Preschool Corner: Insects

I’m happily sitting out here in the family room on my lap top as the kids are painting the first step in our art project.  So, this may not be the cogent post, but I like this idea of how to get my post written and still be here with the kids.

Hmph, it’s randomly decided not to let me uncenter the text.  I just wanted to show these two comics I saw today because they amused me greatly.
We continued with Progressive Phonics.  The kids have gotten through the first few pages, and we’re mainly doing a lot of rereading it because they really can use the practice.  So far they’re hit and miss on it.  They enjoy sitting with me and reading the words by themselves, but they don’t do as well when it’s actually in the story.
We read lots of books this week.  There was no particular favorite, but we did work on predicting.  It amuses me their different answers, sometimes they’ll try to predict, but more often than not they’ll say “I don’t know,” or “turn the page.

Hey, it randomly stopped being centered…….  And now the kids are happily sitting in the bath tub, okay not so happily as Princess is kicking her brothers.  All too soon we’re not going to be able to have them take baths together, but right now they’re enjoying it immensely.

We did a lot of counting with our costume magnets.  These are still a big hit here, and they love playing with them and counting them.  Of course we continue our calendar, but I’ve left off having them do stickers to count the days of school.  They were really starting to hate that, and in a few weeks I plan to have them making the number with our new Math U See manipulatives (once we reach that lesson in the curriculum, at the rate we’re flying through the first few lessons I’m sure that will be soon).  I’d link over to their website, but I’m feeling lazy right now.  I’m sure I’ll go back and fix it when I’m not on the lap top.


insect,pipe cleaner,model magic

Bet you were beginning to think I wouldn’t have a picture this post weren’t you?  We did two things to emphasize the different parts of insects.  We played cootie, to read more about how we made this a learning activity go here.  And we made our own insects, both activities were wildly popular here.


Sadly the activity I wanted to do wasn’t possible because of uncooperative weather, so that didn’t really happen.


insect,pipe cleaner,model magic

Art this week was mostly a random conglamelation hodge podge of stuff.  The kids had lots of fun expanding on my few planned art projects, and I think that’s probably going to be the way of things for a while.  But the kids seem to like that so all is well.

The bath water is slightly green now from all of the paint that has come off of them, and Princess is way tired beyond expressing.  She’s laying on my bed crying in sheer exhaustion, so I’m gong to go cuddle her for a little bit while the boys finish their bath.

I’ll go back later and find the link to link up to Homeschool Creations when I link my post up.

And, now as my postscript, all the kids are blissfully upstairs in their beds, pretending to be asleep.  I’m going to get my posts for next week planned out.  I’m thinking with Princess’ surgery it’s going to be a hectic week.

Science Sunday: Insects

I saw this game in the clearance area of Target for their Christmas stuff.  They also had this at Halloween, and I’m sure I’ll see it again at Valentine’s Day.  They were touting it as “a great option to giving your kid another sugary treat,” I was looking at it as a great learning activity.

One of the things I wanted the kids to learn about insects is that an insect has three body parts: head, thorax, and abdomen.  This game was perfect for teaching this.

Rules as we played:  Roll the dice and say what body part you rolled.  Then you grab the part you rolled and first person to finish their bug wins.  We kept playing once the first two were done building, and did it as you could keep switching.  On the dice there’s a lose a piece side and a roll again side.  So, they also got to practice their gracefully losing skill.

The traditional cootie game works really well for emphasizing the other feature of insects that all insects have: antennae and 6 legs.  It doesn’t work as well for the body parts because it’s segmented into two parts.

I loved that because of playing this my kids are now quite sure that spiders are not insects.  Spiders have 8 legs and only 2 body parts.

So, that was our game.  For the idea I’m going to spotlight is one I saw last summer, and was originally going to try with this unit, but it just didn’t come to fruition.

My Family, My Forever–  So, I just skip past the nasty little mealworms, because those gross me out.  But, I loved the cricket experiment.  My kids would have loved it too.

So, that’s our science for the week.  Not super fancy, but sometimes that’s the best type of science, besides it’s so cute to see my little three year old saying “abdomen,” seriously, it’s cute.

For more about Science Sunday and participating go here.

Preschool: Us


Hah! I finally remembered to put the button on. I decided to actually make a document to save all of the buttons I should use on a regular basis in it, so I can just go there and copy it. Hopefully that’ll help me get these things better.

I’m decided to slow down on trying to get them blending. I’m going to keep showing it to them, but not push it as much.

I’m also going to do it more like I did back when I was teaching, this worked really well with my class and was popular, so I’m going to do this rather than, giving the kids a word and saying sound it out.

Here’s what we’re doing. I give them a pile of 6 or so letters. Then I say a word, “cat,” and together we figure out what letters are in cat. Much more popular.


We continue our Nursery Rhyme book. After we’d put our project together i had them find all of the “d” they could find. And no, you can’t find R or W or whatever other random letter you want to find. Today, we’re just looking for D!

I might of had to say that a few times.


We also played this game….. I’ve saved milk bottle caps for months, with lots of not so subtle hints from my husband to “do something with them.” Well, I finally did. I wrote the 4 sight words to work on for this week, words that are about “us,” our letter being U….. We put them in a bag, and they took turns pulling out a word. If they could read it they kept it, if not they put it back in the bag. There was also a bottle cap that said milk, if you got that one, you had to put back all of your caps.

I think they might have done better with more practice on the words first, but they enjoyed it.


The big hit of the week:

Magnet Math- I already wrote a bunch about this here, but we’ve repeated this activity a bunch of times since then.


We also continued to count days of school and days of the month. I made a break through on our days of school book, when I made a template for it, and they had to put one sticker in each square that didn’t have an X in it. This works much better than them randomly sticking them on and saying “Mom, do I have enough yet.” Of course it loses the charm of the random placement…..

And, notice lightsabers make great pointers.

Social Studies


We finally got to continue with Me on the Map, and made a map of our upstairs. Next step to make a map of the downstairs on the opposite side of the poster.


I also finally got our US map put together. I found an old bulletin board that had been in the sewing room, and glued the map on it. We’ve spent a lot of time reveiwing where Texas is each morning. Okay, really a lot is like one or two minutes a day. But, they now know they’re from Texas, and can sometimes find Texas on the map. They know their cousins who visited last week are from Colorado.



We learned about bones, a lot about bones. They were more interested in that than anything else we might have done. So we played bone games and looked at chicken bones. To read a lot more about this go here.


And we found this guy in our front yard.


Okay, so I know praying mantis are cannibals and all, but still they look cool. And besides they eat “bad bugs,” so in my book that makes this a “good bug.” Which sadly is what my kids call pill bugs, good bugs……



I don’t usually include this, not because we don’t do it, but because I don’t usually have pictures, and it seems kind of silly to just keep repeating: we read Bible stories, this week we read more about Joseph. But, the thing I think is SUPER cool, my kids ask to do Bible study, and they get disappointed if we tell them no. So, we go through it at a random rate. One week, we don’t do all that much, and the next we do lots and lots.


This week we ate ice cream and talked about how Joseph was nice to his brothers even after they’d been mean to him.


MOST COMMON QUESTION IN OUR HOUSE: Princess, where are your clothes?

Her answer: “They were wet.” That’s all the explanation we get, just they’re wet. I’ll find them later and I can’t find where they were wet.

I just keep repeating to myself, “She will outgrow this, she will outgrow this.”



They had lots of fun watching me make their Halloween costumes, I still have to finish Princess’, I left hers for last because I got her first costume mostly done and she changed her mind. I’ll hopefully get a post up about this.

Princess got a new stepstool for her room. Here’s how the construction went once she woke up.

Me: Don’t touch the blanket, there’s wet paint.
She then proceeds to sit right next to the edge of the blanket, and loses her balance falling onto the blanket.

Me: No, you can’t touch the blanket.
She looks at me with pouty eyes, and then proceeds to roll around the floor around the blanket. Never quite touching the blanket…… That girl.


We played at the park, and Mommy learned lots of patience, and then more patience, and then yet more…….. Why did they insist on hanging on me, when there was an entire park to hang off of?


Camera phone picture, I am occasionally a nice Mommy and do carry her. Sometimes….

Science Sunday

I really have to sit down and figure out how to make a button. I’m thinking that might happen after Halloween. I still have to make Princess’ costume, and a couple of other projects.

So, this past week we were studying “All About Us.” I was all set to do a bunch of experiments about the five senses, when I discovered my kids had absolutely zero interest in this.


What did they want to learn about? Bones. More bones, what do bones do, why do we have bones, where are our bones, who else has bones….. And then more about this.

Luckily, some of the books I’d checked out from the library covered some of the stuff they were wanting to talk about. So, we read a few books, and then talked about our bones and how we’re put together. Now comes the two fun parts.

First experiment, this is what made me decide no more senses.

Materials: blindfold, something that makes noise, we used a couple of pencils.


1. Blindfold your child. This is what they really hated, I didn’t think about how hard it would be for them to be blindfolded.


2. Have another child make noise.

3. The blindfolded child then points to where the noise is coming from. Further variations are to have them cover one ear, and try to decide if it’s easier to find where the noise is coming from with one ear or two (if they’ve done it right, it’s easier with two, but kids aren’t that good at covering their ears)*

*except when they don’t want to hear something, then they’re very very good.

This next one is a game I found.


Skeletons in the Closet– This is set up for four players. There are several different levels, my kids just did the below easiest level of spinning the spinner and getting the pieces they needed to finish putting the skeleton together. (Sigh, my copy was much more expensive at the silly teacher supply store)

Truthfully, my kids are not ready for this game. They don’t have the dexterity to put the skeleton together on their own, and they don’t really have any clue how you’re supposed to play it. That being said, they LOVED it. After they finished putting the skeletons together and learning that you have to play carefully with them. They had a lot of fun playing with the different pieces and moving their skeletons.

The actual experiment……. Yeah, you’re probably going to be grossed out by this.

Those of you with a weak stomach stop reading now…..

Have I peaked your curiosity yet? I know as soon as I’m told to stop reading I keep reading.

We studied a whole chicken. I went to the store and got a whole chicken to cook for dinner, and thought this would make a great science experiment. Not a whole lot of pictures because I didn’t want to get the chicken gunk all over my camera.

Oh, and for those who are worried about any germs or contanimation, after each step we used hand sanitizer.


First we touched the skin, and talked about how our bodies are covered in skin, and how our skin protects us.


Then we removed the skin and touched the muscles, and talked about how we use our muscles to move. (When I post what we read this week, I’ll have some great books for this age range on this subject).

Finally, we felt the bones on the inside, and felt some of the bones on ourselves. If you’re ridiculously skinny like my kids are, you can feel your rib bones.

And anyone who thinks I’m starving my kids didn’t see how much Batman ate tonight….. He ate 3 helpings of steak, salad, and noodles. By the end he had eaten more than me.

I’m scared of my grocery bill when these kids become teenagers. I’m taking donations now…..

I can’t wait to see what else people have done. Some of my upcoming themes are going to be harder to find definite hands on ways to cover science. So, I’m hoping to get more ideas.

Preschol Corner: Octopus and Ocean

So, the curriculum calls for just octopus in 3 weeks, but we had so many things we wanted to learn more about from our week in Galveston, so we decided to move up our ocean animal study and do it now.


O is for Octopus and Ocean.

Language Arts

We continued to work on blending, after our amazing success from 2 weeks ago with Superman getting it really fast, he was just not wanting to and was goofing off. I’m trying to figure out what the fine line is there. Because I want him to learn that there are times it’s not okay to goof off, but I also don’t want to squash his love of learning.


The kids had lots of fun “writing” their very own ocean animals book. I got some interesting facts that they dictated to me. Very interesting…….

We worked on handwriting a little with prehandwriting skills from Learning Page. This is also what we used for our math skills this week.

With all of the art projects we were doing for science I opted to not have the kids do a nursery rhyme/poem this week. It just seemed like then I was doing it for the sake of an activity rather than learning.


We did lots of counting and we did some sorting into groups, does this belong, why or why not.

Social Studies

To get ready for our next step of “Me on the Map,” I had them running all over taking pictures of the rooms upstairs. Which of course meant lots of pictures like this:


Or this:


Princess hasn’t quite mastered the art of turning the camera around to face the right way. So, I get lots of pictures of her nostrils or her left eye…….

I’ve finally tracked down a map of our house, that’s why this next step has taken so long. I couldn’t find the house plans, and I REALLY didn’t want to draw it out by myself.


We also continued to talk about our visiting flat friends. I need to make books about these guys, so my kids can learn about where they’re from. Sigh, more things to do.



So……. We read a lot of books about fish and such this week. We then took what we learned and made it into our very own Ocean Animals Book.


They also got to take their first stab at making observations on something. Which was really rather hilarious. Their level of observation right now is mainly limited to textures, but after reading the Starfish book they did right away run to their Starfish fight over who got to look through the magnifying glass and try to find the stomach on the bottom. So, progress.

Life School

I think I’ll make this a regular part of what I talk about, because I’ve figured out a lot of my teaching style is capitalizing on what we’re doing right now. So, here’s what we learned about from life.


If you get too much rain your backyard floods.




That we do still occasionally need to nap. I especially was laughing when Superman fell asleep on my lap (see top sleeping picture). He slept there for a good hour plus, as my legs slowly feel to sleep, and I kept thinking of all the things I needed to get done, but wasn’t.


That flat friends like to learn too. And, you can’t always have the crayon you want (poor Princess).


How much getting to drink tea means to my kids. Our tradition is to drink tea and have cheese, crackers, sausage, fruit, and the occasional cookies for lunch after church. I get to use my nice fancy Mother’s Day present and we drink tea, and the kids get to use real tea cups. It makes them SOOOOOOOOOO happy, and they ask to do it all the time. So, as a special treat, since we couldn’t go outside to play, they got to have tea for lunch with just Mommy.


Princess continues to learn patience. She’s really not very good at this.


Superman got to go with me all by himself to a local fair to promote community businesses. He loved picking up all sorts of prizes to share.


And we made playdough cookies. I’ll hopefully get a chance to write a post with the recipe tomorrow.

Ocean and Octopus books

<A HREF=””> Widgets</A>

Rainbow Fish-I think this book first came out when I was in high school and it made the rounds of the soon to be teachers and we all loved it as a great book about sharing. I’ve heard some people look at it as a “way to buy friends,” but I think there’s a lot of potentially great lessons in there. This is a popular book and we’ve read it several times.

Rainbow Fish and the Tattle Tale; Copycat Fish– both of these are part of the “continuing Rainbow Fish” Adventures. I don’t quite see how it fits in with the continuity of Rainbow Fish (and yes I do realize I’m giving it a lot more credit than they probably thought about), but in these Rainbow Fish is a kid and he goes through the typical little kid problems. They’re fun short reads and can help if you’re having a problem with tattling, or lying, or fill in the problem (I have 3 or 4 in this series, I think).

A House for a Hermit Crab– A cute book about how a hermit crab goes around and builds his house. It progresses through the months of the year, and with each month he adds something to his house, and finally at the end of the year he moves on to a new house. For those of you El-Ed majors, this is a marginal example of a circle book, it ends the same way it begins (there are a a few minor differences, that’s why it’s marginal). This was quite popular, and I think I read it 3 times in a row before they let me stop reading it.

Swimmy– this is a great book for talking about working together. Swimmy is a black fish in a sea of red fish, and the big fish always pick on them. They must solve a problem of how to work together. Truthfully, we read this one a while ago, and I don’t remember their reaction to it, but I love it, so I decided to include it here.

Fish Faces– this one might be nonfiction, all in how you look at it. I think the call number was nonfiction. but, it’s pictures of different fish faces, and you decide how the fish are feeling. This is super cute and the kids loved looking at the different faces and guessing how the fish felt.

<A HREF=””> Widgets</A>

So, all of these we read before we worked on our Ocean Animals book. We would read about one or two animals and then while they made their animals I would write down what they told me.

How to Hide an Octopus– Fun book about how different animals camoflauge. The kids had lots of fun reading this book and looking for the hiding animals.

Giant Octopuses– A great factual book that the kids had lots of fun reading. After we read this we did our octopus page from their ocean animals book.

Sea Horses– The kids had lots of fun with this one because we had just seen sea horses the week before at the aquarium. They had fun trying to find the same ones we saw before. And of course then we made our sea horses.

Ocean Mammals– This one we kind of scanned and read some of it. It was aimed at a slightly older group. They kept relating it back to the movie we saw, so they did get more from the 3D movie then that you can wear the glasses as a bra……

Surprising Sharks– Another big hit, and the illustrations are fun and different. After this they kept making a point to tell me how sharks eat their brothers and sisters. Yeah……. THat’s all they got from it. Sharks eat their brothers.

Jellyfish-another great fact book. I love books like this that are written for early readers because it has just the right amount of information for a preschooler. While I love the Gail Gibbons books, I think the best ones of all are the Rookier Readers. They have one sentence per page, and great pictures. Much less tendency to overwhelm my kids with too many facts.

For More Great posts on what people are reading go on over to Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns.

Super fun turtle books

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Yertle the Turtle– I love this book, it’s actually what inspired the turtle craft we did. Yertle is the king of the turtles and wants to be king of more. I also found at the library a video version of it, but the kids weren’t thrilled with that.

All About Turtles– a great fact book that the kids were intersted in, they especially found it interesting to learn that turtles make nests and lay eggs.

Turtle Splash- was super popular, it’s a countdown book and was very well done. This is the book where it seemed like my kids finally clicked with counting. I think we read this one a couple of times.

One Tiny Turtle– I wanted to like this one more than I did. It didn’t quite work for me, and I’m not sure why. It didn’t seem to catch the kids attention either so it wasn’t just me. It follows a sea turtle’s life from being a young turtle through having babies herself. It was just odd.

Sea Turtles– Gail Gibbons again, and I still like her books. She just does a great job of providing good fact and making it somewhat interesting.

Bear and Turtle and the Great Lake Race– is kind of a variation on The Hare and the Tortoise, except this time the turtle wins through engineuity. I thought it was super cute, and fun.

The Foolish Tortoise– This is a good book for teaching the lesson about being content with who you are. The kids had fun reading this one, and afterwards found blankets to pretend they were turtles. It was super cute.

Preschool Week in Review

So, we actually did all of this about 2 weeks ago. But, I write my posts about the week after it’s already done, because otherwise I feel too harried and hectic, and schedule it out. Last week however, I posted what we were doing, so I could share with the various grandparents.

So, here’s what we did.


T is for Turtle

Language Arts

We read lots of books this week. I think my favorite was Yertle the Turtle.

We started to blend sounds with the letters we’ve learned so far. It’s mostly nonsense words: sa, lam….. But, I was suprised at how well Superman did with this. Last time I tried it, he was totally not ready.


We worked on matching colors and textures puzzle together. I’m trying to do something fun at the end of calendar time each day. This was super popular because I passed out all the pieces and we traded until everyone had a couple of matches.

Truthfully we didn’t get a lot done with reading stuff, I was too busy trying to get ready.

was almost nonexistent. Other than counting the number of days we’ve been in school, or counting the days of the month. I’m trying to think of new and fun things to do with math, but I’m just not thinking of it.


We learned that turtles make nests, so the kids had lots of fun playing with their turtles and putting them in the nests they made.


We went to the pet store, and had lots of fun wandering around trying to find turtles. Every other pet store I’ve taken the kids to had lots of turtles, but the one we went to when we’re studying, almost none. Isn’t that the way things go?

In case you’re wondering, pet stores make a great mini-field trip for kids. They get lots of fun observing animals they probably don’t have at home, and can ask all the questions they want.


We hunted frogs in the backyard. Actually in my garden. Still, pretty fun to do. Any time you get to go out after dark, is just much more exciting.

Just general life learning


We built tall towers at Dairy Queen. This is of course after eating large amounts of ice cream.


Playing in the rain is always fun, and we so desperately needed the rain.


Playdough is one of those great toys where they don’t realize all the great things they’re learning. I put it in their drawers at least once a week. Then they have fun molding (working those fine motor skills), and cutting, and playing (using imagination, and problem solving). They play with it independently while I work with their brother or sister, sometimes I have to work not to laugh at the dramas Batman acts out. Here, I think he’s made a boat. Or a spaceship.



We made turtles. I learned if you get bored painting turtles you can always paint yourself or the paper. You can paint it “lots of colors.”


And, in preparation for our trip to Galveston the kids painted treasure boxes. This was my plan to limit the number of shells they brought home. The only problem is we now have 3 treasure boxes full of shells. Quite full.


Yeah, I have no reason for including this picture other than it’s cute.

Almost forgot to add: Go to the Preschool Corner at Homeschool Creations.

Yertle the Turtle

We read Yertle the Turtle a few weeks ago. I love Dr. Seuss. There’s just something fun about reading his books. That’s why 50 years later we’re still reading his books in droves. I don’t think 50 years later we will be reading Spongebob or Dora.

So, the story of Yertle, is he’s king of all he can see, and he wants to be king of more. So he makes the other turtles let him climb on them, so he can be king of more.

And, well I got this “brilliant” idea to make this into a fun art project/game.

Here’s what you need: plastic easter eggs or egg cartons cut into single egg holes (what would that be called?), paint, glue, construction paper (learn from my mistake).

Here’s where I went wrong. I tried to make it too complicated (I know big surprsie). I thought I wanted it to be more durable, so I thought about and rejected fun foam because it would be too stiff. Then I thought of fabric, good, now here’s where I got stupid. I interfaced it, even stupider I interfaced it with fusible fleece, so suddenly it’s probably just as stiff as the fun foam if not more so.

So, that was mistake number 1, the next one? I thought to glue the legs and head inside, and that just did not work, it was too hard. One of the boys solved my problem. You glue it on the ouside, and it looks way too cute.

Princess and Batman, I had to look at about 6 photos before I figured out which kid was in which Batman shirt.

1. Paint the egg halves. This was the least mesiest part. Sadly.


2. When you’re done painting your eggs, start painting the paper underneath. Have fun making egg imprints (much like the cookie cutter painting).


3. Get bored painting paper, and paint yourself. Make note to start a load of laundry. Also, ask yourself why you let her wear her new shirt for this project. Sigh.


One last shot of the mostly clean shirt.

Now send them off for a bath while the paint dries. It’s probably mostly dry now if you used acrylics or poster paint, as long as it’s not super glopped on. My kids have learned the routine, now when they’re done painting they start stripping their clothes off and run to the bath tub.

4. Cut 4 small ovals, one biggish oval, and 1 triangle out of green construction paper. (It’s probably best if you do this, because these are fairly small pieces).


5. Let the kids draw a face on the biggish oval. If you have googly eyes, glue those on. You’ll probably have to do that part, my kids just couldn’t manage it. Oh, and notice the new shirt Batman is wearing.


6. Now let them glue on the different parts. Like I said, I figured out it works much better if you glue it on the outside, it will stay on better. Heck, it’ll work much better without the silly fabric I used. (Ticia wanders off muttering about over achievement, and why does she make life harder on herself). Also, notice I wised up and she’s wearing nothing.



Let dry again for a few hours, then play with it. At this point they remembered that they’d read that turtles have nests, so they wanted their nests they’d made the week before (the ones I’d thrown away, except for Batman’s). Oops….. So, Batman graciously gave his to Superman so he could make a new one.

(sorry the picture is slightly blurry, camera phones don’t take the best pictures).

To see more story book art check out A Mommy’s Adventures.

Our Preschool Week in Review

Sigh, I hate when I accidentally hit enter instead of tab, then I publish silly blank posts.

So, what did we do this week.


We studied about nests. I’m sure you can tell that’s what Batman drew in his picture. And right next to it is his bird, I got to teach them how to draw a bird.


We tried to find some more rhymes, but truthfully they’re still struggling with this.

We had lots of fun making our Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme for our books.


We played with the Melissa and Doug See and Spell puzzle. I have to say, this was a really great buy. They happily sit and play with it for 30 minutes all by themselves. The only fight that comes about is when someone else wants to make more words and starts to take letters from Superman’s carefully arranged words.

It’s really cute, once he has finished making a word he very carefully sets it to the side and spells the word again. Then he makes his next word and spells it, then he puts it underneath the last word, and spells both words. He repeats this with each word he spells. Of course this slowly but surely uses up all the letters in the set. This starts the fights.



We’ve been in school for 30 days now, so the kids are counting up to 30. Something has randomly clicked in them, because last night when we were counting the turtles in the book, they were getting it all. I don’t know what clicked.

I’ve also started a button jar. When I catch them following directions or doing something I like during school time they get buttons. They also get buttons if they complete work in a set amount of time. So, they practice counting their buttons, because if they get their stickers done in 5 minutes they get 5 buttons. Whoever has the most buttons at the end of the week gets to pick a movie for everyone to watch.


Since we studied nests and animal homes we made a nest.

This was really popular, but also apparently very tiring.

We also played an animal homes matching game. I found pictures of different animals and something that resembled their homes. We made it into a matching game. I’m sure there are more animal homes I could have added in, but this is all I did at this time. I want to someday go back and add more in. Here’s the game, such as it is.

Animal Homes

Social Studies

Since we’re learning about animal homes, I figured this was a great time to head into the next step of “Me on the Map,” and they drew their rooms. They really enjoyed this, and have been enjoying learning to draw more.

We also learned about where our traveling friend O-Mite is from, he’s from Missouri, so we made a book all about Missouri.

Phys Ed


We played outside lots when it wasn’t raining. They got so filthy from all the mud. But, I have my garden almost completely planted for the fall. So, I’m proud of myself.

And, I will hopefully get posts up next week of what all we did this week, but we’re on vacation, and I’ll just have my laptop. So, we’ll see. I want to try……. But you know how that goes.

And lastly….. Don’t forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!