Postcard Pay It Forward

My kids were happy as clams to get their postcards from over at Children Grow, Children Explore. And since they were so excited about it, and I’ve been meaning to “pay it forward,” here’s my turn.

Seriously, they were really super excited. They spent the rest of that night running around yelling “I got a card from ‘Lena, I got a card from ‘Lena!” That’s the first thing they told their Dad about when he walked in the door. Which was really confusing to him because he had no idea what they were talking about.

After Christmas I’m going to have them look at our United States map and find where all the postcards they got came from. Realistically, I’m probably going to do it as we get them. My kids love postcards. This makes for a great geography lesson.

I really loved the cards we got from Selena because she gave us a few facts about each of the cards. One was a picture of the Pacific Ocean, and we learned the Pacific Ocean is cold. Superman was fascinated by the people walking on there, and was trying to figure out what they were doing.

Now, here’s your chance to join in.

How it works: You put a comment here letting me know you want a postcard from my kids, and I’m going to send you one from each of my kids. In return you send each of my kids a postcard. If I can’t email you from your comment please make sure to include your email address so I can email you to get addresses. I am not going to be posting names of any kids whose names are not usually posted, and will hopefully be posting about the state as I get the cards (no guarantees on that last one, but I’m going to try my best).