Tot School- Homemade Memory Game

Tot School

Princess is 28 months old, and Superman and Batman are 4. Today, we’re going to learn how to make your very own Memory/Concentration game. This is a great Tot School activity because it’s a fun craft to do for most any age and it can be used for almost any skill you’re trying to learn. I like the lids because it’s a little easier to pick up and turn over then just a normal piece of cardstock, also it makes for a different tactile experience to play with.

Here’s what you need:
lids from cans or jars (if you use a smooth edge can opener this is a great use for all those lids) obviously you can use other items,
stickers that you have matching pairs

We’ve made this game a couple of times and it is still one of their favorite games to play. It’s very important to make sure you have an even number of lids, and at least one pair for each child to put stickers on.

Next let each kid choose their stickers to put on the lid, help them pick ones that match.

Then stick them on the lids.

Now, depending on the skill of your child choose your particular rules for Memory and play the game. We set out about 20 or so lids and then take turns flipping over 2, if yours match you keep them.

Mine are just now getting into playing games and this is loved by all 3, so it’s a good go to game in all variations. I’m about to make some for letters and numbers, but am going to do those on cardstock and laminate them. Mainly because it takes forever to save up enough lids to do that many, and it’s good to have a variety of materials for making games. When I get that made I’ll post it as well.