Great books about birds, nests, and animal homes Widgets

The Best Nest– I really liked this book. It’s cute and was a great story. It tells of how all the different birds learned to build their nests and why each nest is built that way.

Crinkleroot’s Guide to Animal Habitats– this was the hit of the week, we read it several times and enjoyed searching the pages to find the different animals.

Magic School Bus Flies from the Nest– this was a little stilted, and the kids didn’t really enjoy it. They did have fun pointing out the stuff that couldn’t really happen.

Is My Friend at Home?– I really didn’t like this one. The stories were not appropriate for preschoolers. In one of them Rabbit says he cut off his ears to serve it to his friend for stew, and so his friend goes home and really does cut off his ears to cook them. It totally went over the kids’ heads, and I do tend to enjoy this type of story, but this one wasn’t my favorite.

Dragon Egg- this also was a learn to read book like the Magic School Bus, but this one was actually a lot smoother and more enjoyable.

How Animals Care for Their Babies– I had this book as a kid, so when I saw it at the library I had to get it. The kids liked it okay, and really enjoyed talking about the different animals.

Oh, and one I forgot to read with the kids that would have fit in well: “Are You My Mother?

Oh and we also read “A House is a House for Me.” It’s super cute and while the kids weren’t super into it, I can see lots of potential for it. And there is so much detail in the pictures to look for.

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How to Make a Nest

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So we read the book The Best Nest. And afterwards we made a nest, and now I’ll show you how.

Supplies: yarn, glue, bowl, saran wrap

1. Pour the entire bottle of glue in a bowl add a little water to water it down and mix it together.

2. Cut up lots of yarn into little pieces.


3. Cover the bowl in saran wrap. Photo courtesy of Superman


4. Now grab a piece of yarn and dip it on the glue mixture. Then drape it over the bowl. Just keep repeating this until you have a lot of yarn all over. Try to spread the yarn into different places.


After about 5 pieces of yarn Superman decided he just was not going to do this anymore. Instead he appointed himself as the cutter of yarn. This suited Batman and Princess just fine because they were busy arguing over the yarn.

All in all, I’m not sure if this was the greatest craft in the world. While 2 of my 3 kids really loved it, their patience level to wait for the yarn to dry was non-existent. By the time the yarn had dried (2 days later) they had completely forgotten about the nests.

Oh well, live and learn. This did suit my glue maniacs just fine. And we did use up every bit of that bottle of glue.

So, we made turtle yesterday and since in the book we read turtles had nests they of course all suddenly remembered about their nests and had to put their turtles in the nests. And, ummmm, well I’d thrown away Supermans because it wasn’t really a nest, just 5 pieces of yarn. So, he made a new one. Actually he started a new one, and then Batman and he worked out a deal where Batman got to make a new one, and he got Batman’s old one. Sigh. That’ll teach me to throw out something.

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Humpty Dumpty

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Okay, so I’m trying out Flickr for my photos, so here goes:

Supplies needed: Nursery Rhyme book, printouts (print Humpty on cardstock, if he’s going to fall), brad, construction paper,

Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall

1. Print out the printouts.



2. Color. That’s super duper easy. Of course it becomes harder if you color it so much with the markers that it doesn’t really cut so much as tear, but that’s another problem.

Cutting out

3. Start cutting it out. Once you’re doing that discover that paper that is soaked in marker does not cut well. Cry to Mom, who of course can solve every problem known to man. That’s what my kids honestly believe.

4. While they’re busy cutting out the other pieces give them a piece of construction paper for the wall. Tell them to cut it in half. Watch in dismay as Princess creates confetti. Oh well, I guess Humpty can just fall. Oh, and then realize you didn’t bring down construction paper for yourself, so grab a handy napkin and cut that in half. It works somewhat as a wall. Sure it’s kind of see through, but it works. Just keep repeating that to yourself.

5. Now grab Humpty and poke a hole through him and the wall with the brad. Sorry no pictures of this process, I was too busy trying to keep the mad gluers from glueing down everything in sight.

6. First glue the words on the top of the page. One verse per page. Now glue down the wall, then the various soldiers, kids, and horse. Like I said I had the mad gluers, so no pictures.


7. Do you see the crazy stowaway, who was hiding in the midst of the project? O-Mite got himself shut up in the book for the weekend, and I barely found him this morning.

Now check out these cool projects:

Official Mommy version, notice the napkin wall, quite nice looking.

Batman’s green. He’s in a green phase, this caused problem this morning while playing with puzzles, but it makes for easy identification of who drew what.

princess dumpty
Princess worked very hard on hers, and had a very distinct vision, it had very little to do with what I was doing. I dread her teenage years.

Superman added a bit more color, and as you can see there’s our little stowaway. He hides well.

Here’s a link to our original Humpty Dumpty. I think the original turned out cuter because of the larger page size, but my kids are happy enough with their new ones, so I’m not going to complain.

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