New York: Measuring the Statue of Liberty


Just like we did for whales, we measured out how big the statue of liberty was.  We measured several different parts of her using information I got from the Statue of Liberty information site.  It is fascinating to see how big she is. 



I wish I could say the kids were suitable impressed, but there were more interested at that particular instant in running around like mad men and trying their very best to see who could be the silliest.


I am sure this news totally shocks you.


So, for me this activity was spent with lots of, “No, look over here!  No really, if you pay attention we’ll get done very quickly.”  At which point I imagined all sorts of ways I could glue them to the floor.  Which probably would not have been a good idea.

Instead I’ll leave you with our printable:

Statue of Liberty New York(function() { var scribd = document.createElement(“script”); scribd.type = “text/javascript”; scribd.async = true; scribd.src = “”; var s = document.getElementsByTagName(“script”)[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(scribd, s); })();

Math: What equals nine

I started rummaging through my old teaching stuff and found this great game:


It’s from this book.  Back when I was teaching over the summer I spent hours and hours coloring all sorts of games and used up so many markers.



Before playing the game I set them to figuring out all of the ways they could make nine using two addends.  I put out the nine, and they happily set to it.





Eventually they had a small handful of equations that added up to 9.  Or, the boys did.  Princess on the other hand, sat there insisting she wasn’t able to do it until I showed her how it was done.  She’s going to be one I have to figure out what to do.  She’s capable but second guesses herself way too often.


Eventually we got down to playing the game.  It’s quite simple, you take off two numbers that add up to 9 and go around until all of the numbers have been taken.  The person with the most numbers wins.  YEAH!


I’m trying to think of some other fun ones like this, any theme suggestions for making it?

Math Monday: using the aids available


I love this because Princess is remembering we have a 100s chart to help her figure out the answers.


She’s continuing to use the Preschool Packs over at Musings of Me to work on her counting about 10.  So, she takes her card over to the 100s chart and looks to see what the missing number is.


It’s such a nice simple way for her to work on her math.  I’m actually thinking of making each of my kids an office like I had for my students when I was teaching after listening to a talk about teaching distractable children.  Yes, yes that would be mine.  Mine are very distractable, not to the insane level of the kids she was talking about, but mine don’t concentrate super well.


If you want our hundreds chart, which is just printed on cardstock and cut out in rows.  Here’s the link:

hundreds chart.

Counting by 2s

Counting by 5s

Counting by 10s

I alternate which one I currently have in there and that’s the skill we work on each morning for counting (we count to 100 every morning, but which skip counting we do).

Math Monday: graphing

We’ve done some graphing before, but not huge amounts.  Partially because our math curriculum doesn’t really cover graphing yet, and partially because I’m lazy.

And laziness was the gestalt for this activity.  Mainly, I didn’t want to fix the kids breakfast, and I remembered Phyllis over at All Things Beautiful writing a post about making snacks and using it to write a recipe.

snack 1
Well, I knew my kids couldn’t write the recipe, so I made up a worksheet for them real fast.

And of course, right after I’d printed up our first recipe I realized that I hadn’t laid out those ingredients, so I made a second one.

snack 2
No really, I made two different ones for this.  And even after we’d started I realized I’d forgotten to leave a place for M&M’s on the chart.

And if you’d like to use either one, just click on the picture and that will take you to the page to download.

015Before I let them have at it I set up a few ground rules.  Mainly you had to have at least one scoop of each item, and whenever you did the scoops you had to then make sure to color in one square for each scoop.  That took some demonstrating, because as I said I haven’t done as many graphs as I should have.

What followed was a frenzied few minutes of happily getting as much food as they could fit into those little bowls. Hmph, it won’t let me watermark the other one without messing up the picture.

And yes, that is Princess wearing a tank top in the middle of January, I bought it for her earlier this week thinking “summer clothes, that I can fiddle with,” and she’s refused to take it off since I bought it.  That girl……..
And they happily munched on their breakfast all through school that day.

We did do some extension activities, of looking at which thing they had the most of, and what they had the least of.  Superman kept pointing out that he had “no jelly beans, because I don’t like jelly beans.”  He was very worried about this, but was quite happy to eat the other food.

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