Age of Explorers: Incan treasure

We read and somewhat comprehended about Pizarro exploring and finding the Incans.  The kids were rather intrigued by the idea of golden masks and they’d been asking for ages to make something with the big white tub sitting in the school room.

That tub was plaster of paris.  I’ve probably had that tub for 10 years, but never had a project to use it for.  Well, I finally decided to use it.

1.  Take a small paper plate and using tape make molds vaguely in the shape of a face.

And can you tell, right here is where I went horribly wrong.  The indentations are now backwards, rather than sticking out, they go in.


2.  Make up the plaster of paris, it’s roughly a 2 to 1 ratio.  1 cup of water to 1/2 cup of the powder.  Vaguely……

Then sit and let it dry forever and ever and ever.  Or for a day.


3.  Then about a week later remember the poor project that’s been languishing.  Set about to paint the masks and make them look “really cool.”

Then argue about how to paint it, “No brothers it’s like this.”

They ended up liking their masks, but they’re just not quite what I was imagining.  Oh well.