Science Sunday: How far does a kangaroo jump

So, if you read my post yesterday you can see we started reading about animals in Australia.  Well, my kids are absolutely enthralled with the kangaroo.  They want to pretend they’re kangaroos, and they want to find out all they can.  And who am I to stop a desire like that.
So, we read a couple of books: A Kangaroo’s World, and A Kangaroo Joey Grows Up.  Both of which I highly recommend (hopefully I linked to the right Kangaroo Joey Grows Up, I didn’t know there were so many books with that title).  I tried to find some youtube videos of kangaroos, but my search accidentally led to a rather drunk naked guy trying to jump like a kangaroo.  Thankfully that was too dark to really see anything, and also thankfully I didn’t have the kids with me when I started that one.  So, lesson learned always make sure you know what the video you’re showing is.
Now, on to our experiment.  We were intrigued by how far a kangaroo could jump and how could we jump.  So first we made a hypothesis, “that means an idea you can test” (thank you Dinosaur Train for teaching my kids about this, now they don’t really use the word right, but that’s not your fault).
First we drew a line to show where we thought we could jump.  Ummm, my kids think they can jump amazingly far.  You can see Superman over there at the end of our driveway.  He was convinced he could somehow magically jump into two places.  Batman thought he would jump the entire length of that line.  Princess is somewhere halfway to the next neighbor in her hypothesis.
Well, we lined up next to our starting line and everyone jumped.
045 Here they are all lined up to try jumping again.  As you can see no one was correct in their hypothesis.  I was the closest and I fell short as well.
So, next we tried a running jump.  That didn’t work out so well.  I tried to show them what to do for a running jump, but you’ll see in the video.  They really treated it more as a race.  So after one more thing we changed it just a straight racing game.

Here’s our final thing we did for this little experiment/learning activity.  We compared the relative jumping distances.  Princess jumped the shortest, then Batman and Superman next, then Mommy, and then a kangaroo’s jumping distance way out there (according to the book we read kangaroos can jump up to 30 feet).
048 They’re standing order is Superman at the kid’s distance, Batman where Mommy jumped, and Princess way out there to where a kangaroo would jump.

So, how about you guys, what did you do this week?

Leezard, leezard, leezard

Of course, I wish I could remember where that came from, but I distinctly remember someone saying that in a movie somewhere……

Superman: That’s a good lizard

Superman: Princess is looking at the good lizard

Batman: feeding the lizard
Superman: we’re putting grass in there

Superman: You knocked over the bottle, Mommy
Batman: You’re letting the good lizard out.

Superman: There’s the good lizard, and he went on the side

Superman and Batman: the good lizard eats grass and bugs. He eats bad bugs.

This descriptive post of the lizard we found in our house has been brought to you by Kid Friendly Friday.