Not Back to School Blog Hop: Student Photo Week

This actually came at the perfect time because Batman just lost his first tooth, of course it was right after our family photo shoot with the photographer…….


These are my kiddos.  They mostly love to play together.



This is Batman, he’s my “middle child,” by all of 5 minutes.  I’m giving him the spotlight first because he lost his first tooth tonight.   Batman is all about heroes and knights, and says his brother is his best friend.  He loves to play with toys and is my creator of traps and inventions.




This is the current picture of him, taken all of a week later.  Like most kids he loves anything and everything sugary.  He loves to tell jokes and is very very silly.






Superman is my oldest, by all of 5 minutes.  He loves to cuddle with blankets and can turn almost anything into a blanket.  Little known fact.


Just like his brother he loves anything to do with heroes and knights, and has even invented his own superhero, Blue Arrow.49


Blue Arrow can do anything.  He has Clone Trooper friends that he can tell what to do, and keeps everyone safe.


Superman always has a smile and a laugh ready for you.



Princess is my character.  I love her to pieces, and she is probably the one most like me in personality.  Or so I’ve been told by many a person.  She is now finally really and truly into the princess phase.  She loves to wear dresses and I have to pry her out of her Rapunzel dress.


She loves to create stuff.  If I’d let her she’d disappear for hours into the school/craft room and spend all of that time creating things for her friends and me.  She can cover an index card in stickers in no time at all.  And can use up large amounts of tape.  Princess is also the one who I have to be most creative with.



The teachers- well that’s Jeff and I.  Mostly me because Jeff has to work to support the family, but he gets in the odd lesson about science or ancient warfare.  It’s a fun family and we’re having a blast going through life.


Most of the pictures in this post were taken by my incredibly talented friend from Parkhurst Studios, I highly recommend her pictures.  I’m sure I’ll have another post later with more of my favorite shots, but it’s good to throw in a “here’s who we are” post from time to time.

Not Back to School Blog Hop

10 Things you didn’t know about me, and a few blogging tips

My college roommate DannieA tagged me for an award, and since I gave her a hard time for not tagging me in the last ten things or question thing, I figured I sure as heck better fill it out.

And then I gave her a hard time about her email not being enabled because I couldn’t respond back to her emails and write snarky comments.  Because I NEED to do that, don’t ya know?

So, first 10 Things about me you probably don’t know, COLLEGE edition

0681.  I went to college at Abilene Christian University, it has a large exchange student grouping, probably because it’s number one alphabetically.

2.  The first two years of college I had an 11:30 curfew, and 1:00 am on Friday and Saturday.  But, there’s not much to do in Abilene after 11:00 anyways, the stop lights start blinking about 10:00.

3.  I majored in interdisciplinary studies (that’s a fancy way of saying elementary education), and the ironic thing is I didn’t like most of my teaching classes.  That’s due in large part to the huge numbers of potential teachers who were really there to get their MRS degree.

0714.  My favorite class in college was freshman Bible, I loved my professor, he did a great job of teaching us.  My next favorite after that would probably have been Ancient World History, or maybe the French Revolution.  Definitely not Texas history.  It was at dinner time, and I so didn’t want to hear about cannibalism at dinner time.

5.  I was in the only fraternity on campus.  Yes, I did say fraternity, it was co-ed, Alpha Phi Omega.

0966.  I got thrown into the Gata fountain a total of 5 times while at ACU, sadly the tradition of throwing people into the fountain on their birthday became rather defunct when the Gatas put in a new fountain that didn’t have water in it, but just spouted water up.

7.  Because of Danette we nearly got arrested when she started a police chase and didn’t believe me that a police officer was chasing us.

8.  I watched way too much X-Files in college, and that is mostly what caused the police chase.

9.  I went dancing at Oplin, a country dancing place run by little old ladies, it’s the only approved place for ACU students to go dancing.

10.  I miss going to 9:00 devo, it was about an hour or so of singing accapela, and with the students starting and leading the songs.  It was awesome.

Okay, most of those probably didn’t make much sense to you, but it amused me thinking back to those days.

Now for my tips.  First, how to enable your email on blogger:

1 in email
1.  Go to blogger dashboard.  From there click on Edit Profile.  It’s the second one down.  If my head wasn’t killing me I’d put in arrows, but after I finish typing this I’m taking a long shower, and then taking a LOT of painkillers.  Thank you Texas, please rain already or get rid of whatever crazy thing is in the air right now.  I’m tired of headaches.

2 in email
2.  I made this one bigger to make it easier to read.  On Privacy settings is where you go to enable your email.  The third one down says: show my email address.  If you click this it will show the email address you are using for blogger to people who you send comments to.  It does not just show it to the whole world, though I suppose they could figure it out.

If you are worried about privacy or getting spam, set up a second email just for your blog.  I did that about 6 months or so ago, and have really enjoyed gmail for organizing the emails I get and send.

Okay, that’s my tip for blogging.  I’m gonna file this under blogging, where I’ve got a few other tips that I’ve found helpful (and some random posts that I need to clean up from there).  In my head I’ve got a mini-series I’ve thought about writing for things I’ve found most helpful.

Oh, and I’ve taken a very hot shower, a dose of Excedrin Migraine, and am now feeling slightly more human.  Slightly.

I’m thankful for 1-??????

So, here I sit at Barnes and Noble as Jeff is going through surgery.  I have a self imposed time limit of 15 minutes more here before heading back to see if there’s any news from the doctor.

I’ve seen everyone putting up their Thanksgiving posts all month long, and I decided to put it all in one week with more than one thing a day.  I’m going to put these in as I think of them, and not necessarily in order of what it means to me.


1.  Free wi-fi at Barnes and Noble.  Aww, heck let’s just say Barnes and Noble.  I spend way too much money here.  I’m thankful for the train table at my local store which has allowed me to spend many a happy hour browsing through books as my kids happily play at the train table.


2.  my faith.  I’ve been so amazingly blessed to be raised in a Christian family and raised in a good strong church.  They have blessed me so much and helped me through more things than I can easily count.


Dritz Pressing Ham By The Each3.  pressing ham.  What is a pressing ham you ask?  Only the most awesome pressing tool when you’re sewing.  I use it every time I sew something beyond a quilt.


4.  blue jeans.  I practically live in them.


5.  digital cameras that are nearly indesctructible.  Really, I think it has Superman’s powers.


013 6.  On the subject of Superman.  I’m thankful for Superman, that mischievous little sprite that he is.  He’s well named.  Honestly, there are times that I regret naming my kids the names I gave them.  In most fantasy books and many religious traditions names have power, and I’m beginning to take it more seriously as my kids take on the characteristics of the people and characters behind the names we gave them……


7.  Comic books.  Yes, I still read them, and no I don’t think comics are just for kids.  As a matter of fact some aren’t for kids.

8.  libray

9.  comfortable chairs

10.  HEB- seriously I love my grocery store.  Maybe someday I’ll write an ode to HEB.

11.  my lap-top.  It’s small and little, and the keyboard is a bit too small, but it fits perfectly on my lap, and I’ve done so much lesson planning on this during car trips.  And now I’m creating my AWESOME Christmas unit.


12.  Christmas.  It’s my favorite holiday.  There’s music and decorations and PRESENTS!


13.  Muppet Christmas Carol- I can probably sing word for word almost every song in that movie.


14.  Dr Pepper.  “It makes my mouth feel happy.”


15.  Those old Budweiser frog commercials.  I downloaded the sound from them onto my computer ages ago and so they randomly come up on my playlist.  They make me laugh.

16.  Abbott and Costello “Who’s on First” routine, love it.  People have tried to repeat the magic but it isn’t quite the same.

17.  Bill Cosby Noah.  Have you heard it?  It’s pure genius, and now my kids listen to it and LAUGH!  At this point that’s almost funnier than Bill Cosby.  It totally cracks me up listening to my kids attempt to do the act not really understanding why it’s funny.

18.  The Cosby Show-  I loved that show and grew up on it.


19.  Nick at Nite- you know the classic Nick at Nite from the 80s back before they had TVland when they’d show stuff like the Dick Van Dyke show and I Dream of Jeanie…..


20.  Star Trek!  Yes, I was that weird kid who went to Star Trek conventions, they’re so much fun.


21.  Jeff- like I said this is a random list as I think of them.  I can and have written whole posts on what I like about Jeff.


22.  Music- after writing that last one, I got the song “What I like about you” stuck in my head.


23.  My memory- I have a fairly good memory for random useless details and minutiae.  This makes me very good at Trivial Pursuit for categories I have any interest in.  Jeff finds it hilarious to play Star Trek trivia with my family.  My brother and I know all the answers and my Mom who watched all of this with us sits there and looks somewhat confused.


24.  Spellcheck- it catches the spelling errors I make.


25.  Being a good speller.  Hey, what do you know speller is actually a word.  But that takes away my joke about making up a word.


26.  My quirky sense of humor.  I know, what sense of humor?


27.  Google- that monolithic creature that it is and it’s amazing search engines that get me so much information for schooling my kids.


28.  Being able to homeschool.


29.  My sewing machine.  Crazy workhorse that it is.  Did you know it still worked despite my then 2 year old boys stuffing about 20 pins into it?  They still tell the story in the local Bernina store to this day.




30.  My 4-H sewing teacher who put up with so much from a rather bratty middle schooler.  It lets me make cool presents for my kids and have a blast making all sorts of weird stuff.


And with that I’m back to the surgery center with a cool new pattern from a magazine to make a dress for myself in all my spare time.  Oh wait I don’t have spare time.

Outstanding Blogger Award

Terra over at Monkey See, Monkey Do and Discovering Montessori over at The Work Plan both gave me this award.  I’m horrid at following through on awards, but this seemed like an excellent excuse to tell you IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!  And so you get to learn seven things about me for my birthday.

0041.  I love birthdays!  Can you tell?  I drop not so subtle hints to my friends and family for weeks and sometimes months ahead of time.  One of my primary love languages is gifts, so I’m all about the little presents.  Jeff brought me home Dublin Dr. Pepper the other day, and it was AWESOME!

2.  I routinely mistype the captchas on blogs.  Really, why does my computer supply a finished version of it that just messes up how it’s spelled?  That or I forget they’re there and then close the window before I type it in.  So, if you’ve ever not gotten a comment and your captcha pops up after I’ve hit enter that’s why.  I didn’t realize in time and didn’t go back to check.  I’m getting better at this.  Kinda.

Batman's popcorn sandwich 3.  As a leftie I hate erasable pens and a lot of the fountain pens or many of the nicer ones.  My hand turns all black and I just smear the ink.  It’s not pretty.  I had to search out quick drying pens for my Bible story pictures because I kept smearing the ink. (How do you like Batman’s popcorn sandwich?)

4.  I’m a sucker for a good young adult fantasy or sci-fi series.  I’ve read most of them and can provide a lot of recommendations in that area.

5.  I love book orders.  When I was teaching I easily spent half my salary on those things.  I’m so stoked now that my kids are old enough for my homeschool: “Last Name Academy” to be considered an official school and get those.

6.  I am rather hard on my electronics, particularly my camera.  I’m amazed it’s survived almost 3 years.  I think I should get the fancy kid camera for my next one, it’s nearly indestructible.

7.  I talk to myself.  A LOT.  I also have imaginary conversations with Jeff, and then wonder why he doesn’t remember talking to me about something.  This drives him slightly nuts.  Poor guy, he puts up with a lot.

And there you go.  Ummmm……..  I can’t find the image that’s supposed to go with this, and I’m going to not pass this on.

Homeschool Blog Hop: Time for Mom


So, this week the theme is “Time for Mum,” and I totally missed the last one, and the post is sitting in my drafts, but I could never get it to work as a post where it wasn’t feeling forced.
And, I was going to write this big long post about what I like to do to relax and take time for me, but then I decided to go do it.
So, I’m going to:
034 033
and then:
And I leave you with this comic which explains why Jeff and I frequently have backaches:
fox trot father's day
Except, this is more of a several times a day thing, than just Father’s Day at our house.  Really, who ever invented the concept of a jump hug?  

An odd combination post

There was two questions I wanted to answer this week, but didn’t quite want to overwhelm you with lots and lots of posts, so I’m putting them both in the same post, even if they don’t really have much to do with each other.
Question 1:  What’s the craziest thing someone has said to you about your twins or asked you?

boys in crib I’d have to agree with most of the people who commented on the actual post: “Are they natural?”
No, I have robot babies.  I know what the intent behind the question was, but it was most often asked by people who I didn’t know.  Yes, grocery store clerk I’m really going to tell you my intimate life story.  But, since you did ask, yes they are natural I’m part of the 2% of the Caucasian population that spontaneously has twins.  And yes, that does mean I am more likely to have twins in the future.

I was always surprised that this brought up follow-up questions from the grocery store clerk, are you going to have them by naturally, or will you have drugs?  Do you plan to have a C-section?  Will you breastfeed them?  Come on people, I don’t even know your name.

This was then later followed by the ever-popular, “better you than me,” or the “I don’ know if I have the patience for twins.”   I have gotten so many variations on that.  It became even more ridiculous when I was pregnant with Princess, and suddenly everyone felt the right to express opinions about my reproductive system.
And for those who are wondering, it’s Batman in blue, and Superman has the stripes.  Back then Batman always wore blue, and then the boys totally messed us up by Superman deciding that blue was his favorite color and 2.5.  Totally messed with everyone’s minds.

What’s my favorite subject to teach the kids?

026 This is a surprisingly hard question to answer…….  And here’s my kind of odd answer.  I don’t really have a favorite.  There are so many fun things to do with each of the different subject areas that I like all of them.  I’d have to say the mechanics of teaching to read are probably my least favorite, but I like the actual reading.  I love reading picture books to my kids, I love reading books myself, and I’m eagerly looking forward to my kids reading all sorts of books.

I was a history minor in college, which really doesn’t go with an elementary education degree, but I loved history and that gave me an excuse to take more classes.  So, I’m looking forward to teaching my kids history.

And as you can guess I love the hands on part of science and figuring out how things work.  I love all the different aspects of biology and astronomy and the like.  I think my senior year of high school I took 2 different science and 2 different history classes (if you count government and economics as history), and would have also taken psychology, but it wasn’t possible to fit it into my schedule.  So, instead I took the boring version of it and didn’t get college credit.  Darn.

And by the way, doesn’t she look precious studying the caterpillar on her puppy?

Thanks to Kylie over at Worldwide Classroom for hosting the favorite subject blog hop.
And thanks to Multiples and More for the question of the week.

These are a few of my favorite things

“When the wind blows, when it’s cold at night….”
You know I think I know all the lyrics to that song, but not in the right order.  So I can sing it, but it probably won’t sound like when what’s her name that was also Mary Poppins sings it, but then my voice isn’t as good as hers anyways…….
So, what are my favorite things, well here they are as they occur to me, so this is not in any sort of order, other than the craziness of my brain…..
1.  musicals, and music in general.  But musicals in particular.  I always pick up musical soundtracks, and could probably sing to you large portions of several musicals.  Off hand I could sing along to Phantom of the Opera, The King and I, You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown, Beauty and the Beast, Godspell (which I was in, as well as Charlie Brown), Big River, and a whole slew more.

2.  I love swing music, oldies, and Big Band.  I’m a sucker for a good swing dance.

3.  any time my kids tell me something about Jesus.  I love it when Princess will pipe up with something from the CDs we’ve been listening to recently, we’ve been on a Psalty kick.
4.  Books, going to bookstores, seeing a library full of books.  I love the scene in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast when he takes her into the library, and she’s just in awe of the books, I’d be the same way.  That’s probably why I had 6 boxes of books when I moved in college.  The picture above is all the books I had packed for moving in college.  Ummm, I had interesting labeling of my books.

0055.  Sewing, actually I’ve come to the conclusion it’s more about the creative process.  But, I still think I love sewing the most of all the crafts I’ve done.

6.  My family, I’m a bit of a homebody, and I love my family.  Even when they drive me nuts.  Which is often.

7.  Reading my Bible.  It’s hokey I know, but I do love to read the Bible, I love to listen to sermons, and find new things.  I’ve been having fun illustrating the Bible.  I was listening to one of Sean’s talks recently (my brother is a youth pastor at one of our sister churches) and he was talking about how he connects to God through seeing great epic movies, and seeing the grand scope of things, and I realized that creating things and making things for others is one of the ways I connect to God.  After all we have a very creative God, He created the universe from nothing, and he created the platypus and the kangaroo.  Don’t you think those are cool?

8.  Ummm, other stuff I like.  Okay, truthfully it’s midnight, and I don’t think I”m going to come up with ten.  That was my imaginary number I came up with to do this, but really I’m tired.  So, you guys guess what else might be some of my favorite things.  Man, now that songs stuck in my head again.

Oh, and since I didn’t originally put this in the wedding post.  Here’s how Jeff hurt his thumb:  he was trying to open one of the toy guns for the kids, and his knife slipped right through the plastic and was topped by his thumb.  After the appointment today, they decided he doesn’t need surgery, but he does need a rather large brace to keep him from using it.

I look forward to seeing what other people’s favorite things are, or if you’re not going to write a post about it, tell me in the comments, what are you favorite things?

Okay, seriously it’ is hurting to be awake, so I’m going to bed now.

So, I totally forgot to put in that this is hosted by Kylie over at Worldwide Classroom

We are beautiful

First let me start off explaining this post, Kim over at Mom Tried It is sponsoring a blog hop of sorts.  It’s not about gaining readers, or getting compliments, it’s a celebration of the fact that we are beautiful (start playing sappy music now).  There is so much in our culture that reinforces stereotypes and uncertainties that we as women have, that it’s good from time to time to stop and remember that we are beautiful.

I may not always remember that, but my kids certainly do.  It’s fun to have Batman come running up to me and give me a great big hug and say, “Mommy you’re bootiful.”

So, I was going to change into my bathing suit and have my boys take pictures of me in honor of this to show I’m not going to hide the parts of me I’m not “proud of”,” or what have you, but that just didn’t happen today.  Instead, I give you a lovely rendition of the horrible pictures they’ve taken of me in the past.
025 004 074 005
Yes, that last picture is Princess brushing my hair.  So, I look at these pictures, and I see my shirts do not fit as they used to.  My stomach is no longer the “adolescent abdomen,” I had before kids.  I have this weirdly long neck, that is nicely called a “ballet neck,” or if you’re being mean a goose neck, or what have you.  I think I have chipmunk teeth sometimes, and my hair is rather bland.

But, here’s the reality of it all is  I’m not.  I’m a Princess, all girls are.  I’m a Chosen Daughter of God, and I’m his Princess.  I am beautiful because God created me, He formed me in my mother’s womb, and called me by name.  I am part of His wonderful creation, just as the earth is part of His wonderful creation and that points us to the marvel and beauty of our Creator.  Because if He can create something as marvelous and wonderful as our world, and the beauty we see in it, how much more AMAZING is He?

So, I could take satisfaction in Jeff finding me beautiful, or my kids, but ultimately, the thing that I find my beauty and my amazement and my fulfillment in is God, because ultimately He is the best way to find fulfillment and peace.

Sorry Kim, I don’t think this is quite where you intended it to go, but that’s kind of where I ended up at.

I’m also linking up to Delicious Ambiguity.

Homeschool Hop #2 and 3 and an award

edited to add It’s Cool to Homeschool button, and to put my reasons at the top.  Head on over to Mama of 3 Blessings to see more reasons people homeschool.  Now prepare yourself for a wall of text that follows.

Why homeschool?
So, I don’t have to set my alarm at 6:00 am!  Oh, you wanted a serious answer. 
 Okay, it’s not because the schools in the area are bad.  They’re actually pretty good.  It’s more because I think they could do more.
If my kids were to go to public school they wouldn’t already be learning how to read.  They wouldn’t already be learning about other countries, and be going to learn about Ancient History in a few months.  The shame of public schools, and private schools, and charter schools is they have to go at the rate of the mob.  So, if one student understands and has mastered the concept after two days, you still have to continue on until the majority understands.  It’s also not set up real well for late bloomers.  I didn’t really start to read until almost second grade.  Then I went from a non-reader to being told I had to check out chapter books in a very short period of time.  Public schools are not set up well to accommodate this.
Oh, and because of the various different tests and different things they have to teach they really don’t teach science or history very well.  It’s rather disappointing to talk to college graduates who don’t really know anything about our history.  I know this is an area I’m passionate about, but really, to graduate from college I’d expect people to have a decent understanding of the reasons behind the Civil War or World War 2 beyond slavery or Pearl Harbor.  But, most people don’t know these things.  How can we expect people to know about the future if we don’t know our past.  Read Brave New World people!  Or 1984!  Okay, I’m off my soap box now.  End sarcastic comments of the last two sentences…..  Maybe

Because I have too much to write about, and I think I’m actually going to write about them in the opposite order that I put them in the title.  Kind of.
Julie over at My Book Retreat and Just Playin’ Around gave me this award!
The rules for this award say I have to share 10 honest things about myself.  Here goes, and hopefully without repeating myself:

1.  I’m horribly scared of scorpions.  I have been known to call Jeff at work and tell him to come home and get rid of the horrible thing.  This of course means the boys are horribly amused by finding the horrid things and showing them to me.
2.  I used to horseback ride Hunter-Jumper English.  I loved doing it, but I look back on some of the things I used to do and think I was slightly crazy.  But that’s what you do in high school.
3.  Every summer during college and the last few years of high school I’d go on mission trips to Mexico for a week during the summer.  Once upon a time I could speak Spanish fairly decently, but with a horrible accent.  That is not so true now.
4.  I went to a deaf church in college.  I took about 3 years of sign language as my foreign language.  I want to work on this with my kids, but haven’t really worked enough.
5.  I get very disappointed when I see the new versions of cartoons I grew up with.  I’m holding judgement on the new Rainbow Brite until I see it.  I’m worried about the way they’re drawn, and miss my cute overly large head soft dolls, but these could be fun.  Princess certainly liked them when she saw them on the computer screen.
6.  I’ve lived in 3 different countries.  I don’t remember two of them because I was under three, but still three countries…..
7.  I’ve visited nine different countries, and had a brief layover in a tenth, but all I saw was the airport.  Actually, it might be more I’m trying to remember if Jamaica or Cayman Islands are countries or colonies.
8.  I’ve driven through large portions of the United States.  I think I mostly haven’t see the Northwest area, and portions of the middle United States.  At some point I’m going to sit down and actually figure out where I’ve been.
9.  I reread books that I like a lot.  So, I’ve probably read Peter Pan about 50 times, at least.  The same goes for Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass.  The longer I’ve liked it the more I’ve read it.  So, I’ve been reading Peter Pan since I was 10….  By contrast I’ve only read the Harry Potter books since college and I guess I’ve read the earlier ones about 20 times.
10.  I don’t like Charles Dickens books, with the exception of A Christmas Carol.  I blame my dislike of him on being forced to read “Great Expectations” in ninth grade.  I’ve figured out I’m in general not a big fan of books from that era.  I’m just not into large amounts of description.  That might be why I like young adult books so much, they don’t feel the need to babble on for 20 pages about how pretty the landscape is.  I also tend to skip over poetry in books.  This is also why when I read through the Bible I get to Psalms and get stuck.

My family…..  I’m going to do this a bit differently, because I’m going to include people who aren’t strictly blood relatives, but they’re family just the same.
This is Jeff.  He’s the guy on the right.  He’s my husband.  This is a picture from the swing dance we met at.  Okay, technically we didn’t meet there, but it’s where we first had real conversations.  Jeff is a computer programmer, a few years ago he was working on the kernel of the computer, which is the part that talks to other people.  I told this toIMG_0405 someone a few years ago and so she went away telling people Jeff works on popcorn.  Right now he’s working with some other people to get a program up and running, but I’m rather fuzzy on exact details.  Jeff has a lot of the same interests as I do.  He loves to read, and when we got married we had to cut down our book collections to fit onto five bookshelves.  It took a lot of work.  He loves to play computer games, and got me hooked on World of Warcraft.  He loves to play strategy board games, and has slowly drawn me into those.
This is Superman and Batman.  It’s their birthday on the fourth, so I’ll be writing a whole post about them then.  Needless, to say they’re twins, and big fans of heroes, Star Wars, and all things boy.

And this picture probably pretty perfectly captures my little Princess.  She’s not really very girly, though her favorite color is pink, and if she had her way all she wore would be pink and covered in stains.  She’s a bit of a clutz, and is kind of silly.  She’s a quixotic combination of loving princess stuff but insisting you call her Batman.  I kid you not.  Her Aurora doll can go from being used as a battering ram to being carefully cradled in her arms……
This is my best friend Tara, who my kids call Aunt Tara.  As you can see the kids adore her, and think she is their favorite toy when she’s over.  Her husband was my friend who died from cancer a few weeks ago.  It was one of my happiest days when those two got married because they were both my best friends.  She has pretty much the same interests as me, but is a bit more logical and more likely to say “Really Ticia, you want to do that?”  She’s a lot like Jeff in that aspect.  We used to joke that we married the male version of our best friend, because Jeff is a lot like Tara and I’m a lot like Sam.  Seriously, it’s kind of funny.
My Mom lives about fifteen minutes from us and is kind enough to babysit the kids often.  She’s getting married in a few months to Patrick, and that’s going to be exciting!  She works as a secretary at the church that planted the church we currently attend.  Random facts about her, she likes to dance and loves country music.
Sean is my brother.  He’s working at the Hutto branch of our church as the youth pastor/whatever they feel like making him do that week.  He’s in the perfect job for him, and he’s rather wild and crazy.  This is all good.  His wife Jenn is a good calming influence, and she’s a super cool woman, who I wish wasn’t so busy so I could see her more often.  But, sadly I’ve discovered that’s the life of pastors they’re always busy.
Well, that’s the people in my family who live in the Austin area and you’re likely to see on here from time to time on this blog.
And thus ends my post of forever and a day long.  Sorry, didn’t mean to make this so long.

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Getting to know me, getting to know all about me or The Homeschool Hop #1

So, this is supposed to be about me, just me, not my husband, or my kids, or anyone else.  But, in so many ways the story of me is the story of everyone I know.  Without them I wouldn’t be me.
006Oops, I forgot to put a picture of me in, so here’s one.
I was born in Santa Clara, California, and lived there for about six months and then had a brief tour overseas in Hong Kong and Singapore.  Of this I remember nothing.  Because we moved back when I was three, but when I was in high school I got to go to Hong Kong for 1 week and see the places there.  It was fun to see the places I’d been hearing stories about.
When I was in fifth grade we moved to Texas.  When I moved here I was convinced that everyone rode their horses to school and I’d get my own horse.  I’ve talked to several people who moved here as a kid, and we all agree that what we thought would happen.  That’s not what happened.  Instead I discovered that the kids in my new school were a lot more ready to be grown up than I was.  I still thought I was a little kid, and they all thought they were teenagers.  My way of handling this was to start reading A LOT. 
Whenever I’m stressed or don’t know what to do that is still my reaction I bring out a book, so I’ve gotten a lot of reading in these last few months.  I remember the first time I went to the Young Adult singles Sunday School class at the church I grew up in I brought a book with me to read, just in case no one talked to me.  Yes, that really is rather pathetic.
I love to travel.  When we moved to Texas my Mom started these long cross country driving trips.  So for a couple of years we drove back out to California and see our friends there, then we started driving up to Colorado to see my relatives.  Then we started just traveling.  I’ve seen most of the Southern United States, and large portions of the East coast, but I missed most of the central United States.  I’m slowly rectifying this mistake.
So, as I said I love to read.  I tend towards fantasy/sci-fi and mystery books.  When I’m feeling sad I read Lori Wick, she’s a Christian romance writer who writes ridiculously silly books.  I have this guilty pleasure of reading chick flick type books, I also love Jane Austen and have probably read “Pride and Prejudice” at least 10 times.  I also love Louisa May Alcott books.  I regularly have to go through and purge my books to make room for the new ones I’ve found.  Now, I tend to read Young Adult fiction, because I’ve noticed the adult fantasy books like to prove they’re adult……..  And, I really don’t want to read the random gratuitous sex scene they’ve thrown in.
I also love to dance.  That’s my version of how I met Jeff.  Either way, I love swing dancing especially.  But, sadly with the advent of kids it’s become a much more rare occurrence.
Hmmmm, what else can I tell you about me.  I have a tendency to be somewhat scatter-brained and to jump from topic to topic.  In my mind there is a complete causality of how I got there, I just may  not vocalize out loud the 10 steps that got me from talking about Star Trek to suddenly telling you my theory on why we should have steak for dinner tonight.  I’m really rather famous for my non-sequitors.
I love to sew, it’s a bit of a de-stressor for me.  I learned how to sew years ago in 4-H, along with cooking, embroidery, and small animal husbandry. (which means I had a pet rabbit).  Of those, I’ve discovered that while I love cross-stitch, I’m horrible at it.  Really, I get off on my count and suddenly Noah is very very fat.
In case you can’t tell yet, I do have a tendency to babble, and I also have a tendency towards sarcasm.  I have to watch that with my kids, because they don’t understand it yet.
Well, now we get to see if I can figure out how to do this whole go to source thing in Live Writer and add the code.  Or if I end up going to Blogger Dashboard to do this.

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