Math links: clocks

My kids have eagerly been looking forward to learning to tell time.  I told them they had to first learn to count by 5’s, and they’ve mostly mastered that, now we’re moving on to the telling time.

And of course, if you’re going to learn how, you need a clock!

Supplies: 2 different colors of fun foam, two circles of different sizes to trace, a brad, a marker

1.  From your two different colors of fun foam trace the two circles.  And let your kids have at the cutting out of the circles.  While they’re doing that trace two arrows for the clock.  Don’t forget to make one shorter than the other.

Oh, and am I the only one who has wondered why the hour which is longer is much shorter than the minute hand?  I did kind of figure it out when we were working on our clocks, I have a theory.  But, it’s something I’ve always wondered.

2.  Glue the smaller circle on top of the bigger circle, and then punch a hole in it with your nice pointy scissors or a knife.  Do the same for the arrows because your hole punch was broken by some overly excited hole punching by your child…….

Then on the small circle write your hours, this is to have yet another reminder that the hour hand is shorter.  Seriously I struggled with this for years.  And on the larger circle write the minutes by 5’s.  My kids thought this was super cool (I will add I wrote all of the numbers to not aggravate them and make this fun).
As you can tell, the clocks are wildly popular, and we’ve used them everyday since we made them.

Math Links: Counting by 5’s


033Did you ever have a sudden brainstorm and then think of all sorts of things to do with it as you’re in the process of doing something?


I did while creating our math lesson for the week.  They’ve been struggling with counting by fives, and so I wanted to make a game out of it.



So we traced and cut out enough hands to count by 5’s all the way up to 100.


Mac helped by chewing on the scraps and trying to eat our socks.  Okay, that wasn’t really helpful.



Then we retired to the kitchen table and started to play our game.  I passed out hands to everyone until we ran out and we took turns putting our numbers down as our numbers came up.


Next we took turns identifying our numbers.  If they knew what the number was they got to keep it, if not it went back into the pile.  I did make it into a game of you have to get at least 3 to get a prize, and the person with the most got two prizes.  I’m still trying to get rid of Halloween candy, so they’re still randomly getting candy.


And, if you’re curious about all of my AMAZING ideas you’ll have to wait for next week’s post over at ABC and 123 where I reveal my many and amazing ideas.  No, really they’re spectacular.  Or, maybe I just believe that.


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stART I Love You Koala Lou

I’d seen this book a couple of places in the blog world recently, and since we’re studying Australia I thought it’d be fun to read.  As I was reading it I started thinking about how fun it would be to make a watercolor picture based on the artwork.  Of course as I was thinking this I realized I didn’t have the supplies I was thinking of that I wanted to use.  Excellent, an excuse to go to JoAnn’s…….  And then by the time we finished the story I decided on a completely different project: gold medals!
077 082 Batman and I084 085 Princess and Superman.
Super simple.  Get a piece of fun foam, cut in a circle.  Decorate, and then punch a hole and thread a ribbon through.
And, if you’re going to have a gold medal you need Olympics to go with it, so I present:
Yes, I am the crazy Mom who makes cleaning into a game.  We had the Clothes putting away race.  The pick up toys slalom.  And the horribly competitive find all the trash relay.
I present to you the winners:
Batman got a gold medal for his inspired picking up of clothes
Superman received the gold for his amazing picking up of trash, including stealing trash from my hands to be able to throw away more.
Batman squeaked ahead to get the gold for most toys put away.
And Princess, who mainly lay down and complained she was too tired, got the gold for complaining.
There you have it, our family Olympics.  It was truly awe-inspiring.
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