It’s 10:30 and the house is silent

Jeff left with the kids to let me sleep in a little more.  Have I ever mentioned the man in a saint sometimes?


So, I got up at a leisurely 9:30ish and have sat here in silence.


Now usually I play music when I’m at the computer, but right now I’m enjoying the silence.


Hear that.


That’s the sound of no kids arguing, no kids about to do something horribly dangerous.  No kids being crazy.  It’s silence.


Bless the man.  Darn, I just heard the garage my silence is gone.

Things I wonder

How did THREE pairs of scissors end up in my daughter’s bedroom?


How my kids can take 50 pictures like this?


How do we use up 4 rolls of tape in a week? (actually that I know, I just have to take a picture to show you.  I’ll give you a hint it involves kids wrapping presents).


How my daughter can cover herself in marker but not her paper?003


Or for that matter how she can sit there for 20 minutes snipping paper into confetti, but can’t sit still long enough to listen to a five minute story?


How they can wear a bandage like this for days and think it’s cool?


How they can sleep like this?

My neck hurts just looking at it.  But it is cute.


How does Princess keep finding markers?  I swear I’ve taken away more markers.


Where does my hole punch go?


Where do my socks go?  I think I have a laundry gnome.


That’s my wonderings for the day.  In theory I’ll have a more useful post up later, but I’m feeling silly.

Movies and memory association



Have you ever noticed how much you associate movies with memories?


I was thinking about this as we watched Return of the Jedi on Thursday.


As I watched it I remembered watching it with the youth group in high school.  And a friend of mine leaned over and wondered if we’d fast forward past Princess Leia swinging across the chasm because you could see her but if you watched it in slow motion.  This of course led to me asking him how he knew this.


I also remembered watching all of these movies so often with Sam and Tara.  I thought about watching the final prequel movie just after having the boys and commenting frequently during that movie how she was NOT pregnant with twins, and how much we made fun of it.



Then I got to thinking about other movies I associate with things.  I associate Star Trek movies with my family and growing up.  Deep Space 9 with Jeff because we watched the entire series on DVD together when we were first married.  I associate Shrek with him too, and went to see the sequels because they remind me of dating Jeff.  Sadly the sequels have gotten gradually worse and worse…….


But, it just got me to musing how much movies can trigger memories, both good and bad.  Do you have any movies that trigger memories for you?

The cost of creativity


You probably can’t tell from looking at this, but that’s my kitchen table pad.  It’s covered in stains from the different projects we’ve done.  Once upon a time this was brand new and sparkling white.  It was so white it blinded you on a bright day.


Now, it’s stained.  You can see the remains of blue from our blue bonnet project or some other project we did.  You can see some brown stains that are from a muddy shoe left too long.  You can see the outlines of the papers they painted on.  I smile when I look at this because I see happy memories.

008 010

I don’t have the cleanest house, not by a long shot.  Instead what I have is happy kids, who know this is their house too.  We have things we need to work on.  I do need to work on cleaning more, but everytime I do I remember the phrase my Mom had hung in our kitchen growing up “Cleaning your house while your children are growing, is like shoveling your walk while it’s still snowing.”  It’s an exercise in futility. 


Instead, they delight in doing things like this.  It’s a huge mess, and we’ve created a lot of fun with this, but it did take a while to clean up.


Now, I’m not saying I should just leave my house like this disaster area you see here (don’t you like how Batman is trying so hard to wake his sleeping sister).  But, I do need to remember that they are only little for so long, and then they will all grow up, and what will I be left with?  A clean house?  Clean houses are not fun.  So, I need to find a balance, right now we’re tipped a little too far in the direction of messes.  It’s a constant struggle to get it clean and picked up.  Why does every toy have so many little pieces?  And it so quickly looks like a mess, but it’s still good to clean it.  Which is probably the boring stuff I’m going to be doing today, despite, that I’m being called outside by this:


All right, now off to feed my kids, who actually slept past 8 today!

What we didn’t read this week

So…….  I’m sure you’re not at all surprised to learn we didn’t really read all that much this week.  Unless you count watching lots of Reading Rainbow episodes on DVD.

Instead Princess got her way and I read to her an insanely large number of Clifford books.  We go through phases of being wildly in love with Clifford and reading his books nonstop.  For a short period of time 6 months ago it seemed like I couldn’t find Clifford books fast enough to suit them.

And, here’s my confession time…..  Are you ready.

I very briefly considered giving the kids to the first taker on Thursday.  It was one of those days where I swear they were trying to see who could drive Mom craziest.  The whininess.  The crying.  The “Mommy hold me,” and that was from the kids who didn’t have surgery.  She was much worse.

But, the good news is that after that horrible day on Thursday it was like someone came and switched the horrible kids and gave me mostly pleasant ones.  Aside from major meltdown problems about who was sitting next to me at lunch everyone was good.  And I so needed that after Thursday.

But, I guess it all gets better when you go in to check on the “Sleeping Beauty,” and this is what you see.



Isn’t that cute?  She’s sleeping in our room for the duration of her cast.

Princess is in surgery now, or will be at some point today


At some point today Princess will be going into surgery.  As I write this on Friday, my heart is mostly at peace with this.  The doctor is a good doctor, and it is a fairly routine outpatient surgery.  However, I’m also remembering how her brother did coming out of his surgery last fall.  When he came out of the anesthesia he was violent and ripped out his IV, and was generally mad at the world.  It took almost half an hour before he calmed down.  So, I’m a little worried she might react like that.  I have to admit I do like this picture though, there’s something funny about her eating salad bigger than her face.


I’m also a little worried for the next few days after the surgery.  She’s going to be in two casts.  She should be able to walk with them, but she’s a bit of a klutz normally, I’m worried about with two casts on.  That, and trying to keep her relatively calm for a while because I don’t want her running around with casts.  I’m very blessed that my Mom is keeping the boys for the night and during the surgery.

I’m sure I’ll be posting later today that the operation was successful, and be sharing a picture of Princess with her pink casts, but right now I’m wool-gathering a little and borrowing trouble.  So, everyone be praying all goes well.

Oh, and my friend with cancer will have had his latest scans yesterday, be praying there’s some good news to be had when they get results back.

My downstairs as I cook dinner as seen from Superman’s eyes

How’s that for a ridiculously complicated title?


So far I’m getting he thinks Batman is super important, both the person and the toy.


I also think he finds random shots interesting.


He linkes to annoy his sister. That’s another important thing to do with a camera





This is Princess’ stepstool, I just finished putting it together before he got up.



Oops, randomly didn’t edit it to the right size, but I’ve given myself 1 hour to get all of my blog posts for this week done, so I need to keep going. HA! It’s not happening, but I’m going to do my best.
And this is with me deleting a bunch of pictures of tile…..



And then I took away the camera, and he cried mightily. This was all in a 5 minute picture taking spree. Seriously, there’s another 15 I deleted, and another 20 I didn’t even bother to upload.

It’s crazy.