Field Trip: Mayborne Museum

And I’m sure I’ve spelled that wrong.  So, up in Waco is a very cool children’s museum called the Mayborn, hmmm upon looking at it more I’m fairly sure there is no “E” at the end.  Fairly sure.

And for about two more weeks, it has the coolest exhibit ever.  Can you guess what it was?

That’s right!


Okay, you may not think it’s the coolest exhibit ever, but I sure do.

029 025
I mean who wouldn’t love an exhibit that has a haunted dungeon and a chance to build your own castle and break it with a catapult?
And did I mention the super cool Lego castles?

There was jousting.  Made more challenging by people who shall remain nameless, cough Princess cough, climbing under the jousting field.


There was cool dress up clothes (and I now have about 5 things added to my sewing list because they LOVED their knight outfits).

So, extra pictures taken to get the details right, check.

055 048 049 054
And then we had to drive the cars, and TRY not to crash into each other.  And I had to take pictures of the cool garden idea they had, and then I thought wouldn’t this make a super cute bench?  And it’d be fairly easy to make, and then I could make some cute little vegetables to go in it.  Ummm, yes it’s very dangerous when I go to kid museums because I end up with a very long list of projects to make.

And while the kids had fun observing the typwriters and the old telephone exchange board, I found this:

Hobo alphabet, and thought it was way too cool, and remembered how it was used in the Kit Kittredge movie.  And wouldn’t it be fun to learn.

078079   080081
Then we got to the room about local American Indians, and the kids had to haul all of the drums into the Tipi (I learned today that’s the correct spelling).  And then very quickly they decided they needed privacy.  If the boys were older I’d have something to say about wanting privacy with a girl….. But, they’re five……….  Smile.
087 083

And then we found the BUBBLE ROOM!

Who doesn’t want to encase themselves in a bubble?  I know both my friend and I had to try it out ourselves.

095 091
And finally we had to make some music.  It was quite different…….  The hydraphone was mournful, and the giant piano was well mainly the noise of running kids.

At the end of it all my kids slept the whole way home, my friend’s daughter talked to us the whole way back.  I’m impressed she stayed awake the whole time.

Get lost in a noodle forest


And as you can see it’s very hard to take pictures in the middle of a pool noodle forest.  Actually there were a lot of activities that were hard to get good pictures of.  In the middle of the forest was a cactus you could put spiders on and then watch them be thrown across the way by an eagle (in reality, they stuck it to velcro and then rolled it up and a fan knocked them off).  But, it was really funny to watch.




Oh wait, I just realized in my amusement at the pool noodle forest I forgot to tell you what I was talking about.  This is the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, actually it’s one of two.  There’s one in Mesa, a suburb, but it was sadly closed on Mondays, that one looked really cool.    But, we didn’t lose anything by going to this one.  First they spent a good 30 minutes IMG_0516climbing all over the 3 story tall wood and metal contraption and finding the different cool little hiding places.  Let me tell you a game of hide and seek in something like that is hard.  You can see the person, but have no idea how to get over to where they are before they can go hide somewhere else.  Oh, and I rediscovered that I don’t like grated floors.  I had a couple of freak out moments up there, and I know Princess did.


After all that playing they had a dirty tricycle and so Batman drove everyone through the trike wash and got all cleaned up.   I love how you can see their reflections in the glass.  I wish I could say it was on purpose, but it wasn’t.






IMG_0538  After all that work we were of course very hungry and went grocery shopping, did some cooking at a restaurant and then stopped at an ice cream parlor.  The restaurant and ice cream parlor gave me so many ideas of projects to make.  I really loved their ice cream cones.  It was just a piece of fun foam, or one of those circles for the Candy Land DVD game or the Twister game (I forget which variation) glued into a cone shape.  Then it was foam balls of different colors.  The kids loved making ice cream cones.

IMG_0557 IMG_0559 IMG_0560 IMG_0561 IMG_0556 And it all ended in a family nap.


Oh, and oops.  I mislabeled a kid earlier.  Superman is wearing the blue Batman shirt, he’s the one with the bandaid currently.   Just saw that in the close-up of his sleeping shot.

So, this goes on my list of Would visit again.  Check out the Children’s Museum of Phoenix

Museum Membership

Okay, here’s why the membership to the Austin’s Children’s Museum works for me.

I make a point to try and visit there at least once a month since we have the membership. So I’m not going to include that in our total of how much we’ve saved.

But when we went on our trip I looked up all the places that were on the way that were part of the reciprocal program. Since we were traveling up I-35 that led me to a list of about 20 places. Some weren’t exactly on our way, but a lot of them were. I sent that in an email to myself so whenever we were approaching the city I could just bring it up and we’d know where to go. So, here’s where we went and how much it would have cost for all of us to get in.

Premier Membership: $125

Union Station: $47.5
Central Wisconsin Children’s Museum: $18
Science Museum, Oklahoma City: $65.80
La Crosse Children’s Museum: $25

TOTAL: $156.30

So, I’ve already recouped the costs of the membership this year! This TOTALLY works for me!

Tot School: Zoo and Children’s Museum

We had a blast this week, not a lot of sitting down school time, but some of the best school times aren’t…….

We learned about zoo animals. Two out of my three kids love Diego, and my third likes animals, so this is a popular theme.

We sorted plastic zoo animals and played with them. I found a couple of different cheap sets for a dollar or two and combined them into a fairly good sized set.

I made them tin can stilts. It took all of 30 seconds for them to decide it was a drum, but it was fun to watch.

We went to the Children’s Museum, which was a blast. See the full post herePhotobucket

I get to eat more plastic food there. They really love to cook at the “World Cafe.”

I have no clue what she’s doing, but isn’t that a cute photo?

Going back to the zoo theme we made lions. This was really popular and we’re going to do a lot more animals next week, where I’m theoretically home more. They want to do an animal a day, that probably won’t happen, but it’ll be fun to try and do.
For Princess’ crafts I try to get a little of the cutting done ahead of time.

We went to the library for what I thought was going to be an ordinary storytime, only to find out they were having a special craft day. SCORE!

So, we made a spider web. We’ll have to do this craft again, at which point I’ll do a how to.

Made the neccessary coffe filter butterfly. Very popular.

And tried making a necklace for the first time ever!

And I started them on forced labor. I made them make lunch. Notice how it’s not plastic food.

Then afterwards I made them mop the floor after they swept. I am such a mean mom….

Then they spilled lemonade on their freshly mopped floors and had to mop again. let me tell you how sad they weren’t.

So, we had a blast at Tot School this week. For more great Tot School ideas go to Carissa at 1+1+1=1

Austin Children’s Museum

If you have a Children’s Museum in your area I highly recommend putting a membership in your budget. We’ve had one to our local museum for 2 or 3 years now and I LOVE IT! It’s about $130 and gets our whole family free into the Austin museum and a whole slew of other museums nationwide and a bunch of other stuff as well. Look at the pictures, and you’ll see why this is such a great deal!

Right now, the theme is about transportation, they have varying themes and will be changing soon.

So Batman had a blast playing with a huge train set. The holes in the middle you can crawl under and pop up in the middle of the train set.

Princess is trying to move a bus to see the difference in how much energy it takes to move a bus or lots of cars. She just thought it fun to move the lever.

Superman is busy directing the buses or maybe the trains.

“Princess speaking, you want a bus at my house, okay!” So, that’s not really what she said, but I can pretend just like she did.

Batman is busy putting gas in the bus, isn’t it amazing how they think chores we find annoying are the coolest thing to do?

Superman and Princess being vets. The most popular animal: rabbit. Why, who knows?

Now that it’s not bedtime, notice how well he’s doing at going to bed? When it’s really bedtime, does he act like that? NO.

I could overwhelm you with a lot more pictures, and I haven’t even scratched the surface of all the great things to do. We finished off the museum trip with a quick picnic and stop in the park. Not too surprisingly I got a great nap out of them that day!

Pretend you see a really healthy drink there.