It’s starting to “cool off” here, by that I mean the high is only in the 90s, not 100+.


So, I thought I’d celebrate the unofficial end of summer with what has  become my new favorite pool, which sadly is closing today for the season.


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The water is surprisingly cool.  Most pools at this point in the summer are actually rather warm from having been warmed all summer long in the Texas sun, but this pool is kinda cold.  I know it’s just cold to us sissy Texans, but still.


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“I’m a crocodile Mommy!  I’m going to get you.”


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What’s the point in a waterproof camera if you don’t take a few underwater shots?


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We went there this weekend with Jeff, and since I had an extra adult I was able to get them to try the big slide.  (Obviously, this is not the big slide, but I didn’t bring my camera Saturday, and it’d be a little hard to take a picture of me sliding down anyways).  The boys LOVED it, and I went down that slide with them at least 20 times each.  I think they were in a competition to see who could go down it most.



Shhhh, don’t tell them I won, because they weren’t tall enough to go down by themselves yet.



If anyone’s interested in going there next summer, here’s their website.

Math Links: Finding numbers

Pathfinder Mom had showcased a game her son loves and then commented this would be easy to do with sidewalk chalk and music (sorry no exact link to the post).  Well, I took that and ran with it.  So, here’s our game:


Supplies needed: chalk, hyper kids that need to burn energy, and a sunny day (that last one is key)


Prep work: write numbers all over your sidewalk, this could also be whatever else you’re working on.


How to play:  Call out a kid’s name and call out how they should get to the number.  Ex: Superman hop to 17.  Princess run to 5.  Batman tiptoe to 12.


Happily play the game and trick your kids into learning.

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Play as long as the weather or your kids’ attention span lasts.



Game called on account of rain!  Apparently our rain dance from the other day was successful, if a little late.

Let’s pretend I excercise

Susanna is looking for inspiration. So, here’s some different things I’ve done to excercise. Right now we belong to a gym and I like to pretend I make it in at least once a week for one of their classes. I like the different dance classes. Then I can pretend I know how to dance.

Today, I took a dance jam class, it’s more of a jazz style dance with maybe some hip hop flair. It’s very different for me who’s only ever done ball room dancing. Very different, but fun.

And, I’m going to try and join in to do a thriller routine at the Halloween carnival in a few weeks. We’ll see…… That might not happen.

Yoga Booty Ballet– Can you tell I like the dance workouts? It lets me pretend I actually could have gone into dance without having to do all of the ridiculous work and pain that dancers really endure.

Goddess Belly Dance– So, the first one is completely and totally cheesy, but the later ones are rather fun, and a fairly good workout.

Oh, and then there’s always the excercise I get chasing 3 preschoolers around