Science Sunday: Propulsion

Because propulsion sounds a lot more scientific than balloon racers.  I bought these balloon racers from Oriental Trading Co.  And we played with them and explored the science behind them.

They already knew instinctually that these would move, but it was the why I was trying to get at.  It was really interesting seeing them try and put this together.  At first Superman was trying to say it was nothing that made it move.  But we talked about how that didn’t make sense because they had noticed if the balloon was more full it went further.  So, what is in the balloon that makes it go?  I pointed out how I blew into it to make the balloon bigger and suddenly Superman made the connection, “It’s AIR!”  So we talked about how air can move stuff sometimes.  All in all it was a fun quick science lesson to do while dinner cooked.
We also learned that if you over-inflate the balloons they pop, and that if you blow them up too often they pop.  We went through a lot of balloons.
Oh, and lest you think my kids always get along and we have a perfect house…..

Well, it’s not too surprising we didn’t do anything super exciting and well planned out with everything going on.  Life is slowly getting back to normal in our house.  We’re fielding a lot of questions about death and life and those types of things, but not too surprising considering these past few weeks.
I halfway want to have everything back to normal, but I also recognize it’s not going to be normal for a while, and that’s okay.  Healing is a slow process and I need to remember this.

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