Creating a wonderful tea party

I figured I’d post the background information, and then give you the fun party pictures.



1. Make tutu party favors. Here’s how:

a. Cut a piece of 1/2 inch elastic about 1 inch larger than the waist of the recipient. All of the girls got one that would fit Princess. Sew the elastic together with the sewing machine in a loop.

b. Get about a half yard of tulle per tutu (more makes a fuller tutu). And, ummm….. don’t make my mistake of accidentally buying nylon netting, that’s scratchy. Cut it into 24 inch length about 1-2 inch width (I think 1 inch would be just about perfect). Great time to use your rotary cutter, makes it MUCH faster.

c. tie the strips onto your elastic. I did the old double it up and slip the tulle through itself knot (does that make sense?).

Most of this can and was done while watching TV.


2. Make capes for the boys to attend.

a. Find a knit fabric, so you don’t have to worry about fraying (a fat quarter works great for this, but they don’t make those in knits). Cut out a rectangle that is 18 by 24 inches. Then trim the long sides slightly to make a trapezoid.

b. Cut a piece of ribbon that is less than a foot long (my best guess 9 inches?). I cut mine too long in my opinion, but I was making it up as I went along. Also cut a piece of velcro about 2 inches long.

c. Fold over one end of the ribbon and sew that to the corner of the fabric on the narrow end. Fold over the other end of the ribbon and sew on the soft side of the velcro.

d. Sew the hook part of the velcro to the other corner of the narrow end of the fabric.

Voila you have your cape. Total time for 3 capes: maybe 15 minutes.


3. Cut out crowns. Super simple you can get I think 4 to a piece of poster board. You cut out a rectangle down the long direction of the poster board, and roughly in the middle of the rectangle cut a zig zag pattern. Also gather crayons, markers, and stickers.

4. Collect your food. We had cheese, scones, earl grey cookies, crackers, apples, and tea.

As a side not, that’s kind of funny, every time I make those two recipes I end up searching my blog to find the recipe again because I keep losing my hard copy of the recipe. Really silly, isn’t it? That, and my scones never look anywhere near as pretty as the ones you buy.


5. For a party game we bowled. I got the idea from Shannon over at Mommy’s Wise Little Bookworms. I only filled my water bottles a little, but I wonder if it might have worked better if I’d filled them more. Oh, and grandparents are very destructive to pumpkin bowling balls…….

And a preview of a later post (how to make the dress and where to buy the doll pattern):



Birthday was a huge success

Or, at least that’s my opinion. We had a knight themed party, we didn’t decorate, just let the kids have a blast running around and playing together. The only really themed part of it was the party favors and the cakes………

As each guest came in they were given a shield to decorate with markers and stickers. After they’d decorated it sufficiently they brought it to me and I hot glued a milk carton handle to the back. Once everyone was mostly done with their shields we gathered everyone around and Superman and Batman got their super special birthday present we’d worked on the weekend before: their very own swords and armor. Then everyone else got a foam sword, and the fun ensued. Everyone had a blast whacking each other with swords.

It was lots of fun to watch my kids running around and playing with kids of all ages, our youngest attendee that participated turns 2 later this month, and the oldest was 9 (I think). There were no lasting bruises, a few bumps, but no cuts. So, I think we did good.

Superman and Neighbor Girl fighting

Batman and friend fighting

Batman and Superman open their armor as Princess watches.

We have amazingly generous friends and the boys had such a blast opening presents. Now I’m slowly letting them each open one a day so I’m not suddenly inundated with new toys. It’s somewhat working…..

They have really loved all of the presents they’ve opened, and I can tell you that their favorites so far are: Batcave (that was a no brainer), the castle, their hoppers, and the Batsubs….. I think once they open the squirt guns and the caterpillar water toy that will also be a favorite. That’s my guess based off of how much they love playing in the water.

Well, I’d write more about the party, but I set a 30 minute time limit for myself on the computer so I’d achieve something while the kids are sleeping.