My Memories of the boys’ party

I posted earlier my quick tips for our Carnival Party.  It was an exciting adventure, you see it was supposed to be an outside party, but this is what it looked like outside.


Yes, that is standing water.  And it was raining pretty hard that day.  So plans changed, and we scrapped some games that REQUIRED being outdoors (archery), and generally changed plans.


That morning we iced the cake.


No one will ever pin these cakes as examples to decorate, but that wasn’t my goal.  It was to let my kids have a blast decorating.


When all the kids got here we started decorating, I wish I’d thought to get a picture of all the kids waiting to head upstairs.  I was practically mobbed.



My sister in law kindly agreed to paint faces, didn’t she do an amazing job on that butterfly?


Everyone was quite happy.  The boys loved their presents.



And afterwards it was a “leisurely” afternoon of putting together legos.


Well, for the boys.  The Girl spent the afternoon playing with my secret weapon of little doggies for the afternoon.


And next week, I will hopefully return to a more normal posting schedule, but we took an impromptu Spring Break this week when I discovered we were having an inside party.

Really Batman, you’re a baby?

I’ve been slowly working on my house and go back and forth on having 3 of the rooms upstairs under control (mind that was when I first worked on this draft, now the kids have trashed one of those because of Christmas), and started working on the kitchen with the small step of cleaning out one cabinet that hasn’t been cleaned out since the kids were babies.

How do I know this, well it was filled with baby bottles, filthy bibs, and various things you need when nursing a baby……..
He thought it was quite hilarious to put the bib on himself and start feeding himself water soup from the baby bowl using the baby spoon.  I have had more fights over the one functional bottle that was found this week than I would have thought.  But, it’s all boxed up and off to Salvation Army.

Okay, the bibs were all thrown away once I got them off of Batman’s neck.

Beware the salad monsters

Saying my boys like salad would be an understatement.  The little bandits are quite sneaky about it, or not so sneaky.



It started with a simple invade Daddy’s salad, and eat it all.  Then they started reaching across to mine…….



We gave in and gave them the last scraps in the bowl and that’s when the true fiendishness started.  TWO FORKS APIECE, and then Batman upped the ante with THREE FORKS.


Only problem is it’s not super effective for actually getting the food to your mouth.

What is needed to sleep in my bed according to Batman


Batman got into trouble for talking too much to his brother last week.  So we sent him down to our room to fall asleep.  Here’s what I found on my bed when we came to get him out:


Hungry hungry hippo, jumping ring for toy ponies; lead Batman figure


bag of rocks in fancy bag; science textbook


book of sticky note airplanes you know for the paper you don’t have, dog


mini-foosball game


I’m surprised that was all.

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Of course, I’ve never joined up with this one so I don’t have the blog button yet……..  But, this was just too cute not to put up.
Batman the cat
The conversation as reported to me from Jeff:

Batman: “Daddy, my mommy and daddy itchies got together and had baby itchies.  The mommy itchies had 16 babies and they want more.”
Then his brother heard this, and thought it was an effective way to get scratches.
Superman: “Well, my mommy and daddy itchies had 100 babies!”