How to make a bead snake

Here’s what you need: felt, yarn, straws, buttons or googly eyes (I can’t find my googly eyes)

1. Cut out 2 snake heads.

2. Cut 2 pieces of yarn, one in red for the tongue, and one really long one for the body (I cut ours about 2 feet or so). Lay the red one at the mouth portion and the other at the back of the head

3. Glue the 2 head pieces together, use lots of glue. Also, I discovered that felt soaks up glue like nobodies business. We used so much.


4. Smash that snake real well so it gets good and glued.


5. Choose 2 buttons for eyes. Glue them on. Mumble to yourself that you need to find those silly googly eyes.

Notice you can see the glue has soaked through the felt. It’s really sad

6. Take your straws, cut them into little pieces (I cut mine between .5 inches and 1.5 inches). This was a great way to use up some non-bendy straws I had accidentally bought.

7. Start threading them onto the yarn. To make it easier to thread tape the end of the yarn. After they’ve been playing for a while have a kid come up to you wanting to put “beads” on the tongue, and think, I should have taped that one as well.


As a side note, I would like to point out how I was good and let the kids mostly guide this activity. I did not seize the felt take it to the sewing machine and get it done quickly as I was tempted. I was GOOD. Now later when the snakes fell apart because the glue doesn’t hold it together like it should because of the ridiculous absorbency, then I sewed it together. But, that’s another story. I also need to sew an eye on. They have been playing with these nonstop since we made them. We had to take them over to a friend’s house just to show off our snakes.

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