New Jersey state study


As you can see there’s not a lot in the book itself, but there is some stuff (including the Valley Forge page, which I’ve since learned should be in Pennsylvania……).

horse NJ


State animal: horse.  Princess was so happy.



New Jersey


And my usual state symbol page.  The kids were amused at some of the symbols, but mostly they liked the dinosaur.


I need to start a graph of how many different states have bee as their state insect.


Thomas Edison– you have to click on the link to get the full idea, but his lab was here, and he made a LOT of inventions.

The paper with his name on it has a picture of three of his inventions.



Other activities not pictured, or that we didn’t get done:


Dinosaur dig– in honor of the first dinosaur nearly complete dinosaur that was found in New Jersey.

My kids still try to get out their bags of pieces from time to time…….




Blueberries– Wildly popular book series (okay in my house, it’s out of print in reality) about two Polar Bears trying to steal blueberry muffins.  One of the things New Jersey is known for.


Diners- New Jersey has the most diners per capita of any other state I found some cute books, one of which called Minnie’s Diner, totally recommend that one, and it was going to be a great math multiplication activity.  It just never happened.  Seriously, I had to recheck that book about 2 times. Widgets

I’m going to share this at some of my favorite blogs: Homeschool Creations, Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn, and Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns.   And coming in a few hours, Georgia. 


Science Sunday: Thomas Edison

Science Sunday


Does anyone else confuse Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein in their heads?  I know they’re two completely separate people, but I keep confusing their names.



I did something a little different for this exercise.  I gave complete control to one of the older kids, and she taught the entire lesson on Edison.  She pulled out things I wouldn’t have thought of, and she copied pictures of the different things he invented and then cut out one for each kiddo to have.



And then she said, “Thomas Edison never looked at something without trying to improve it.” Then she split them up into groups and gave them each a common item to improve.

The items were: a jar, a spoon, a tea cup, and an eraser.


So, they brainstormed for a while, and then presented their improvements.  I was amused by all of them, but for your sake am only going to show you two of the pairings, the one that includes Batman, and the one that includes Princess (mainly because Princess cracks me up as Boy E is trying to talk).

stART: Irving and Muktuk

You had to know with my kids’ rave reviews of this series that we’d do a stART project, and we did.


And, it’s related to New Jersey.  While I was busy doing my research of New Jersey, which I’ll admit most of my knowledge prior to this was: 1.  It’s called the Garden State, and 2.  Everyone jokes that it’s not kinda scuzzy.  Since my main memories of it are pretty much driving on a toll road, while traveling through, and that over 20 years ago.  I can’t really comment much.


Oh wait, before I start my synopsis let me come back up here and finish my thought (this would be where Jeff would say, “Finish your sentence,” as I’d stopped in mid-sentence and completely started something different).


See New Jersey is the blueberry muffin capital of the United States, or something along those lines.


Synopsis: Irving and Muktuk are two bears who love blueberry muffins.  They keep trying to trick the town into giving them all of their blueberry muffins, and the local sheriff keeps catching them.



After reading them the story they were each given a peg doll to color as either Irving or Muktuk and how he was going to trick them into giving them a blueberry muffin.




Here’s Superman’s.  Superman’s is a soldier.  His soldier will order them to give him the muffins.


Princess’ bear morphed into whatever disguise the most person said theirs was.  It was really rather amusing…….

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Science Sunday: New Jersey dinosaur dig

In researching the state of New Jersey I found out it was the site of the first nearly complete dinosaur skeleton, it was just missing a skull.

Haddonfield, New Jersey was the site of the dig, and so that is how the hadrosaurus was named.  I was all excited and was going to make that our animal for New Jersey, but apparently we don’t know all that much about it.  Mainly because there is no skull found for one, which is leading to a lot of theories that this may not be a separate species.  Now, the state of New Jersey is not going along with that theory.

So, in honor of this being the site of the first dinosaur dig I decided to have our own dinosaur dig, you know with 11 kids crowded around my dining room table.  I searched my Evernote to find ideas, and all of them took a lot more time to prepare (because of course I decided to do this the night before).


Finally, success!  I had clipped a blog post by Monkeyin’ Around that was perfect (scroll about halfway down to find the idea). Widgets


When they all got there we first read “Digging Up Dinosaurs,” which I knew from past experience would be perfect for this.  As a caveat it does say millions and millions of years ago and all of the other evolutionary stuff, but I just said, “A long time ago,” (in a galaxy far far away).


Each kid got a small tub filled with rice and a pasta shell, about 10-15 penne pasta, 4 macaroni noodles, and 10-15 orzo noodles.


Their job was to dig through the pasta and put together a dinosaur skeleton.


Let me just say this activity was a HIT with all of the kids from the 11 year old girl to my 4 year.



All of the kids asked to take home their rice and pasta mixture, so I gave them bags to put it in.


I will warn you this does require sweeping up afterwards or a good vacuum.  If I’d planned better I would have used bigger tubs and less rice, but I didn’t think ahead super well, and these were the size tubs we had.


So, not a perfect project, but really fun.