I don’t know why I decided to do this, but for some reason I told the kids we’d make puppets. So, when we were doing our grocery shopping at Wal-Mart we stopped by the craft section and each kid got to choose 2 pieces of felt.


After nap I traced a rough idea of a puppet onto the felt and cut it out. If your kids are a little older they can probably do that part by themselves, my boys are on the edge of being able to.

Next I threaded a yarn needle with a 1 foot length of embroidery floss. I tried yarn, but it is too hard to get through the felt. The emboridery floss was perfect (and for those who embroider, I used the whole six strands and did not bother stripping it.)


Then they had at it and sewed up a cute little puppet in less than half an hour with lots of rethreading the needle by me. We drew on features with markers. The crayons didn’t work super great, but markers didn’t show up at all on the black felt…….

This is a great activity for many ages because you can add difficulty by adding more details. I’m sure we will be making many more puppets in the coming weeks.