Real quick post of a few of the books we read


And just so it’s not totally boring and without pictures…..


I present to you Robot Girl.  She has the power, through her wrapping paper tube arms, to suck up bad guys.

Oh wait, that really makes no sense.  She shoots fireballs!

Okay, seriously, we read books.  You know I think I’m rather tired, because the room is starting to get hazy.  So I better make this quick, because I told Natalie I’d tell her the book we read.



A Little House Birthday– this one fit the bill for two reasons: 1 it takes place in Wisconsin, which is our new state, because Jeff grew up there as a kid, and 2.  it has a birthday.  It’s a very cute simple story about a birthday and how hard it is to have days they have to sit quietly.  I really liked it, and am looking forward to reading some of the other books in this series we checked out.  The kids were lukewarm on it, but I think it’s still a good one to read to them.


Incidentally, does anyone have any books to recommend about Wisconsin?  I’ve picked up books about making cheese and ice cream, and I got the Laura Ingalls Wilder little books.  And we’re going to learn about badgers, but I welcome any suggestions.


That’s What Leprechauns Do-Cute book with 3 leprechauns going to put a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and getting distracted along the way by doing pranks.  I’m using this to set up a series of leprechaun pranks around our house.  I’m thinking tomorrow our pancakes are going to turn green.  I was very good and didn’t turn the birthday cake green.  Congratulate me on my maturity.  And what did the kids think of the book?  Really they were more concentrated on their new flashlights and the idea of their birthday party which is going on today, so I’m going to try reading it to them again, and see if it sparks their interest more later.


Ummmm, we read other books, but honestly I don’t remember.  I think I need to work on eating better, because I’ve been having bad headaches/dizzy spells, and they’re always alleviated by eating some form of protein (usually cheese).  And I know better than to go skimpy on meals, I’ve been hypoglycemic since high school.  Now you want stories of bad eating habits from my high school days, those I can tell you.  Did you know brown sugar is not considered a healthy meal?

But, I veer off topic.  We’ve got a whole slew of South American books to read next week, and like I said some Wisconsin stuff too, and I found a random Loreen Leedy book to throw in there as well.  So, if you’re wanting to see what every one else is reading in a post that might be more coherent and written by someone who is not currently thinking her room is rocking back and forth go over to Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns.