jesus and asked Him to come into his heart.  As you can imagine Jeff and I are very excited about this.


It was an interesting conflux of events.  He’d asked the teens some questions earlier in the week, but hadn’t been ready to pray then, saying “He wanted to think about it.”


Last night she followed up with him asking him what he was thinking and if he wanted to pray with her.  He did, and so they did.


I feel fairly safe in saying this is a genuine conversion from both his ability to explain it, and his willingness to tell other people about it.  He told her, my Mom, a couple of other people, and then his grandparents on the phone.  I could still be wrong and it could be an example of him knowing the right answers, but it doesn’t feel that way.


He’s been carrying the Bible he got from them around ever since.


The bad part came when his brother and sister saw he got a Bible and they didn’t.  Oh the tears, the tears.  It was only alleviated by our giving them Bibles…….  Which luckily we have a few dozen on hand.

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Of course, I’ve never joined up with this one so I don’t have the blog button yet……..  But, this was just too cute not to put up.
Batman the cat
The conversation as reported to me from Jeff:

Batman: “Daddy, my mommy and daddy itchies got together and had baby itchies.  The mommy itchies had 16 babies and they want more.”
Then his brother heard this, and thought it was an effective way to get scratches.
Superman: “Well, my mommy and daddy itchies had 100 babies!”

Well at least he’s learning his science lessons



This is Superman’s shoe.  It’s the ant hill.  I saw him put the little plastic ants in the ant hill and talk all about it.  I heard him say the ants were working on bringing food to the ant hill for the other ants.


I just didn’t put it together soon enough…….


Yes, that would be my son’s shoe filled up with mini hot dogs and cheese torn into little bitty ant sized bites.  Or what he thinks are ant sized bites.


Can we all say EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!


And regularly scheduled posting will occur again tonight, maybe.

How to host an adventure party

I mean, how to host a World of Warcraft party, but for sake of simplicity let’s call it an adventure.
Step 0.  At least a month before the party start saving your milk carton handles for shield handles.
1.  Order enough swords for all of the attendees.  Then take tissue paper and wrap it around the swords for scabbards.  It ends up looking very cool.

2.  Paint your treasure box.  Yes, it would have looked a lot prettier if I had taken control and painted it all myself, but then my kids wouldn’t have gotten to take part in the process.  Sometimes it’s about the process, not the product.


3.  Decorate your cake.  In case you were wondering 6 year old boys do not make for a very fancy and decorated cake.  There is however a lot of frosting involved.

4.  Clean the beaters.  This is a very important step.

5.  Get cardboard or foam core board and cut into a shield shape.  For sake of ease I just cut rectangles, all the kids cared was they got shields.

6.  Get out your hot glue gun and glue the milk carton handles on.  This is not a very strong glue, so they will break, but it works just fine for playing with, and they’re easily repaired.

7.  Now eagerly wait for your guests to hand them their swords.


8.  Practice your combat.  Make sure everyone knows the rules.

9.  Now comes the quest giver.  She came with the sad story of what was happening.  We had about 4 quests (5 if you include training).
A.  Rescue the villagers from the bandits.
B.  Retrieve the stolen medicine by ambushing the bandits.
C.  Get the secret weapon to defeat the bandit king.
D.  Defeat the bandit king.

Going left to right, top to bottom:
1.  Cowering villagers
2.  First fight
3.  Receiving medicine that we retrieved.
4.  Looking for the secret weapon by crossing the dangerous river.
5.  Turning in a quest.
6.  A dead bandit, don’t worry they keep coming back.
7.  Fighting the bandit king.


1.  Don’t have all of the older kids as bandits, the little kids don’t always herd well.
2.  Have a plan and stick with it.
3.  Our quests worked very well, that was a good plan, think through how you will move from quest to quest.
4.  Have simpler rules.  We tried a 3 times and you’re down rule for the bandits.  We should have gone with one hit.  Nothing to keep track of.
5.  Make sure everyone knows all of the rules, that went pretty well over all.
6.  Account for the weather.  We had originally planned for some of the bandits to be magicians and throw construction paper fireballs, but it was too windy for that.
7.  Plan in a water/snack break.

All in all it was a wildly successful party.  Every report I’ve heard was that the kids really enjoyed it, including the 20 year old who was just dropping off some of the kids.  He said it was the most fun he’s had in a while.  That’s saying something.

I’ll probably do a birthday memories post later this week, but I know some of you were curious about how the party went.  It was a blast, and I was SOOOOO tired afterwards.