Bible Alive: Serving others

This past week our kids attended Kids Clubs.

What’s that you ask?  I’m glad you did, that’s our church’s version of VBS.  And I in all of my wisdom volunteered to be in charge of the food for our site for the week.

So my dining room table looked like this for the week.

And my van looked like this.  It’s food for approximately 200 people.  We sliced a lot of oranges, and served a lot of cookies.
Yes, that is 30 pizzas in my car, and we had NO leftovers.
Everyone pitched in to help.  God answered one of our biggest prayers.

We got a cool front.  The first day the weather was 100 something, and then it rained that night.  After that it was at least 10-5 degrees cooler.  I don’t think we broke 100 for the rest of the week.

In the end, all of the exhaustion, frayed tempers, spilled gravy was worth it.  I think the hardest part of it all isn’t to be a Martha in a Mary situation.
I’ll leave you with a few videos from our week:

Our memory verses for this month

Each month our church has a theme and Bible verse for our kids to memorize.

I got inspired by Jolanthe’s Awana verses over at Homeschool Creations, so I created my own for my kid’s verses.

This month the theme for preschoolers is: God loves me, and there’s nothing cuter than your 3 year old telling you about this.  Trust me.


This month in elementary school, how scary is it my boys are in kindergarten?  Back to what I was saying, the kids are learning about initiative.  This curriculum takes a month to learn about different character attributes of God.  So, God showed initiative when He created the world and when He sent Jesus to earth…….. 


My plans for these:

First page is going to be  on the refrigerator and probably up in the loft to see.

Second page will be printed off and cut apart.  I’m going to make a book for each kid of all the verses they’ve learned.  This means I need to go back and make last month’s verses also…….

Third page will be cut apart, and they have to glue it down in order in their reading books.

I’m going to link this up with Works for Me Wednesday and over to Fantastic Five (I guess I did have a post this week after all).

Backyard Bible Clubs become Kids Clubs

And we had about 80 kids and about 30 adults participating in the various Bible studies at our site alone.  I think total for all of the different sites was about 300 kids and 90 adults.
What are Kids Clubs you ask?  I’m glad you did.

Okay, stopping to take a break and take a quick bath before heading to the Urgent Care, I think I have Strep, and the doctor isn’t open on Sunday, this is what happens when you do way too much stuff all in one week.


Well, it’s a day later.  I didn’t test positive for strep, but I’m being treated like I have it.  After a while it gets old seeing the doctor sigh, and have to think of a new way to treat me since I can’t take penicillin.   So, I spent most of yesterday comatose, with Jeff keeping the kids out of my hair as much as possible.

So, Kid’s Clubs.  What we do is we take a group of teenagers, and they get trained for a week in another city.  Back when I was in the youth group we went up to Waco, and trained for a week in inner city Waco, and had 3 minutes for showers, and we couldn’t flush the toilet while someone was taking a shower, or there would be very bad results.  But, now they get posh digs, like church sanctuaries to sleep in.  Spoiled I say.


So, after their week of training, learning how to present the gospel, how to tell the story, games to play and the like.  They come back to Austin and do clubs for a week.  We’ve changed it now so that they do two clubs in parks.  One in the morning, where we serve breakfast to the kids, and one in the evening where we serve dinner to them.


The teens teach the lessons, tell the stories, and do all of the “work.”  The adults get the boring stuff, registration, set-up, serving food, taking pictures.  Okay, taking pictures isn’t the end of the world.

I need to go check on the kids, they sound like they’re having too much fun.

Yeah…….  They had added so much bubble bath to their bath water it had turned pink.  Not a light pink, but I think it was almost a jar full.  I bet I could get another bubble bath out of that.


Part of the fun of this for me, aside from reliving memories of my teen years.  Is seeing all of the different kids interacting, and seeing the enjoyment of the kids from the neighborhood.


My kids had a blast with this.  They kept asking when it was time to go back to their kid club.  “Mommy, is it time yet?”


Not too surprisingly the most popular day was Water Day!  We get to play at a park and get wet at the same time?  SCORE!

End results:
029 028
At our site on Friday we had 72 kids, I’d guess about 30 adults present.  I know there were at least 3 adults who came to Christ, I’d guess 10 kids who came to Christ.  Maybe 4 or 5 families who said they were going to be at our church on Sunday.

Total I think there were about 280 kids in clubs with 80 adults across four different clubs.

All in all, it was an awesome event!  And man am I tired.

Kid Friendly Friday: Summerfest

To explain what Summerfest is, back when I was in high school our church started Backyard Bible Clubs. For the first two years as follow-ups they did sports camps, but decided that wasn’t what they wanted to do, and ended up with Summerfest. It’s a street carnival held in the church parking lot (or in the case of the church plants in parks or school parking lots). They have bouncy castles, carnival games, music, a small show of some sort, and food. The only thing that is charged for is the food. But, I love a place where my whole family can eat well for under $10, so it’s not a lot for the food.

This year my particular church opted not to do a Summerfest, so we went to Hutto’s (my brother is the youth pastor there). My kids had a blast.

So, here’s what my kids spent time doing there.

Finding bugs in the sandbox. You had to find 10 bugs then you got to pick a prize. I made my kids bring their backpacks so I wouldn’t end up carrying all their “treasures.”
Princess: “I digging”


Catching ducks in a butterfly net. Princess tried very hard to catch every single one of the ducks in her net.
Princess: I catching fish




Batman putting a ring around the “pin.” I loved that most of these games I could duplicate at home.
Princess: That BATMAN!




Superman petting the rabbits. Does anyone else have kids that stay in the petting zoo FOREVER?
Princess: The animals are eating



Seriously, Princess was in there for at least 30 minutes chasing the different animals and petting as many as she could.
Princess: “Them going ‘No!'”


Uncle Sean singing with the band.
Princess: “Uncle Sean playing that.”





Riding the kid train. But, really I could post that picture by itself and then get turned in for child abuse for locking my kids in a cage and letting them drink sodas….
Princess: “That a train! driving”


A view of the train itself. The kids had fun in it, but then wanted to go back to the games. I mean what can be anywhere as exciting as getting large amounts of little plastic trinkets and candy?

Oops, made this one smaller than the others. View from the other side of the bean bag toss. That seemed like it could have been such a cool shot.
Princess: “I not know” Hey if she’s going to insist on sitting on my lap she might as well help with the post.

But, seriously, check out the newspaper and local bulletin boards I”ve found lots of great free or cheap activities by looking through things like that. For more great Kid Friendly Activities go to I Blame My Mother.

Kids Clubs

Last week our church held kids clubs in local parks. We had them at mealtimes and served meals to the people who came (kids and adults), many of these kids are on free and reduced lunch at schools, so this is a big help to the families. We sent any leftover food we had with them, and mostly we just loved on them and let them know about how God loves them.

Kids clubs are a tradition started back when I was in high school as Backyard Bible Clubs, and they’re taught by the youth group at our church. They spend a week in training learning the curriculum, the games, and the crafts. After this many of the kids are going to different countries to minister to people there. I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to go with me as I chaperone these trips (Hi, I’m Ticia, and I’m a mission trip addict).

So, without further ado, here are a bunch of not particularly great pictures of our week (my camera was hiding up where we’d been doing crafts upstairs, and I just found it again yesterday).

Preschoolers having a party because they found the lost coin.

Making wordless bracelets. If you want to know the whole story of the bracelets I’ll happily let you know.

Eating ice cream

Batman carrying buckets and Princess bringing coolers for water day. We were very blessed to have a hose to be able to fill our buckets and such for all the games.

preschoolers having fun with crafts.

Princess showing off her party hat

usual water day craziness

everyone listening to the stories

And at the end of it all, Princess is so tired that she fell asleep at 4:30 and didn’t wake up until the next morning at 8:00. We tried to wake her for dinner and she just cried at us, rolled back over and went back to sleep. It was too cute. Each of the kids did this at least once in the week.

And for me one of the coolest moments was seeing a family from our clubs that I know didn’t go to church before at our church on Sunday. That says to me we were successful. Coming in a few days Summerfest! What a great way to celebrate the end of kids clubs than going to a street carnival.