Tennessee: Davy Crockett

Okay, be honest, how many of you as soon as you read that got “Davy, Davy Crockett, king of the wild frontier” stuck in your head?

Now, who has it stuck in their head?

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I found about 6 books at our library about him, and this was my favorite.  All of the others were more factual, but this one had humor, and Davy Crockett has humor in him I think.  And it’s a tall tale.  Who doesn’t like a tall tale?


I certainly do, they’re like American mythology.  Of course our modern mythology is comic books, but that’s a different subject.

After reading it we grabbed a peg doll, some pipe cleaners and made us our own Davy Crockett doll.


Or that’s what it is in theory.  In reality……  The hats never quite fit right, and kept covering their heads.  Princess objected she wanted to make a girl, so she made Swamp Angel.  Then the boys decided they were making Captain America and proceeded to make pipe cleaner shields and add arms……….


Yeah………  So this did not go as planned.  I really want to make some coon skin hats, but it wasn’t going to happen on that day.  Concentration was NIL.

Review: Klutz Pipe Cleaners Gone Crazy

I don’t about any of you, but I have had several people inherit or not have a use for craft supplies come up to me and say, “Ticia, you’re crafty.  You can use this.”

This is a blessing and a curse.  Blessing because I get to try things I would never buy, and curse because I then have to figure out how to store these things.

This book is mostly an example of a blessing.


We’ve now done a fair number of the projects in this book, and overall I’d say the projects are pretty good.

Did ours turn out just like their pictures?  No, but it was fairly close.

I’d say my boys are the bottom end of being old enough to do these.  It took a lot of concentration and me showing step by step how to make the projects.    My boys are very visual kinisthetic learners (I know big surprise) and they needed to see it done step by step to be able to do it, but they more or less could.
We weren’t really using the pipe cleaners that came from the kit, so we didn’t differentiate between fuzzy or regular ones like the instructions said, so some of our projects didn’t come out as plump as theirs.  I think in theory if you did it exactly right you’d have enough pipe cleaners to make everything that came with the kit.

Overall, I’d recommend the book, the instructions are clear, and you can still complete the projects after you’ve used up the pipe cleaners that came with it.

Pipe cleaner doll

Katie's Nesting Spot

Supplies: pipe cleaner, bead, yarn, markers


1.  Fold your pipe cleaner in half and cut it in half.  To start you only need half of it, but the other half will be used.


2.  Slip the bead onto the pipe cleaner and move it down about a half inch.  Open up the loop at the top a little to be able to slip the yarn through.


3.  Cut off about 2 feet or so of yarn, and start looping it back and forth in a width about 4-5 inches long.  Slip this through the loop and pull the bead up tight to the loop.


4.  Fold the other part of the pipe cleaner in half and slip it between the two legs of the first half.  This will form the arms.  Bend one of the arms back across the body so it is twisting around one of the pipe cleaners.


5.  Fold the pipe cleaner back towards the body at about 1-1.5 inches (unless you want your person to have huge arms, one of my kids did on their second or third doll).  Twist the extra pipe cleaner around itself forming the body.


6.  Repeat this with the other arm, but wait to wrap it around the body until you are done with the legs.  This helps to cut down on the pokies at the end.

7.  Fold up one leg so it is about 1-1.5 inches long.  Wrap the extra pipe cleaner around the body.  Repeat with the other leg.  And wrap the final arm around the body, this should cover up most of the poky parts.

8.  Let your kids happily color their doll’s head.

At the end you can cut the hair to be shorter, my kids always wanted me to.  To make sure the head would stay on and I wouldn’t lose all of the hair I tied some of the yarn around the top of the pipe cleaner.

Of course you can add clothes and the like, but we haven’t yet.  I’m sure I’ll be telling you about that when we do.  So for now we’ll call this part 1.

Art Box: creativity of Batman

So, Batman is an interesting guy.  He likes to create, and by create I quite often mean destroy, but we’ll pretend he creates.

First I give you his map.  This has been proudly displayed in his room for about a month.  It’s the first thing he created he wanted to hang up.  He says the brown stuff is water, the green fabric is land, and the yarn is a boat.  And the guy up at the top is up in heaven.  The map is how to get to heaven.  Or, I think that’s what he said, he’s changed his answer a couple of times.

I think this is a trap.  That’s my best guess.  I found this.  Batman is why I can’t leave pipecleaners or anything really out where they can be found.  He takes it and makes stuff.  Usually traps.  This evening I walked them up to go to bed, and I discovered Buzz Lightyear hanging from the doorknob by his arm with about 5 or 6 pipecleaners wrapped around him.  It cracks me up.


This is Superman.  I am sure you recognize him by his belt around his “waist.”  I guess if his arms are that far down that kind of has to be his waist, but still…….  This is pretty much the way he goes on all projects.  He gets it in his mind on how he’s going to do it, and then he goes.  He doesn’t really care if that’s what the directions are or not, that is his plan.  Don’t mess with my plan Mom.  And I don’t.  It’s not safe to.

So, that is Batman’s contribution to the Art Box this week.  Head on over to Nicole at Tired, Need Sleep to see some more kid led creations.  Truthfully I couldn’t come up with the things this boy comes up with.

stART: Sir Small and the Dragonfly

This is such a cute and fun book, and it let me do a craft I had been thinking of ever since I saw that dragonflies are the state insect for Washington.
Supplies: old-fashioned clothespin (also called a doll clothespin), coffee filter, washable markers,  2 pipe cleaners cut in half (I had to fight Batman off of these to have enough for the craft), googly eyes, scissors, and glue

Start off by coloring your clothespin and the coffee filter.  Superman totally covered every single square centimeter of his.  I don’t think it was possible to add another bit of color to it.


Next spray your coffee filter with a spray bottle full of water.  Your kids will be very excited if you let them do this.  Just watch them, or else they might do like Superman do and so completely and totally soak it that you can’t put together their dragonfly until it dries out some.

Hmmm, I tried to get a picture so you could see what I was talking about, but it didn’t turn out so good.   Basically, scrunch up the coffee filter at the “neck” of the clothespin, and use one of the pipe cleaners to twist around it and hold the wings in place.  Put the other pipe cleaners on the bottom and wrap the other around it.  Does this make sense?


Glue on the googly eyes, and you’ve got a super cute dragonfly.  You could also call this a butterfly.  Though, I’ve usually seen the butterfly version with the spring loaded clothespin.

In order of who made it: Batman, me, Princess, Superman’s is off somewhere probably chasing monsters.

Head on over to A Mommy’s Adventures to get more great book inspired ideas.
Oh, and extra points to whoever can tell me why these are not really dragonflies.
And one more day before I draw the winner of the CSN giveaway.

Clothespin Dolls

Supplies needed: old-fashioned clothespin, also called a peg pin; fabric (optional), matchsticks or pipe cleaners, markers, glue


1.  Let your kids have fun coloring away (Why don’t I close the blinds for these pictures?).  For this we used ordinary washable markers.


2.  Now let them have at your fabric scraps.  This is a perfect project to use up all those little bits that you hate to throw away.  Sadly, I had just started throwing all those littlle bits right before I started this, but oh well.

005 007
Okay, I just added those because I like those pictures of Superman and Princess.

3.  Start gluing away.  Princess is a firm believer in use the whole bottle on every project.

End Results:
018 010
Superman’s creation: Blue Arrow; and Batman’s creation: Superman, I kid you not
012 017
Mine: Princess Aurora (would have been better if I’d gotten yarn out); Princess: Batman, yes Batman wears pink in her world.

Hmmmm, I just noticed that while it’s looking just fine in Live Writer when I get to it being posted it gets all screwed up.  Must fiddle with this more.

the Art Box: painting and such stuff

pipe cleaner,kid craft

The boys continued to have fun with pipe cleaner creations. I think this is going to be the last of these for a while, because they’ve found all the ones I know of that I have.

play dough,kid craft

Here’s Princess’ description “She’s the bad guy (Jesse from Toy Story) and she trapped the baby and the kitten.” And I was corrected when I called her Jesse, “No Mommy, she’s a bad guy.”


I’m not sure if this is a self portrait or what it is, but either way she quite happily told me that is a girl.

art,Nursery Rhyme,painting

Batman happily told me “This is my monster. He is so big he eats people.”

math,math U See

They invented all sorts of stories with their blocks, sadly I can’t remember most of them. The kids happily told me all of it. Mainly I remember that the ones are “the guys,” and they used the hundreds board for the houses.

So, that’s our COOL art for the week. Most of this isn’t really planned projects, just stuff they found in our house that I didn’t get put away in time. Or let them do to occupy themselves while I worked with their brother or sister.

Insect Creations

insect,pipe cleaner,model magic
Supplies Needed: model magic, pipe cleaners, beads.  Truthfully whatever odds and ends you think the kids might enjoy putting in.

insect,pipe cleaner,model magic
1.  Cut pipe cleaners to about 2-3 inches.  Hint, don’t use your good scissors, this will ruin them.

2.  Roll 3 balls, this is your head thorax and abdomen.  Notice Superman decided his insect needed feet, and added them to the bottom of his legs.  I thought this was quite original, because I hadn’t thought of it.

insect,pipe cleaner,model magic
3.  Put beads on for eyes.  You have to mold the dough around them somewhat or else they fall out.

Oh, and I’ve been watching entirely too many crafting shows with my kids because they were all set to put our project in the oven and bake it like you do Sculpey…..

insect,pipe cleaner,model magic
4.  Stick the pipe cleaners in the abdomen for a proper insect.  And if you’re so inclined, like Princess was, give your insect a random extra leg on top of his back.

Now show off your insect and play with him.  Be careful because he won’t be properly dry for about a day.

insect,pipe cleaner,model magic

insect,pipe cleaner,model magic

And here’s the story Princess came up with for her insects, and the ones I made:  This is the Mommy, and that’s the Daddy, and that’s the kiddo.  Your kiddo is bad and she can’t play with my kiddo.  The Mommy is going to feed the baby.  He’s hungry.  The Mommy has lots of eggs.  These are the food (pointing to the extra beads and pipe cleaners), and the kiddo needs to eat the food.

Art Box: pipe cleaners and play dough

We didn’t do super a lot of sitting down and coloring and such like I had planned our first week back to school.  Mainly because we had 3 different play dates last week, so I did the bare necessities and the occasional art project.

Here’s the side effect of our art project.


Batman made a trap that he later declared an ornament and hung up on the tree I’m in the middle of taking down right now.

insect,pipe cleaner,model magic

 The collective work of all of us.  We made people and bugs (that’ll be a whole other post) and walking tables and food and eggs.  And, I really better go get the strawberry bars out of the oven before they burn.  Did you know it’s really hard to type with a 3 year old on your lap?


Another Batman creation.  He said this too was a trap for the bad guys.  He seems to be really into creating traps.

insect,pipe cleaner,model magic

And, I was happy as a clam when the boys were interested in putting the beads on pipe cleaners.  Princess did it as well, but apparently there’s no pictures.  I also got the fun of waking up to a pipe cleaner full of beads being shoved in my face as Princess said, “Mom, see what I made!”  I blinked at her a lot.

Hmph, I thought I had a wonderful picture of the playdough mosaic Princess made, but I apparently don’t.

So, that’s a whole thing of pipe cleaners all used up and three very happy kids.  For more great art creations head over to Tired, Need Sleep.