Yankee Doodle

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I was quite amused to find out the state song for Connecticut (Does anyone else think in their mind as they spell that state: Connect I cut?  Or is that just me?) is Yankee Doodle.  I rather like that song and it’s one of the few nursery rhyme archetypes we have in America (I have all sorts of amusing theories on the things we’ve created in America, that I might expound on someday).



But, getting back to what I was talking about.  So, we read the very cute story up above which has multiple extra verses written by Mary Ann Hoberman that do a great job with rhyming and letting my kids work on predicting the rhyme, which they need work on.  And lets the older kids work on creating their own rhymes.




So, after listening to the story they all got an index card, and set to work creating their own verse to Yankee Doodle.  I love the illustration Oldest E came up with (at some point I’ll have to come up with nicknames for the families joining us in these studies).  I won’t be the least bit surprised if she becomes an illustrator someday.




There’s Superman sharing his illustration.  After drawing they each  took turns sharing their rhymes and illustrations with everyone.




Here’s their rhymes:


Superman: Yankee Doodle stuck a feather in his hat and called it T-Rex.  He stuck another feather in his cap and called it macaroni.


Batman: Yankee Doodle stuck a feather in his cap and called it Pteranadon


Princess: Yankee Doodle went to town riding on a pony, stuck a feather in his cap and called it dog.


I love how much their drawings  and rhymes indicate their personality.  Don’t you just love their illustrations?

Some other Yankee Doodle activities, I really wanted to play the game:

Superheroes and Princesses

Adventures in Mommydom (part of our nursery rhyme book)

How Stuff works (a game)

Kiddos Create: 5 Little Kittens redo

Can I call a do-over?  So, you guys all saw our first attempt at the 3 Little Kittens…..  That’s also where you’ll find the printable.

Yeah, that didn’t turn out quite like I had planned, so we tried again, and it’s not super fancy or cool, but I can read the words, and the kids enjoyed it.
003 001 


There, that doesn’t feel so cooped up, now that I’ve moved this bottom one down.  I got the kids all excited by picking up a set of watercolor pencils.

If you’re not familiar with them, you draw just like normal pencils, and then you can get them damp with a wet paint brush and it looks like you painted.

Well, once the kids figured out they could use paint brushes afterwards they were all set to stop coloring right away and head right to the brush…….

And here’s the end results:

Here’s what it looks like in my ideal world…….  You know where the kids make sense and are perfect little creatures.


This is Batman’s, notice how the kids are all on top of each other.  That’s probably rather indicative of my house.  I have three wrestlers.


This is Superman’s, and I may be wrong on the boys.  I’d have to go back and look at the name on the books.  They covered up the parts that made them distinctive.  Superman took a long time drawing out his kitchen, and told me he had a spider table, and this is the oven, and all fo these great det004ails, and then he glued his people all over it.  It really cracked me up.
And here’s page two of the story.  Notice where he started adding the black.  I forget what he explained what it was.  I think that might be the smoke.

And then there was this horrible dragon attack, and I had to flee from Batman’s vicious pet dragon as he chased me through the kitchen, keeping me from taking any more useful pictures.

Finally the vicious dragon was subdued and put back on his leash.  And Batman was momentarily mollified.  And I emphasize momentarily.


Here is Princess’ proud work.  This is the best picture I could get thanks to a little monster, who shall remain nameless, let’s just say his name rhymes with Catman……..

And my picture session ended with the kids all climbing over each other to give me “jump hugs,” what’s that you ask?  Well, it’s where your child jumps at your from an average of three feet away with no warning expecting to be caught.  No really, that’s their plan.  And you wonder why we go to the ER so often.

And as a side note, we’ve been ER free for almost 3 weeks now.  And I tamed the savage pre-schoolers by promising I would finish writing this and then go chase them around the house.  So, I’m off to get some “exercise.”  Tag counts as exercise right?

So head on over to Mama Jenn, and see what others did this week with their kids for an art project.  I’d link up to Tired, Need Sleep but I don’t think this is quite free form enough.
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stART: Five Little Kittens

As I mentioned on Saturday, we read this super cute book The Five Little Kittens.  And that got me to thinking about our Nursery Rhyme book.   It’s sat long defunct, and I’ve missed doing the projects.  Bother, getting maudlin thinking of why I got derailed.  Okay, I remembered one of our earliest projects was a rendition of this, and I wanted to revisit it.


Supplies: printout, paint, sand or glitter (and yes, this project did remind me why I never use glitter).


And FYI, this did not turn out like I had hoped, but that’s my own fault for letting them do it however they wanted.




Let your kid have a hey day painting the pictures (can you see where it started to go wrong?).








Sprinkle sand on the wet paint.  This acts like glue and keeps the sand on the pictures, makes for a cool tactile feel.




And then in theory you cut out the pictures, and you have a super cute project.  IN reality, here’s what I got:


Lots and lots of paint blobs.  You can’t even really tell what the pictures were.  Oh well, I’ll try again next week, and post a revised version of it, hopefully with better results.


Three Little Kittens They Lost Their Mittens

And if you’re wondering who the boy cat is, that’s the Daddy cat, who Batman said I had to have.  Then Superman added he needed to wear a Superman shirt. 

For more great art and story ideas head on over to A Mommy’s Adventures to see all the great ideas.

Finally finished Little Boy Blue

It’s kind of sad it took this long.  But we got it all done.

To read about the first part of this project go here.  That also has material needed and a the blackline masters you need if you want to do the same one.

stART,nursery rhyme,paint,farm

First you cut out your pictures.  It is absolutely necessary that you cut it out in large blocks.  Or so I learned from my kids.

stART,nursery rhyme,paint,farm

Now use LARGE amounts of glue to get everything on the paper.  Then complain when Mom says you have to put on the words.

stART,nursery rhyme,paint,farm

Cut yarn, actually this time I used embroidery floss, and think I will from now on for projects I want specific colors.  Then it’s 20 cents for a skein, and it doesn’t take up as much space.

stART,nursery rhyme,paint,farm

I just love the studious look on her face.  Actually, I think that’s because she’s trying to figure out how to put back together the paper that tore from too much glue.  But, we’ll pretend it’s because she’s being serious.

stART,nursery rhyme,paint,farm

Now shred a bunch of cotton balls and glue them on the sheep.  This and cutting the yarn for the haystack was the favorite part of today’s part of the project.  Hmmmmm, that might have been a little bit of a convoluted sentence.

And here’s the finished projects:

stART,nursery rhyme,paint,farm
Mine, I’d like to claim my kids are these amazing artists…… but, then I’d by lying.

stART,nursery rhyme,paint,farm
I think this is Batman’s.  Yep, looks right when I compare the picture at the top of Batman with this.  So, this is Batman’s project.

And apparently I don’t have a picture of Superman or Princess’ completed projects.  Weird.

stART,nursery rhyme,paint,farm

And is it just me, or do I look like a chipmunk in this picture?  Superman loves to take pictures with my camera, and this is one of the more normal ones.  Really, he takes unusual pictures.

Okay, I no longer have a kid napping in my room, PRINCESS GOT HER CASTS OFF!  So, I’m off to take a bath.

I’ll post about the cast taking off process later today once I’ve uploaded the pictures.  It was really interesting to see.

stART: Little Boy Blue

I’m so glad to be getting back to creating Nursery Rhyme projects.  You have no idea how happy this makes me.

Supplies needed: printout below, watercolors, poster paint, manila paper or whatever you’ll be putting this on, glue, scissors, yarn, cotton balls

Little Boy Blue

At the time I’ve started writing this we haven’t completely finished it…….  We’ll see if that changes after nap.

art,Nursery Rhyme,painting

1.  Paint the pictures from the printout with watercolor.  Okay, so you could just do crayons or some other such, but I wanted to do water colors that day.  Poor Princess, really is not happy here, is she?  She so needed a nap at that point.

art,Nursery Rhyme,painting

art,Nursery Rhyme,painting

2.  Paint the background you’ll be gluing the pictures on.  I drew an outline of the haystack to paint, and a line to delineate the sky and the grass.  Wow, poor Princess really is not having a good day here, is she?  She was mad at me because I told her she couldn’t use pink paint.  I’m so mean.

art,Nursery Rhyme,painting

As you can see, Superman really started to get into this.

art,Nursery Rhyme,painting

Eventually Princess solved her dilemma by deciding she was going to paint her hand instead.

art,Nursery Rhyme,painting

And here’s the abandoned project while they take naps and it dries waiting for the next step.  This will all too soon not look so peaceful.

I’ll finish this post when we finish the project……..  And besides my music is done so that’s my cue to clean my hopelessly messy kitchen.

Oops, I meant to schedule this for tomorrow.  This is what happens when you hurriedly hit publish…..  That and I originally forgot to put in the printouts.  Now I’ve done that.

Nursery Rhyme: Diddle Diddle Dumpling

I’ve had this one stuck in my head for a while, so I figured to make it with the kids to help with it being stuck there.

That didn’t work, especially since for some reason I printed up a slightly different version from what’s stuck in my head. Why did I do this? I have no idea.

Supplies: printout, coloring supplies, glue, extra: fabric for a blanket (we didn’t do this because of time constraints)

Diddle Diddle Dumpling My Son John


1. Color your pictures. This takes immense concentration, do not ask me questions right now Mommy!


2. Cut it out. Notice the matching bandaids on my sons’ heads. We are now at 1.5 weeks from a major head injury. Three weeks from last ER visit.


3. Then decide that he needs another bed. I’m not quite sure why. All three of them decided there was something else needed.

4. If you want glue a blanket to the bottom of the bed, so you can make his bed. We didn’t do this.

Not a particularly inspiring post, but it was fun and easy and the kids enjoyed it. Next week we make pumpkin nursery rhymes. I actually have a couple of projects planned (including one I just thought of as I’m sitting here)

Humpty Dumpty

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for SpellQuizzer!

Okay, so I’m trying out Flickr for my photos, so here goes:

Supplies needed: Nursery Rhyme book, printouts (print Humpty on cardstock, if he’s going to fall), brad, construction paper,

Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall

1. Print out the printouts.



2. Color. That’s super duper easy. Of course it becomes harder if you color it so much with the markers that it doesn’t really cut so much as tear, but that’s another problem.

Cutting out

3. Start cutting it out. Once you’re doing that discover that paper that is soaked in marker does not cut well. Cry to Mom, who of course can solve every problem known to man. That’s what my kids honestly believe.

4. While they’re busy cutting out the other pieces give them a piece of construction paper for the wall. Tell them to cut it in half. Watch in dismay as Princess creates confetti. Oh well, I guess Humpty can just fall. Oh, and then realize you didn’t bring down construction paper for yourself, so grab a handy napkin and cut that in half. It works somewhat as a wall. Sure it’s kind of see through, but it works. Just keep repeating that to yourself.

5. Now grab Humpty and poke a hole through him and the wall with the brad. Sorry no pictures of this process, I was too busy trying to keep the mad gluers from glueing down everything in sight.

6. First glue the words on the top of the page. One verse per page. Now glue down the wall, then the various soldiers, kids, and horse. Like I said I had the mad gluers, so no pictures.


7. Do you see the crazy stowaway, who was hiding in the midst of the project? O-Mite got himself shut up in the book for the weekend, and I barely found him this morning.

Now check out these cool projects:

Official Mommy version, notice the napkin wall, quite nice looking.

Batman’s green. He’s in a green phase, this caused problem this morning while playing with puzzles, but it makes for easy identification of who drew what.

princess dumpty
Princess worked very hard on hers, and had a very distinct vision, it had very little to do with what I was doing. I dread her teenage years.

Superman added a bit more color, and as you can see there’s our little stowaway. He hides well.

Here’s a link to our original Humpty Dumpty. I think the original turned out cuter because of the larger page size, but my kids are happy enough with their new ones, so I’m not going to complain.

Linked to We Made it Friday. (link will go live Friday)

Hickory Dickory Dock

Materials needed: printout, art supplies, fun foam or construction paper, yarn, glue, hole punch

Hickory Dickory Dock

1. Print it out and gather everything.


2. Color, of course a grandfather clock is green. Cut it out and glue it down. Make sure to use half a bottle of glue, otherwise it might not stick.


3. Take your fun foam or construction paper. Cut out a tear drop shape. I drew it on the paper and let the kids cut it out. Doesn’t her shiner look painful? A great object lesson, in following directions. When Mom says not to play in the closet and climb on the ladder, she really did mean not to. Of course she did, and so she got to be cuddled and held for a good 30 minutes after bedtime. I think she planned it all as a way to stay up late.

4. Hole punch the mouse and tie a piece of yarn in it. If you want to be able to move the mouse, then cut a piece of yarn about 12 inches, otherwise let your kid decide. If making a movable mouse, get a piece of paper or something to use to glue the yarn down. Otherwise, glue the mouse down.

5. Now have fun reciting the rhyme and acting it out.

The nice “pretty” Mommy version. I figure if I make my own, then I don’t freak out as much, when they don’t do it how I want it to look. It’s a workable theory.

Superman’s, his is probably the closest to “my vision.”

Princess didn’t even want a tail.

And here is Batman’s. He was very particular, his mouse is a Batman mouse, and he drew Batman on there. AND, I cut his tail “TOO long Mommy,” so he sat there trimming away at the tail until he had it just right and glued it down with authority. Don’t change my mouse!

For those who are curious, this is our first version of Hickory Dickory Dock, made before I decided to let the kids each make their own and have more control over it. Those projects were a lot more impromptu then now because I was usually sketching the pictures right before they colored them. As opposed to now, when it’s at least 5 minutes ahead of time, so I have time to copy and scan it all.

A super cute book that goes really well with this rhyme is The Completed Hickory Dickory Dock, I picked it up on a whim from Half Price one day, and it’s a favorite here now.

Linked up to We Made It Friday!

Nursery Rhyme: apple

After the fiasco of last week I decided to step back and go for super simple. It may not be quite as satisfying to me, but this way the kids and I aren’t butting heads.

Way Up High in the Apple Tree

This one is super duper easy.

1. Cut out the poem first and glue it to the top of your page. I’m working on the kids noticing that book pages go in a certain order, and they should glue the next poem on the next page. They didn’t care. They just glued it down randomly. So, we’ll have a blank page or two, and that’s okay.

2. Color the tree and it’s leaves. Of course the more color you put on the tree the better? Right…… Okay, so that’s my kid’s belief. Notice Superman actually did a pretty good job keeping in the lines.

3. Now cut out the tree and the leaves, and glue them together.

4. Now for the fun part. Get a small bit of red paint. Stick your finger in it, and put 3 dots on the tree for the three apples.

Super cute, and super easy. Of course I had to do Superman’s apples, because he’s on a whole don’t touch the paint kick, but aside from that, it went well.

For more great crafts go to

Hey Diddle Diddle!

The Cow jumped over the MOON!

See, it relates to our theme for the week…….

Supplies needed as we did it: paint, printout, your nursery rhyme book, brad, glue, markers (or crayons), fun foam or construction paper

Supplies for a simple version: printout, glue, markers, construction paper

Here’s what we did, this is a multi-step project, so be prepared to take breaks.

Put a big glob of green paint at the bottom and blue at the top. Spread all over with your fingers.

Then when your child refuses to touch the paint with his hands, and just sits there and pouts, spread his paint around. Try not to grumble to yourself too much about silly boys.

Then think calming thoughts after your son ignores your directions and closes the book with the paint wet. Admit after you’ve calmed down that it really does look kind of cool. Then your other two children will think it looks cool, and do the same thing. Remember, this is their project, repeat that over and over in your head as they giggle hilariously.

Have very disappointed kids when you tell them, no they are not going to take a bath, but instead will just wash their hands.

Now wait a long time for the paint to dry, because Princess needed half a bottle of paint on that paper. In reality, we came back to the project in the afternoon.

Come back and color the printouts. Notice how much happier Superman is now that he’s had a good nap?

Cut out and glue on. In the ideal world, all of the characters are put on the grass on the same side of the page, and the kids glue the words on another page. In Batman’s world they go where ever he wants, and he took particularly nasty delight in breaking up the dish and the spoon.

While the kids are excitedly cutting and gluing like crazy cut a quick little circle out of the yellow construction paper or fun foam. Cut out the cow and leave a little stick underneath him. Poke the brad through the cow and the moon, and then glue the moon on the page.

Here’s our completed versions:

Notice Superman’s doesn’t have a brad, becaue he decided he didn’t want his cow to move.

Princess doesn’t have a discernable sky or grass, because she was too busy having fun with the paint. Oh and the moon is lower than the rest of the stuff.

Batman probably has the closest to what I envisioned, but not really. Sigh, this is what happens when the kids direct the art.

For the simple version: Color the pictures, glue the words on one side of the page, and glue the pictures on the other. Cut out a moon and glue it down.

Hey Diddle Diddle

I’d recommend printing out the cow on cardstock for durability, that’s what I did for us.

This is our project for Open-Ended Art Mixed Media. It may not be completely open-ended because there was a sort of plan, but I let them lead the way with a little guidance.
And for more great crafts go check out We Made it Friday!