State Study: Delaware

This was a fairly simple state study because I wasn’t able to find super a lot of books about it.  Just wait, the next state our geography group had to divide into TWO SUPER PACKED weeks.



This is the cover of our new geography book.  Each of my kiddos has one of these, and each week as we complete things they’re going to glue their projects into their own book.


I think this will work better for us than my creating one lapbook that they can’t really mess with because it’s just one.  Now they each get their own.


The USA passport and map comes from Musings of Me, who has started their own geography study, that is pretty cool.  They’re going in alphabetical order of the states, so most of the time we’re going to be covering stuff at different times, but when they do coincide I’m going to have a whole slew of stuff to figure out how to work in.



Here’s what’s inside so far:

horseshoe crab

On our Delaware page is the horseshoe crab animal pages.  If you’ve seen my previous animal pages you’ll note I’ve added another page to the template.  That’s because the other families we’re doing this with have older kids as well this makes them do a little more work than cut and paste pictures.  (To get to the printable, follow the link on the left).



Also on the Delaware page is their state symbols.  You can also see on the left hand page the Pennsylvania symbols where an overly zealous Batman glued that on the wrong page…….  Oh well.  Click on the picture to get to the printable.


Other activities I did, but do not have a printable for:

Canonballs and Cornstalks (though I might add that in for my kids), my boys have not let me return this book to the library because “it has soldiers.”

Horseshoe Moon- I’ll have to come back and put this link in.  But, super cute book, I highly recommend it.


I still plan to have them trace and write the word Delaware and add that to the page, but haven’t done so yet.


On the left hand page is the activity I featured over on ABC and 123.

And apparently on that post I forgot to put a link over to the printable, so here it is:

Me on the map

stART: Crab Moon

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I thought about writing this up as a Science Sunday post, but figured I’ll put it over here as a stART project instead.

Summary: A young child (can’t remember if it’s a girl or a boy) goes to the beach for the summer and gets to see the horseshoe crabs come to shore to lay their eggs and watches as they go back out.

Supplies: the bottom of a plastic milk carton; paint, yarn, hole punch

1.  Give the kids some brown, green, yellow, black, and white paint.

Now, if they’re my kids they’ll promptly mix that into a nice brown yucky brown color.

Ideally, they’ll use those different colors to show the muted tones that make the horseshoe crab blend into the sand floor and make it harder to find.  But, hey muddy brown works too.

2.  Let them have at it.  You want the whole thing painted if you can convince them to.

My kids happily painted the whole thing.  The other boy with us grudgingly did so.

Then we went and read the story while we waited  for the paint to dry.  Afterwards the paint was still wet, so we read another story.

And finally I gave up.  And decided to go ahead with the next step.

3.  Use your hole punch to punch two holes right next to each other and slightly overlapping.

4.  Thread the yarn through and tie a knot.  At the end of the yarn tie a knot so it’s one long tail together.

Now turn the kids loose to draw on any extra features they want on their horseshoe crab.  My kids were all quite convinced we needed eyes on our crabs.


Admire your shiny new crab.  Isn’t he cute?  Okay, it’s more the cute only a mother could love, but still cute.

My kids loved him and spent the rest of the day playing with their crabs, and then had to run up and tell Jeff all about their crabs when he came home.  Sounds like a hit to me.

History: War of 1812

Now how many of you went “what war?”  Honestly, now?  And then how many of you thought of this song?

Or maybe I’m the only one who actually knows this song.  But, it came up within the first two hits on my search.
Actually, this is going to be one of those history type of weeks.  I’ve got at least two posts I can think of about history. 
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This was a surprisingly cute book about a small town in Delaware during the War of 1812, and how they scared off the British army.


After reading this I thought it would be fun to make our own little soldiers.  The kids agreed too.

It’s a very simple craft.  I took some old-fashioned clothespins, and pre-painted them skin tone, though you could easily leave them wood colored.

Then they kids had fun drawing their soldier on.  Superman, happily drew a happy side and a sad side.  He also drew some other things which I had to talk to him about.  Boys!

If you can find a copy of this book, I highly recommend it.  It’s not scary, it provides a good amount of detail about what’s going on without getting into too much detail for little kids.

Now head on over to Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn to see what everyone else is doing in history and geography.